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LG Optimus Black Going The Way Of Customization, Will Have Swappable Colored Backplates

LG has announced that the days of putting out a device of status quo, such as black candy bar slates, are about to change.  The company has recently announced that they plan to mimic Dell’s strategy with consumer goods, utilizing one little word, and that is “customization”.  James Choi, Marketing Strategy and Planning Director of LG Electronics Global states:

“We are going back to a time where specific phones will be targeted at specific audiences”

With the release of the LG Optimus Black, consumers will also be able to purchase various colored swappable back plates for their devices, to better express their personality through the aesthetics of their smartphone.  We applaud LG for giving the user options when it comes to the customization of their hardware, although it will be funny to see a neon pink Optimus Black. But, hey, like I always say, options are good and the customer loves choice, right?.  So, keep it up LG.  And here’s to hoping no one gets a fire orange pink Optimus Black right out of the box.  All kidding aside, we’re sure LG will provide the original case, in which then one could go online to their dedicated site and purchase the back plate of their choice.  Let us know what you think in the comments below and what color you’ll be going for.

[via pocketlint]