AT&T LTE equipped Chevrolet vehicles set to arrive later this year

by Jared Peters on
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Android powered cars sound awesome, but when you start getting into the details, using Android without an internet connection isn’t a perfect experience. Chevrolet has a solution, though; integrating mobile carrier radios into the vehicles. Yep, many 2015 models of Chevrolet cars are going to have support for AT&T’s LTE network right out of the, uh, box showroom floor.

The Impala, Malibu, Volt, and Corvette models will all have access to AT&T’s network, with five other models set to be added later on. Chevy is integrating this LTE connectivity under the OnStar name, which is already synonymous with extra features in your car.

AT&T plans on letting consumers add vehicles to their shared data packages just like you would any other vehicle. If you’re already an AT&T customer, this hopefully won’t cost much more than adding a tablet or hotspot. AT&T is also planning on letting customers purchase data packages individually, but they haven’t announced any pricing yet. It’ll be interesting to see where those price points fall.

You can check out Chevrolet and AT&T’s full press release below. For the rest of our CES 2014 coverage, click here. » Read the rest

John Legere fires back at AT&T on Twitter for trying to win back customers

by Justin Herrick on
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Earlier today, AT&T announced a new incentive that pays customers if they ditch their current carrier to join them. This is AT&T’s answer to whatever John Legere & Co. have up T-Mobile’s sleeve. But in true Legere fashion, the T-Mobile CEO has fired back. In a tweet issued today, Legere says #Randall – you gave us cash & spectrum AND we took your customers with #Uncarrier moves, do you really think you can buy them back?” Who is this Randall guy he is questioning? AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. Legere is calling out Stephenson for attempting to win back customers that already jumped ship for T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier ways.

But the chatter did not stop with Legere’s tweet. In an email with Re/code, he states that AT&T must be scrambling “a terrible Q4 and holiday.” Then T-Mobile’s CEO added that he is “flattered that we have made them so uncomfortable” and reminds people to “wait until CES to hear what pain points we are eliminating next. The competition is going to be toast!” We certainly will be waiting as T-Mobile’s next phase is announced next week in Las Vegas.

Hit the break to see what else T-Mobile’s CEO had to say. » Read the rest

AT&T takes shot at T-Mobile with offer of up to $450 to switch carriers

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Tension between AT&T and T-Mobile has been ratcheting up in these weeks leading up to CES 2014 when T-Mobile is announcing Uncarrier 4.0.  In tweets hinting at the next stage of their strategy, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has made it a point to poke at AT&T. That goes along with recent T-Mobile television advertising that specifically calls out AT&T. T-Mobile has been promising Uncarrier 4.0 will be big and the main rumor to surface is that it will involve T-Mobile paying early termination fees for users that switch to their service. AT&T may have had enough as they announced today a special deal to help customers make a switch, especially if they are switching from T-Mobile. » Read the rest

Press image of the LG G Flex for AT&T, T-Mobile leaks

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evleaks_LG_G_Flex_leak_ATT_TMobileA few weeks ago, the LG G Flex leaked in an image in which it carried Sprint’s name. Now, courtesy of @evleaks once again, the G Flex has been caught with AT&T and T-Mobile branding. The Sprint variant’s model number is LS995 while these new ones are D950 and D959. As you can tell, the difference comes when you look at the status bar. AT&T’s name is located there, as is its 4G LTE icon. T-Mobile’s name appears near the bottom while also giving a unique 4G LTE icon.

Another area worth noting is the dates displayed on the two different handsets. On the left, for AT&T, March 17 is the date listed. For T-Mobile, February 12 is labeled. That could be a release date for those respective carriers. Who knows, maybe there is a chance LG unveils the United States variants next week at CES in Las Vegas? » Read the rest

John Legere, dressed as Santa Claus, gives the other carriers coal for Christmas

by Justin Herrick on
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To send you off into the final weekend before Christmas, T-Mobile has posted a Vine that shows what AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are going to get for Christmas. One by one, the jolliest man in the world gives the aforementioned group coal! After he finishes dropping the coal into their stockings, he reveals himself. T-Mobile CEO John Legere pulls down his Santa beard and gives not a “ho ho ho,” but an evil “ha ha ha.” Now if only we knew what Uncarrier 4 is all about.

Hit the break for the Vine. » Read the rest

[Deal] Moto X $150 off coupon is back, 50% off on-contract and accessories too

by Justin Herrick on
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Who knew Matt Lauer and the people over at The Today Show could bring such an awesome deal back. Over on the morning show’s site, they have a way for people to purchase the Moto X with $150 off the full retail price through Moto Maker. But that $150 off code isn’t all they are offering. If you prefer to go on-contract, you get a 50% off coupon meaning that the Sprint or AT&T model will cost $99 and the Verizon model $29.99.

The deals don’t stop here. Accessories also get a 50% off dip. To avoid the massive rush that occurred the last time around, a form is required to receive a code. Unfortunately, bamboo backs are not eligible. Hit the break for instructions. » Read the rest

AT&T internally testing what could be the Samsung Galaxy S 5

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Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S 5 smartphone may be making rounds to at least one U.S. right now. According to @evleaks, AT&T is testing the SM-G900A smartphone. He adds that this device has a high resolution display that gives “some support to the theory that it’s an int’l flagship.” This specification matches the 2K display rumor from yesterday.

What’s interesting is the model number. So far we have seen the SM-G900F, SM-G900S, and now the SM-G900A. These variants could be for models that are compatible with various carriers. Being that the AT&T-tested version ends with the first letter of the alphabet, it makes sense that it would be the international version. But don’t get too excited for a release date. The Samsung Galaxy S 5 is expected to be released in late April. Would you mind waiting for a metal chassis? » Read the rest

AT&T Users Able to Roam on 4G LTE in the UK Thanks to Deal with EE

by Jack Holt on
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Today, United Kingdom carrier EE announced that there is a 4G LTE roaming agreement in place with AT&T. AT&T users in an EE LTE market area will automatically connect to EE’s network. That network boasts a 24-30Mbps average download speed and is currently in 160 different cities.

Just like the deal with Rogers, AT&T users will have to have the Data Global Add-On package to benefit from this agreement. Unlike T-Mobile’s Simply Global plan, that allows unlimited global data at no extra cost, you’ll be paying a pretty penny to take advantage of international roaming. Either $30/month will get you 120MB or you can get 300MB for $60/month.

That, however, may be worth it for some people to have access to LTE internationally. EE is looking to expand even further with more carriers in the coming year, so be on the lookout for that.

source: TechnoBuffalo

Android 4.3 Arrives Today for AT&T Galaxy Note II

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It would appear that many devices are receiving the latest iteration of Jelly Bean this month. The Galaxy Note II for AT&T is no different. While T-Mobile’s Note II was the first to receive the update, the AT&T update isn’t too far behind. The new update will bring the Baseband version to I317UCUBMK6. Besides the Android 4. 3 enhancements you should see the following:

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