Marvel And Aurasma Announce Collaboration For Comics Featuring Augmented Reality


You may have heard of a little something called Augmented Reality. Since we previewed it at CES this year, we’ve seen various applications and uses for it and heck— even we’ll see it even in sweet HUD glasses among other things. Over at SXSW, Marvel is hooking up with Aurasma to bring some pizzazz to the various comics out there. This collaboration will allow users watch video trailers of comics they see, 3D animation, recaps and other exclusive goodies just by holding their phones up to comics. Yup, this means we’ll be seeing our favorite action heroes spring to life, similar to what a certain toy making giant is already planning too.

To commemorate this partnership, Marvel the free Marvel IR app which will power its augmented reality. Check out the video below to see none other than Iron Man strutting his stuff during an impressive demo of the technology. Anyone else excited yet?


YouTube Preview Image


source: Tech Crunch

Google HUD Glasses Are Real And Reported To Be Released By Year’s End

Yes, Leo Laporte, they’re real after all.  What was once thought to be a joke is now a reality thanks to Google.  The company’s HUD Glasses will be launching some time before year’s end and will most likely go for somewhere between $250-$600 bucks.  The New York Times  broke the news earlier today and we’re all finally about to see some of the benefits of augmented reality.  You’ll be able to see all kinds of information around you such as historical facts, tons of POI’s and maybe even deals for respective establishments in the area.  However, I’m not sure if I could justify paying the price of what a general smartphone goes for but we’re sure there are some pretty “all-in” techies that will jump at the chance to snag a pair of these.  The devices will have an integrated camera, motion sensors, GPS and 3G/4G connectivity.  We’re sure it will be running some version or form of Android but not sure exactly how the OS will be integrated.  In any event, who wouldn’t want to read their text messages and emails on the fly across a pair of cool shades without ever having to pull your device out of your pocket?  Yes please.  Anyway, feel free to let us know what you think of them in the comments below.  Do you think this is something you might be willing to fork over some good cheddar for?

source: New York Times
via: Phandroid 



Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Now Available in the Android Market

The 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue didn’t just land on newsstands today, it’s now also available on your pre ICS Android device. For those of you who have a membership to the magazine you probably already know you can access the weekly publications on the app at any time you want. All you need to do is download the free app, sign in, and your on your way to an enriched, sports filled mobile experience. What you may not have known is that the swimsuit issue is also available on your Android device and comes complete with added video, a collection of songs and more. You can also use a printed copy and use the free SI Viewer app that activates the videos by focusing your phones camera on the designated images. Somewhat similar to augmented reality, when your phones camera detects a certain code embedded in the picture, the correlating video fires up instantly. Now you can get more up close and personal with the models during their photo shoot (too bad it’s at the price of watching a bunch of cross promotion with Direct TV), and get a better glimpse at the hotties in real live-action. This ain’t your dads swimsuit issue that you sneaked off with when you were a kid.
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Augmented Reality Meets the XAPPR, Coming Soon To Android

Augmented Reality (also known as AR) has turned quite a few heads recently. It involves using your smart device like a “looking glass” to manipulate the world around you.  The technology has been integrated into several apps from the Qualcomm Augmented Reality Competition, and is making its way into many exciting new applications that we could use every day.  For example, there is an app in the works that allows kids to interact with a toy before they buy it.

Now, Augmented Reality has a new shoot-em-up spin for your Android, iPhone or Windows Phone device.  The XAPPR gun, brought to you by MetalCompass, attaches to your phone and transforms it into a virtual killing machine.  More specifically, it allows you to turn and shoot in real life as the image on your cell phone is following your moves.  You can preorder it before its June release on the company’s website for $30, plus $15 shipping in the US.  The XAPPR takes old school Duck Hunt to a whole new level.  It doesn’t get much better than turning your cell phone into a gun, right?

There are several games that have already been developed to be compatible with the XAPPR, like AR Invaders, ATK, AR Wars and Spray’Em.  Apps like ATK are multiplayer and enable you to play against other XAPPR toting comrades, in a cellphone version of laser tag.  However, only AR Invaders is currently available in the Android Market.  The high tech gun is made to work with other apps, so we just have to wait for the developers to jump on board and make more fun games for Android users.

Source: The XAPPR Gun

Augmented Reality Makes Toy Packages Cool, Teach Kids Lesson Of Looking At Package Before Buying

Technology sure is being taken to another level, isn’t it? While we were over at CES, we highlighted one of the more interesting concepts called “Augmented Reality“– where essentially a static object comes to life using a special app and your smartphone’s built-in screen. Bandai wants to use this technology and make toy packaging become better than perhaps a toy itself. Thanks to ingeniuous development from Bandai, the new Thundercats and Ben 10 toys will have the ability to come to life through a smartphone screen via Aurasma’s augmented reality. Bandai pledges the interactive packages will help kids “examine every part of the toy before purchase”. Talk about teaching kids the important life lesson of examining something before you buy. Check one for the “this is freaking awesome” list. Check out the video below to see the cool and interesting concept in action.

YouTube Preview Image

 [via Engadget]

Hands on with Augmented Reality apps utilizing the Qualcomm Augmented Reality SDK [Video]

We had a chance to sit down with the Qualcomm Augmented Reality team. and wow, did we seem some really cool stuff. A little over a year ago, Qualcomm hosted an Augmented Reality Developer Competition followed by the Augmented Reality SDK last April, which is now being marketed under the Vuforia name. We haven’t seen too much from either of these ventures up until today, and it looks like Qualcomm’s investment is really starting to payoff as there are about 300 or so apps in the works or available now. Many of them are still yet to be released, but we had a hands on demo of three really cool apps. Of the ones in the video, Moosejaw X-RAY and 3illiards (a billiards game) is available now in the Android Market and we have download links below. The Sesame Street Street Workshop is coming soon. Folks, we have some really exciting stuff here.

YouTube Preview Image

Download links after the break.

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AppGear By WowWee Combines Physical Toys With Android Apps (Videos)

The wonderful folks over at WowWee, the company most popular for creating little robot toys, brings to the table in 2012 the ability to combine toys and action figures with Android applications for smartphones and tablets.  If I’ve ever experienced a strange or different “thinking out of the box” behavior before, this would certainly be it.  And I mean that in a good way assuming this trend kicks off and catches on well.  The action figures purchased come ready to pair with their own free downloadable application.  The applications can either provide virtual game play with the figures or an augmented reality game play on the smartphone and tab.  You can expect to see the launch of the new games early this year and they’ll go for around $9.99 to $19.99 depending on what model toy or platform you want.  To kick things off, the company will offer six different products which will include titles like Alien Jailbreak, Zombie Burbs and Elite Commander.  You can check out some of these titles after the break via YouTube videos as well as the presser.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of them in the comments below.  We’ll be covering more news from WowWee as we catch their booth at CES this year.  
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Become the King of virtual basketball courts with new Augmented Reality NBA app

If you are into Augmented Reality apps, you need to checkout NBA: King of the Court. You basically search for virtual courts in your neighborhood through the augmented reality browser camera. If you are familiar with Foursquare’s Mayor rating, you will like this because you can become King of the Court if you achieve the highest score of any particular virtual court. The app is classified as freeium, which means its free to play, but it could cost you another $1.99 for more powers, like faster rebound rates.


  • Real world locations become the battleground for basketball court supremacy (location based)
  • Search for local courts and challengers in your area through an “Augmented Reality” browser camera view
  • Outscore your opponents in an addictive, time based shooting contest to become the “King of the Court”
  • Customize and defend your courts with awesome power-ups to both fortify and show off your kingdom
  • Compete in weekly contests to gain additional rewards and badges.
  • Find special courts that give bonuses to their king
  • Track your scores against would be challengers with global and local leader-boards
  • Challenge – and brag – to your friends using both in-game and Facebook messaging
  • Hone your shot to unlock Achievements to add to your Honor Roll
  • Customize – Show off your courts and team pride with skins of your favorite NBA teams!
  • Collect royalties when players shoot at your courts
  • Unlock cool Power-Ups which boost your game in unique ways:
  • Offensive – Trigger auto dunks and hyper shots for instant points (i.e. Alley Oops, Slam Dunk, etc)
  • Defensive – Crank up the “D” with effects that fortify your courts against would be challengers (i.e. Lockdown, Double Team, etc)
  • Game Changers – Rack up your score by maxing your shot distance or unlocking extra shooting rounds
More pics and download links after the break

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Unlocked DROID Bionic Site Revealed

Thanks to Droid Life, we have an image of what the fully unlocked Droid Bionic site will look like after all the codes have been entered. It seems each code entered will reveal a new part of the scavenger hunt I talked about in my previous post. The DroidDoes site will still be a surprise to some people right? Hit the break for a newer version of the video from the site as well.

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DroidDoes.Com Bionic Page is Live, Droid Bionic Scavenger Hunt Uses Augmented Reality In New App

We’ve got some really cool Droid Bionic news to talk about and I’ll try to settle my excitement down enough to give it all to you. First up the site for all things Droid,, went live last night and the @DroidLanding account is active again on Twitter. Over at DroidDoes you’ll find a page asking for codes from four different blog sites, where as of right now, all codes have been entered but one. There is also a video amping up a scavenger hunt which I’ll get to next.

There will also be nation wide scavenger hunt using an augmented reality app called Droid Bionic Arena. If you don’t know what augmented reality is, you’ll basically be seeing the world through your phone’s camera on your screen with the app overlaying a heads up display and other graphics for you to interact with (in real time). Using the GPS on your Android device, the app will direct you to where an AR-rendered prize has been dropped about an eighth of a mile from your location. Once your within 100 yards of the prize, and can see it, you’ll be able to select the GRAB button to capture the item. This will enter you into a sweepstakes to win that prize and a Droid Bionic. You’ll have 30 minutes per game to grab all four prizes available and can play up to 48 times a day for 4 days. You’ll also be able to enter your Facebook or Twitter account, along with your e-mail, to be contacted if you win. How cool is this? I wish I lived in a more populated area like NYC to see people running around with their Android phones searching for things that aren’t really there.

In my opinion, this is a great way to create even more hype for the Droid Bionic right before launch. The hunt will start at 12:00AM EST on 09/04/2011 and end at 11:59PM EST on 09/07/2011. Alright, enough from me. Hit the break for the QR code to the app, a list of the prizes, and some screenshots to check out.

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