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Latest rumor suggests that the Galaxy S7 will have a two-day battery life


The rumor mill it still spinning at warp speed with hordes of speculation regarding Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone of 2016, the Galaxy S7. The most reliable information so far has come from Russian Analyst Eldar Murtazin who is now back with another exposé this time claiming that the device’s 3,000mAh battery will be able to withstand 48-hours of regular use at 75% of brightness.

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Samsung shows off flexible, bendable wire batteries for smartwatches and wearables

samsung wire batterySamsung has shown off some new battery tech that we could start seeing in smartwatches and wearable tech in the next few years. The battery is unique in that it features a wire shape that’s extremely flexible, which should theoretically maximize the amount of juice a device can hold that takes up all of the available space in a watch face or wristband. Samsung claims this could result in up to 50% better battery life. Read more

Portable battery bank market expected to be worth nearly $18 billion by 2020

Fuel+_3000_6000_Battery_Indicator_ON_TAPortable battery packs are extremely popular accessories, especially as smartphones have brighter, higher resolution screens with smaller batteries. Most phones don’t make it through a full days worth of usage, and not everyone is around a wall plug to keep their device charged up, so that’s where battery banks come in handy.

It’s a growing market, and a new research report thinks that the battery bank market will explode in value up to around $18 billion by 2020. That’s a pretty large leap, but as more and more content is consumed on tablets and smartphones, it makes sense. Unless, of course, manufacturers figure out how to cram giant batteries into credit card thin smartphones. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one, though. Read more

Customizing Android: 6 ways to maximize battery life


Have you ever run into problems getting your Android device to just last throughout the day? I run into these frustration daily because my smartphone is my access to work, whether it be for answering emails, replying to texts, jotting down notes, and etc. Since these are elements pertinent to my job, I can’t have my smartphone dying around mid-day. And a lot of you might be able to resonate with that.

The problem isn’t that we use our smartphones so much, though. It’s that we’re sporting the latest and greatest that not only have similar specs to our laptops, but also have the gorgeous and behemoth 5.5-inch display. That’s a lot of power and pixels to push, and thus, takes a big toll on battery life. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize the life we get out of our smartphones, whether they be mid-range or high-end devices.

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Here’s how much a battery replacement for the Galaxy S6 will set you back

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (48)

Earlier today, Samsung announced that a replacement battery for the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will cost $45. Whilst that may seem a little on the cheap side, customers will also have to cover the cost of shipping, which is currently unknown, but not likely to be inexpensive seeing as you’ll have to pay to have the value of your handset protected by insurance, too.

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