AT&T increases Unlimited Data cap from 5GB to 22GB


In what can be perceived as a damage control move, AT&T has increased its unlimited data limit from merely 5GB to a reasonable 22GB per month. The change comes after the FCC proposed a $100 million fine against the mobile carrier for misleading its customers with the promise of “unlimited” data. Although the carrier no longer offers unlimited data plans, subscribers who had such a plan could continue to renew them.

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Connected devices come to your lawn and garden thanks to GreenIQ and AT&T


GreenIQ and AT&T announced the launch of new devices to help consumers grow their gardens and lawns while leveraging the power of 3G connectivity. The primary components of the new GreenIQ devices are new Hub flow meters that are 3G and Wi-Fi capable. The meters can be setup and managed through GreenIQ’s smartphone app, available for Android later this year. Read more