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Amazon Brings Product Scanning & Augmented Reality To Android With “Flow”

Amazon‘s Flow has been available on iOS since November of last year and has finally made its way onto Android. Not unlike Google Goggles, Flow let’s you scan products like DVDs, books, video games, and more, and shows product details, pricing, and a buy button (to purchase from Amazon, of course). The scanning is done by simply pointing your phone’s camera at the product, or scanning the product’s bar code. The Android version of Flow also scans QR codes, a feature currently lacking in the iOS version but expected to come in the future.

Something Flow does on both platforms, however, is provide a live augmented reality view for certain products which displays things like movie trailers and other media using its image recognition technology. Simply point the camera at a DVD cover, for example, and instantly see an overlay popup with movie info and video previews. I guess you can technically call this augmented reality, but it’s not quite as fancy as other AR apps since you’re just looking at a closeup of a single object and seeing related information… something just as easily done by scanning a bar code.

Head on past the break for screenshots and a Play Store download link.

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Starbucks app finally hits Android but My Coffee Card has been handling things just fine

Back in January, Starbucks launched their app on iOS, but there was no Android love. Flash forward 6 months and the Starbucks app has debuted on Android. The Starbucks app enables you to pay, track your stars, and reload your Starbucks Card. After you have entered your card information into the application, your phone will be able to display a barcode for scanning at 6,800 Starbucks stores (and 1,000 Target locations).

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Cedemo announces Video Game Barcode Scanner

Cedemo has announced the release of the Video Game Barcode Scanner, designed to help you make choices about video game purchases. The app allows you to scan the games barcode, bringing up a page of detailed information including photos, trailers, ratings, and descriptions.

Cedemo has also announced a little contest to go along with the release of the app. The prize is a pair of ezVision Video Glasses, and to enter you must simply download the app, like it on Facebook, and scan a game and share it with your friends.

You can grab the app from our app database, and continue after the break for the full press release, as well as a video.

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Google Shopper for Android gets an update

Shopper, Google’s barcode scanning, cover recognizing, voice searching application has gotten an update over the weekend. If you don’t know, Shopper can recognize book and other media just by “scanning” the cover art. It can also find items by scanning their barcode or you can search for them by just speaking. But enough about what it does, what did the update do?

  • Fixed camera bugs
  • Sorting for results
  • Related products
  • YouTube product videos
  • Faster scanning

Looks like a pretty decent change log to me, nothing revolutionary, but it’s nice to see them moving the application forward and fixing the things that are wrong with it.

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AT&T releases Android Mobile Barcode app

According to an article over at PRNewswire, AT&T has officially released a “Mobile Barcode Service”. The article states that the following is offered:

  • AT&T Code Scanner: a free mobile application** which provides a fun and easy way to scan 2D (QR and datamatrix codes) and 1D (UPC and EAN) barcodes found in magazines, stores, and online, unlocking new ways to experience the world. Consumers can download the free application through several app stores including BlackBerry® App World™ and Android Market™ or go to on their mobile device. AT&T Code Scanner provides consumers with the tool they need to experience a sneak-peak into the exciting potential of this emerging mobile technology. Consumers are encouraged to visit to see examples of how mobile barcodes can be used.
  • AT&T Create-a-Code: is a free service that allows consumers to create their own personal mobile barcodes by Mobile barcodes can be created to direct friends and family to a v-card, Facebook account, personal blog or favorite website.
  • Code Management Platform: built for business to create, manage and measure mobile barcodes campaign experiences for their customers. It is available now for AT&T’s Mobile Barcode Charter Program members, with future availability to all business segments.

To download AT&T Code Scanner, head to, or from you Android device, to get started. And, when you do, make sure to try out the code at the top of the article.

[via PRNewswire]

Google announces pay on the go with Android payment Chrome extension

Google has announced a new Chrome extension that makes it possible to ring up clients via their Android phones, using your computer. Here’s a scenario, straight from Google:

Imagine you’re selling at a market or expo and want to take credit cards. Rather than hassle with cash, you can use the new Android Payment Extension for the Google Checkout Store Gadget on your laptop to allow Checkout customers to purchase from their phones.

The way it works is this: the merchant, having a laptop, would “ring up” the client via their browser. The extension would then generate a QR code that the client could scan with their phone, taking them straight to Google Checkout with their items shown, totaled and ready for purchase.

While this payment system may sound great for on-the-go drug dealers, we prefer to think people would use it for legit reasons, such as flea markets and outside booths. This looks pretty streamlined and simple to use, which is what Google’s portfolio is built on.

[via Google Blog]