Google testing cloud backup for external devices in latest Dev Channel Chrome update

chrome cloud backupGoogle appears to be testing a new feature for Chrome OS that will let you automatically upload files and folders from external media devices to your Drive cloud storage. The feature is only available in the Dev Channel as of right now, but it puts a new cloud backup option in the My Files app when browsing photos on something like an SD card or flash drive.

The option obviously only works with Google Drive, and it’s only going to work on devices that are set up using the standard DCIM folder for photos and videos. That means you won’t be able to sync music or documents this way, but Google does offer several other ways to take care of those.
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Got a Chromebook? Got pics? Good news. Auto-sync to Google+ is now live


If you’re a Chromebook user with lots of pictures to store, don’t fret.

When you connect your phone/tablet, camera or storage card to your Chromebook, your photos will now be automatically stored to Google+ Photos. Of course the photos will be set to private, so don’t worry about “my eyes only” pics getting out for “other eyes.”

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Google now allows you to download Gmail and Calendar Data

gmail_backupA long awaited feature that Google users have desired is the ability to back up and save data externally. Google finally announced support for exporting and backing up your Gmail and Google Calendar data without needing to use third-party software. All you need to do is head to Google’s data download page, which you can visit via the source link, sign into your account, and click “Create an archive.”

You can choose to download everything in your account, or just pick and choose the elements you want to back up. Gmail messages come in .MBOX format, while calendars download in as an .ICAL. In typical Google fashion, this feature will be rolled out over the next month. 

Source: Official Gmail Blog

How to backup or transfer photos from your Android phone to the cloud or desktop computer


Smartphones make for great point-and-shoot camera replacements, which means many people use their phones exclusively to take all of their photos and keep up with memories. The problem with that is that phones can easily get lost or stolen, SD cards can go bad or any number of things that can cause you to lose months or years of pictures unexpectedly. In this guide, we’re going to go over how to backup your pictures, just in case you run into some data loss down the road.

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How to backup apps and app data on your rooted or non-rooted Android phone or tablet


We’ve all been in a situation before where we needed to either factory reset our phone, send it in for a warranty replacement, etc. Not a big deal by itself, but you’ve got 3 stars on 80% of Angry Birds levels, and who would want to lose that accomplishment? You want to be able to keep that data forever. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do, and this guide will help you get started. You’ll even be able to start transferring some app data to new phones when you upgrade.

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Carbon backup app hits the Play Store in free and premium versions

Koushik Dutta, developer of popular apps like DeskSMS and Clockwork Mod recovery, has been teasing up with betas of his new app, Carbon. Those betas have expired today, but the official app is now available in the Play Store in two versions, a free and paid app. The app backs up your apps and data to an SD card, or cloud storage if you don’t have enough memory on device to store all of your apps. Rooted devices can just use the application itself, but unrooted users will need a companion desktop application to get it working. Motorola users are left out in the cold on this one, though; there’s a bug in Motorola’s software the breaks Android’s backup features.

The free version of the app is ad-supported and lacks a few features of the premium version, such as Android-to-Android sync and cloud sync. There’s also a scheduled backup feature planned soon for the premium version. If you’re running Android 4.0 or above, hit the links below to try out the app.

QR Code generator

Play Store Download Link (Free)

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Play Store Download Link (Premium)

Backup and manage your Android phone or tablet with a desktop PC using SnapPea

We recently reviewed Moborobo, which allows you to manage and sync your Android phone with your desktop, but I wanted to tell you about another one that I found called SnapPea. SnapPea has a clean and easy to use interface that is perfect for the Android beginner, but advanced users might want to check it out as well. It has some pretty cool features and you will most likely want to recommend it to your newbie friends and family since it’s a great application to backup and manage any Android phone or tablet.
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Superuser version 3.0 – NFC, PINs, & Backup, Oh My! [Download]

This morning I woke up to the “updates available” notification on my Android devices. Among them was an update for Superuser, bringing the version number to 3.0. Now I couldn’t even remember the last time Superuser had an update  so I took a moment to check the change log. To my delight, this update packed a handful of great new features in addition to the usual bug fixes. What’s in the new update you ask? Straight from the changelog:

  • Fixed layout on non-Honeycomb tablets
  • Better handling of fragments on tablets
  • Compatibility for Donut restored
  • Fixed bug that caused unpredictable results when an app is remembered that was previously allowed
  • Backup/restore of apps and preferences
  • Fix for Superuser thinking the binary is outdated when it’s not
  • Major speed increase for notifications and logging
  • Show seconds in log defaults to off now
  • Fix FC when trying to swipe left/right in HomeActivity
  • Fix changelog version tracking, only show what’s changed since the last time the changelog was displayed on launch

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Sprint is now offering easy access to McAfee Mobile Security and McAfee Family Protection

Starting today Sprint is offering customers access to McAfee mobile security applications. Sprint users can hit the Sprint Tab in the Android Market or by clicking on McAfee in the Sprint Zone. The cost will be $30 per year, but you will get a 7-day free trial. It will locate your lost phone, remotely wipe data, backup contacts and other data, and of course protect against malware.

Sprint is also offering McAfee Family Protection for $20 per year after a 7-day trial. It will filter mature websites and protect kids from accidentally removing apps from your device.

“Sprint takes mobile security very seriously, and we are working to provide tools for our customers that can help protect their devices from viruses and give them the ability to lock or wipe data from their device remotely if it becomes lost or stolen,” said Fared Adib, senior vice president-Product, Sprint. “McAfee is recognized as a leader in this space, and we are pleased to be working with them and to feature the McAfee Mobile Security software in Sprint Zone.”

Full press release after the break:

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