BlackBerry ‘Venice’ allegedly coming to the Big Four U.S. carriers in November


BlackBerry’s upcoming Android-powered phone, codename Venice, is starting to unofficial make appearances on a frequent basis. Alleged images of the device, including a new one showing the curved display and physical keyboard (seen above), have been appearing online since early July. Between Tuesday night and today, Evan Blass has shared an abundance of information regarding BlackBerry’s product that is tasked with turning around the company’s misfortunes.

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AT&T monopolizes another market: NSA collaboration


According to new revelations found in another leaked document, AT&T has been working closely with the National Security Agency (NSA) to assist in the government agency’s need to spy on internet use. Billions of messages have been intercepted and hundreds of millions more were spent on programs to provide the agency with the data it needs.

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You can order the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ through AT&T starting today

galaxy s6 edge+If you can’t wait to put an order in for the Galaxy S6 Edge+ or Galaxy Note 5, AT&T will begin taking pre-orders for the device later today. You’ll still have to wait for August 21st to get your hands on it, but you can secure your device now if you know for certain that you want it.

Both devices will be available for zero down up front on AT&T Next plans, although the prices wildly fluctuate depending on which phone and storage option you want. Read more

AT&T’s wireless sales experience ranks highest among carriers five times in a row

AT&T_Logo_01_TAAT&T has ranked higher than other wireless carriers in JD Powers’ wireless purchase experience survey, marking the fifth consecutive time AT&T has outscored the competition in this category. The award is given out twice per year.

The carrier scored top marks in four of the six categories, including store sales rep, website, offerings and promotions, and phone sales rep. Roughly 12,700 customers took part in the survey, so there was a decent sized sample to get this information from. Read more

FCC rejects T-Mobile wireless auction proposal


The FCC met again today to consider rules to use for an upcoming auction of 600MHz wireless spectrum after delaying the decision at a meeting a couple weeks ago. On the table was a request from T-Mobile to modify the proposed rules to help smaller carriers, T-Mobile included, obtain some of this spectrum instead of seeing all of it being bought up by big carriers like Verizon and AT&T. Unfortunately for T-Mobile and fans of the little guys, the FCC decided to move forward with the proposed reserve of only 30MHz for bidders who may be smaller and struggle with raising necessary capital. Read more

Google and AT&T join in Apple iMessage lawsuit


After users discovered Apple’s iMessage platform contained an alleged “bug” that prevented users from receiving some text messages after switching to an Android phone, some former Apple customers filed a lawsuit alleging Apple’s actions were illegal. Apple has been fighting off the claims, mostly in secret, even as they launched a tool to help customers make the transition from iPhones to Android smartphones. The stakes may have ratcheted up a bit recently as both Google and AT&T have filed motions with the federal courts to access materials being filed during the lawsuit’s discovery phase. Read more

AT&T bundling wireless service with DirecTV and U-verse packages

AT&T_Logo_01_TANow that AT&T officially owns DirecTV they’re quickly integrating wireless service and television bundles into packages for their consumers. These plans combine TV service through either U-Verse or DirecTV on a single bill with AT&T wireless service and give the customer a $10 discount for keeping everything on one combined bill. A four line, 10 GB plan that normally runs $160 will be $200 when combined with a DirecTV Select package that’s typically $50 by itself, for example. $10 per month isn’t huge, but if you were planning on having DirecTV and AT&T, might as well take advantage of the discount. Read more