Hands on with augmented reality apps utilizing Qualcomm Vuforia at CES 2014


CES is full of hardware, but there is some really cool software as well. We always get together with the Qualcomm Vuforia augmented reality team to see what cool stuff they have, and as usual, they treated us to some very innovative stuff. Last year at this time, there were over 2,500 augmented reality apps using the Vuforia platform, and this year there are now over 4,000 (for both Android and iOS). From education to helping you decide what size TV you can place in your living room, the possibilites with augmented reality apps are limitless.

Here at CES 2014, Qualcomm Vice President of Business Development, Jay Wright, showed me a really cool coloring app for kids called CalAR Mix and Sony’s “What TV – Sony Buying Guide” that lets you see if that 75-inch TV is going to fit in your living room.

Hit the break for the very cool video.

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Google’s Ingress project is bigger than it seems


Google’s augmented reality game, Ingress, has reached a critical mass with a relatively large following even before it’s public release earlier today.

Although the game was set aside as a minor gaming project for Google’s Niantic Labs at its beta launch, we’re finally starting to see what all of this actually means.

John Hanke, a key leader on the project and a co-creator of Google Earth, likened Ingress to a “concept project” that could eventually turn into a platform to allow anyone to create an alternate reality game of their own.

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Augmented Reality Game “Ingress” Beta Now Open For The Rest Of Us

Android Ingress_1

If you’re of the augmented reality type and enjoy wandering around your neighborhood with face in phone, we’ve got some updated news for you. The long awaited augmented reality game, Ingress,  is now available for those who didn’t make the beta cut or never got an invite. Ingress is a sci=fi action game created by Google’s Niantic Labs and it looks like they’re ready for more prospects to join in on the festivities. If you’re ready to join the resistance and save humanity, all you need to do is download the game. Check out the description from the play store and don’t forget to hit up the video trailer as well. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Augmenting reality with Google Glass demonstrated in new video


Despite all the angst Google Glass has induced due to the picture and video capabilities of the devices which seem to dominate early adopter use cases, Google Glass probably has much more potential to change how people use technology when other apps start to roll out. Augmenting reality using Google Glass is one such use that has a lot of potential for future development. The first steps to that goal were recently released by the development team of Brandyn White and Andrew Miller, part of a project called OpenGlass that is working on an open-source library for Google Glass. Their new demonstration shows how the concept of augmented reality could be used to discover more information about the real world environments all around us. Read more

Official trailer for Verizon’s DROID combat AR game released


Yesterday we saw the reactivation of the @DroidLanding Twitter account with posts indicating a new scavenger hunt utilizing an augmented reality app was on the way to Verizon. Postings have continued today with a couple tweets of photos of some of the mechanized “wARriors” that will be available in the game. The account also released a link to a YouTube video trailer for the DROID Combat/D:COM app. The video shows some game play and screens for selecting your Droid warrior. Read more

Ingress game gets update with new features


Ingress, a sci-fi augmented reality game that incorporates some of the real world into its gameplay, received an update today from developer NianticLabs@Google. The update includes a couple features that users will probably find especially useful. The first of these improvements is a change to the Inventory carousel to display information like portal health and faction control. The second usability improvement is the addition of notifications for “Portal under attack,” “Portal neutralized,” and “@<codename>” messages.

Other changes in the latest update include support for Jarvis Virus and ADA Refactor objects and Recharge visual animation to go along with several bug fixes. If you are interested in trying out Ingress, you can grab the app using one of the download links below. Then you will need to receive an invite as the app is still in a closed beta stage.

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Google Play Download Link

NASA releases augmented reality app for viewing 3D spacecraft models


Many of you probably know about NASA’s latest venture onto Mars with the little spacecraft that could, Curiosity. Have you ever gotten a bit curious about exactly what that little gadget actually looked like? If you have, you’re in luck, as NASA has released an augmented reality app that will let you view a full 3D rendering of Curiosity or a few other models of spacecraft, with more models said to be added in the future.

The app is as simple as printing out a few markers, then aiming your device camera at those markers to see the 3D model. Best of all, it’s a free application. Hit the download links below to test out the app for yourself.

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Play Store Download Link

Ingress Updates App, Adds Zipcar & Jamba Juice Portals

Ingress, Google’s augmented reality capture-the-flag meets X-Files game, has begun its evolution. The app, updated to version 1.20, has improved rendering, fixed a few bugs and FINALLY allows players to enable/disable email notifications. It’s still in closed beta with a scarce number of access keys, but active players saw portals pop up at Zipcar and Jamba Juice locations this Tuesday.

Portals were originally located at museums, libraries, historic landmarks and other points of interest in Google’s massive database. Players have since been able to submit  portal site submissions to NianticLabs@Google. Tuesday’s round of portal creation, however, marks the first time Google has attempted any form of monetizing the game.

Check out our initial Ingress announcement for a brief recap of the game. Those interested in joining the resistance can still request an invite from Ingress.com. Those leaning toward joining the enlightened should really reconsider.

Source: Ingress on Google+

Hands on with Qualcomm Vuforia Augmented Reality based apps [Video]

Last year I had a chance to see what Qualcomm Vuforia was doing with augmented reality, and I was so impressed that I had to see where things are 12 months later. To refresh your memory, Vuforia was created by Qualcomm for developers that want to utilize augmented reality in their apps. Things are going pretty well as there are over 2,500 apps available (Android and iOS) from developers in 130 countries, and there are over 40,000 registered developers. Last year we saw an app from Sesame Street, and this year they are back with a really cool educational app that I know my son is going to love. They also showed off what can be done for med students and retail catalogs. Check out the video after the break

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Google releases Augmented Reality game called Ingress for those lucky enough to get invited

Back in September, Google Niantic Labs brought us Field Trip and now they have a new augmented reality game called Ingress. For now it’s an invite only, but with Google behind it, it could really bring augmented reality to the next level. We don’t have a lot of information about it, but from the video you can see our freedom is at stake and the “Enlightened” needs help. Certain places attract not only people but events as well, and the mission of 13 Magnis is to monitor the effects of mind hacking.

Players will generate virtual energy that is needed to play the game by picking up units of “XM” which will be collected through their real-world surroundings. It’s kind of like a real-world version of Pac-Man. What do you do with this energy? You will go on missions around the world to “portals” which will be virtually associated with public art, libraries, and other major places. It’s a matter of picking what side you want to play, the “Resistance” or the “Enlightened”, and players can play anywhere in the world.

As I mentioned, it’s an invite only so hit the source link to sign up. We have no idea when it will open up to more people, but we do know that the game will end eventually, most likely a year to a year and half from now. Official trailer video after the break.

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