Cool HD Wallpapers Of The Week For Your Android Smartphone

If it’s one thing I like doing often to keep my Android experience fresh and current, it’s change my background.  Sometimes your background can get a little stale and some updating is in order.  A new background, a new launcher or some icon rearranging can really freshen up a device if you know what you’re doing.  So every once in a while we come across some pretty cool HD wallpapers and when we do, there’s really only one thing to do with them, share them with all of you.  Check out some of the HD wallpapers below and don’t forget to let us know what you think.  Feel free to also upload some of your very own wallpapers in our new forum to share with the rest of the Android community.  And if you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting for?  You can sign up at the same link.   Read more

Watch A Vibrant Vine Grow On Your Home Screen With “Green Vine Live Wallpaper” For Android

If you’ve been looking for a cool, vibrant and color contrasting Live Wallpaper, look no further.  You might want to give Green Vine Live Wallpaper a shot on your device and watch this vibrant vine grow on your home screen right before your very eyes.  When the vine grows enough, you can see blossoming flowers manifest for added effect.  Overall, we’re digging this simple yet colorful crisp Live Wallpaper and definitely recommend it to devices supporting Super AMOLED and Super AMOLED Plus.  We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Ready to give it a go?  Head on over to the Android Market for the download or check out the QR code we added below for convenience.  Feel free as always to leave a comment below letting us know what you think.  Hit the break for an extra screen shot and to snag the download links.   Read more

Nightfall Live Wallpaper Brings Full Serenity, Available For Download In The Android Market

I’m a sucker for a good looking Live Wallpaper and Nightfall Live Wallpaper is just what the doctor ordered.  This elegant and enchanting Live Wallpaper is bound to bring some serenity to your home screen no matter what kind of day you’re having.  Check out the skyline and silhouetted landscape as you pan across your home screen.  It has a sort of Kindle feel to it doesn’t it? If you pay special attention you’ll notice stars twinkling and a distant nebula gracefully floating by.  Ready to give it a go?  You can download the app via the QR code below or check it out on the Android Market.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the application in the comments below.  Hit the break for another screen shot.   Read more

Spring Zen Free Live Wallpaper, Available In The Android Market

This has got to be one of the coolest Live Wallpapers we’ve ever seen.  Spring Zen Free Live Wallpaper has excellent animation, cool graphics and a fresh 3D breeze of New York’s Sakura park in the Spring time.

Sunlight filters through swaying trees in a peaceful park, as cherry blossoms float past. A birds nest perched in a branch overlooks a park bench, gently flowing brook, and blooming flowers.

If that doesn’t sound serene to you, I don’t know what will.  The Live Wallpaper has some of the best graphics we’ve seen yet and is extremely customizable.  Check out the video demo below of the app in action and then head on over to the Android Market via the source link below to download.  There’s also a ton of screen shots for you to check out as well.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this one in the comments below.  I’m convinced you’ll love it as it brings you Spring time at its best, regardless of what time of year it is.   Read more

Make Morpheus Proud With Best Matrix Live Wallpaper For Android

Some of my favorite movies of all time, The Matrix trilogy, definitely destined to be a classic.  And one of the most iconic images throughout the movie would have to be the falling green code of characters when viewing the Matrix from a PC.  So, why not show it off on your Android smart phone?  Check out Best Matrix Live Wallpaper from developer A.O.I. Studios, and wow your friends with this tidbit of great animation in the background.  There are several colors to choose from and a few other tweaks you can give the app as well.  Ready to try it out?  Hit up the download on the Android Market and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  In addition, you can hit the break for more screenshots and check out some more info from the developers themselves.   Read more

Give Your Smartphone An Exotic Look With aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper (Video)

If you’re an exotic fish lover and you adore Android, boy do we have a treat for you.  aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper gives you the next best thing to having the real deal.  This live wallpaper allows you to create your very own aquarium with the ability to choose from 114 different kinds of species of fish. While the developer promises more species will follow, they’ve allowed for up to 15 of your chosen favorites to be displayed at any given time.  The application is extremely interactive and is sure to keep your little ones busy in the back seat for those long trips.

The app sort of reminds me of those Digi Pets, thanks to the added feature that allows you to feed your fish and watch them grow.  You’re fully responsible for the well being of your beloved exotic species.  Are you ready for that kind of responsibility?  Heck, if your fish survives it to maturity, it can even produce offspring!  As you can see, there are a ton of extras with this wallpaper.  It’s one of the most interactive and detailed live wallpapers I’ve seen so far.  Other features include the ability to change the speed of the fish, how fast they grow, what kind of food you can feed them and even sports the ability to tinker with light animations.  Definitely check this one out if you’re a live wallpaper fan.  Head on over to our popular apps database for more info and to snag the QR code directly from your smartphone.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the app in the comments below.  Hit the break for a quick video demo and to view more screenshots.   Read more

Great HD Wallpapers For Android Offers….Great HD Wallpapers.

Last week we showed you a great wallpaper application for Android called Zedge, where you had access to literally thousands of awesome vibrant wallpapers for your Android smartphone.  Check out the post here and head here for the download.  This week we’re taking a look at another wallpaper app gaining some popularity in the Android Market, it’s called “Great HD Wallpapers”.  As expected, the app gives you a ton of options and categories for backgrounds and wallpapers to compliment that little expensive computer in your pocket.  You can easily download, apply and share great wallpapers with a friend along with the ability to rate your favorite designs.  I’m not quite convinced that the apps is ready to give Zedge a run for its money just yet though, especially when Zedge offers more than just wallpapers.  They also offer ring tones and notification sounds.

I think Zedge definitely has the upper hand in the UI and navigation department.  However, it can’t hurt to keep both apps on your device since both equally offer an array of categories that you won’t find on the other.  For instance, Great HD Wallpapers offers a “Comics” category that Zedge doesn’t and Zedge offers a “People” category with popular celebrities.  One feature I do favor Zedge over Great HD for is the fact that you can activate “Family Mode” if you tend to have little ones playing with your device from time to time.  Some of the wallpapers are definitely not kid friendly, if you know what I mean.  Ready to give it a go?  Head on over to our apps database for more info and to snag the QR code for the download.  Hit the break for some more screenshots and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  What’s your favorite wallpaper application for Android?

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