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AT&T’s wireless sales experience ranks highest among carriers five times in a row

AT&T_Logo_01_TAAT&T has ranked higher than other wireless carriers in JD Powers’ wireless purchase experience survey, marking the fifth consecutive time AT&T has outscored the competition in this category. The award is given out twice per year.

The carrier scored top marks in four of the six categories, including store sales rep, website, offerings and promotions, and phone sales rep. Roughly 12,700 customers took part in the survey, so there was a decent sized sample to get this information from. Read more

J.D. Power says Samsung tablet owners are the most satisfied


According to a study conducted between March and August by J.D. Power, owners of a Samsung tablet have bested iPad and Kindle Fire owners in terms of satisfaction. The study utilized performance, ease of operation, styling and design, features, and cost. Based on those five factors, Samsung scored an 835 out of 1000. This led Apple by two (833) and Amazon by nine (826). They can thank the wide distribution with their devices for scoring so high. Along with many commercials, Samsung has a strong presence in stores like Best Buy which show off their Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition and Galaxy Tab 3. Read more

Sony Xperia P recognized as European Green Smart Phone 2012-2013 by EISA

Sony was pleased to announce today that they have been recognized once again for their green efforts. The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) recognized the Sony Xperia P as their European Green Smart Phone 2012-2013. EISA is an industry body featuring 50 tech-focused magazines from 19 countries.

Sony’s award for the Xperia P follows last year’s award for green smart phones granted to the Sony Xperia Mini. In reviewing this year’s winner, EISA noted Sony’s efforts to reduce power consumption through technologies like Sony’s WhiteMagic. WhiteMagic can increase the brightness of the screen even when in power save mode and reduces backlight power consumption by up to 50%. Other steps undertaken by Sony include minimal packaging, electronic-only user manuals, and limitations on power consumption by chargers. These efforts came about even as Sony, and other smart phone manufacturers, continue the march toward larger screens and batteries that last longer.

source: Sony

Make Sure Android Wins – 6 Finalists For T3 Gadget Awards

It’s time to show your Android pride. UK based tech magazine T3 has announced the finalists in each category for their upcoming T3 Gadget Awards. Android products/Android-based companies appear in six categories:

  • App of the Year (I’m going with Google Navigation, but it was definitely a close call from Layar)
  • Commuter Gadget of the Year (HTC Desire)
  • Phone of the Year (HTC Desire and Legend)
  • T3 Design Award (HTC Legend)
  • Tech Brand of the Year (Google or HTC. HTC is the leading manufacturer for Android phones after all)
  • Gadget of the Year (HTC Desire)

Make sure to cast your votes for Android! In all of these categories Android is up against at least one Apple product, including the iPhone 4 (a “wildcard” spot) which is in 4 categories alone. The Android/Apple battle continues, so if you’ve been waiting to put your opinion in then this is your chance.

The contest is open until September 16th. You only get once chance to vote so take the time to vote for the one you want.

Vote now at the source link below!

[via T3]