Looks like my Nexus 4 has been back ordered, and so have many others

Why am I not even surprised? With the debacle that went down this past Tuesday on Google’s Nexus 4 launch, I kind of expected them to have trouble fulfilling the influx of orders for the device. I was just hoping I wouldn’t be one of them. Sadly, I was and the Google Play Store has sent me an e-mail regarding my Nexus 4′s order status. Apparently the device has been back ordered and my Nexus 4 won’t ship for another 3 weeks…. Quite a bummer indeed. I am definitely not the only one as plenty more people have received the same e-mail.

As a small compensation, Google will credit you back the shipping that was charged, so I suppose that helps a little? There’s also an option for you to cancel your order if you so please.

Any one else get back ordered? If so, you guys willing to wait the 3 weeks or just cancel all together and perhaps purchase it through T-Mobile?