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‘Photo Editor’ by Aviary gets update to version 3.0


For Android users that love editing their photos, Aviary recently upgraded their ‘Photo Editor’ application to version 3.0. The update includes rich and robust features and the app moves noticeably quicker and runs much more smoothly. The standard app will satisfy most of your basic photo editing needs but if you want, Aviary offers add-on packs for only a few dollars that improve the app with more features. Check out all the goodies included in the update to 3.0 after the break, as well as the link to the app in the Play Store. Read more

Aviary Announces Official Android App

Aviary has announced the latest photo editing tool for Android, and it looks good.  What started as a plugin on Android has now become a standalone app that looks to be a strong competitor to Adobe’s Photoshop Express. As phones replace point-and-shoots as the camera of choice for most people, having apps that allow editing photos on the device becomes more important.  Aviary Photo Editor features one-touch enhancements, instagram-like filter effects, color balancing, crop and rotate, red-eye removal and a lot more.  The free app is available now on the Play Store, stay tuned for a full review but for now, hit the break to head on over and try it out yourself.   Read more

Set up profiles in Angry Birds with Angry Aviary

Are you tired of people messing with your oh-so-perfect scores in Angry Birds? If so, then you might want to take a look at Angry Aviary. A once root-only application, this app will allow you to swap Angry Birds profiles on the fly, so now you and another player won’t have to be on completely separate phones to keep track of who’s better than who. I know this app will be great for me and my daughter, as she loves to play Angry Birds on my phone, and doesn’t always *ahem* aim so well.

Be sure to scan the QR code below or click on the market link from your mobile device to get Angry Aviary on you phone now, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

Market Link

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