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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini coming to T-Mobile as the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit


Recent top-tier phones from Samsung have managed to propagate to major U.S. and international carriers while retaining their model names, like the Samsung Galaxy S III or the Samsung Galaxy Note II. As one moves down into the mid-tier range, we are starting to see carriers renaming Samsung devices to be more carrier specific. The most recent example is the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini which has surfaced on the FCC web site in a filing for T-Mobile with the model name listed as the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit. US Cellular has released the same phone with the Samsung Galaxy Axiom name.

Apparently originality in names is not a major requirement for carriers seeking to bring a new product to market, even one like the Galaxy S III Mini with its scaled down hardware and price tag relative to its “bigger” sibling. In the past carriers have branded devices as the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G, the Samsung Exhibit II, and the Samsung Exhibit 4G.

source: FCC

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Samsung Trademarks Galaxy Awaken, Axiom, Heir and Rite Names

Well it appears that the Galaxy S line will be seeing some brand new members added to its already large family of phones. Samsung has recently registered four new device names with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The names registered are The Galaxy Awaken, Galaxy Axiom, Galaxy Heir and the Galaxy Rite. This trademark move is a decent indicator as to the fact that we will be seeing these phones make their way to U.S. carriers sometime here in the future.

Considering that U.S. Cell Carriers tend to sell the similar phones but under different names it could also mean that these could be carrier related. Given that Samsung is looking to make a less than spectacular showing in Barcelona next week at MWC I doubt we will see much regarding these new names or the devices they are named for. But hey I’ve been wrong before. While it’s also suggested that Samsung could be using these names to import some budget style phones to the U.S. only time will tell. What do you guys out there think of the names? Let us know in the comments below.


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