AT&T implementing 30% down payments with Next program on May 28th

att_logoWe know AT&T is planning on completely doing away with traditional two-year contracts, but that leaves a good bit of confusion over what happens to customers who wouldn’t be approved for device financing but would normally be approved for the contract option. It looks like the carrier will be taking a page from T-Mobile’s playbook and will offer a down payment option with their Next 12 payment plan to take care of customers that don’t have the credit for normal Next finance plans. Read more

AT&T adds the LG Escape2 to its lineup for $179 off-contract


The LG Escape, which was released nearly three years ago, has a successor available through AT&T for an affordable off-contract price. The carrier is now selling the Escape2 for a single payment of $179. Customers that want an even lower price can pay $0.99 by signing a two-year contract. The medium between the two would be paying for the Escape2 with the AT&T Next program. The monthly payments vary between $6 and $9 depending upon how many months the customer chooses to spread the cost over.

Key specifications:

  • 4.7-inch display (1280×720)
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 8MP rear camera, 1MP front camera
  • 8GB internal storage with microSD card slot
  • 2100mAh battery

Source: AT&T
Via: GSMArena

Hulu’s deal with AT&T brings free content to customers


The reach of Hulu will continue to grow as the video streaming service has a deal in place to provide AT&T customers with free content. The wireless carrier’s customers can watch Hulu content through their site and apps from anywhere. Also, the two companies are exploring the possibility of bring Hulu to televisions with a dedicated app.

A start date for the partnership’s benefits was not specified by either company but we do expect it to be active by the upcoming fall television season.

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Is this the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active?


Samsung has released ‘Active’ versions of their flagship phones since the Galaxy S4 in 2013. The Galaxy S6 will continue that streak for the company and here we have an alleged image of the Galaxy S6 Active. It shows the device, obviously for AT&T, built with durability as the focus. The camera and heart rate monitor have not moved at all, but the speaker is now situated on rear’s bottom left corner.

The internal specifications are likely to remain the same and Samsung is said to be swapping out the 2600mAh battery for one sized at 3500mAh. So this device will have durability and longevity on its side.

Source: GSMArena

Regulators seemingly prepared to approve AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV


The acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T could be closing soon, nearly one year after the wireless carrier announced its intent to do so. Both the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the U.S. Department of Justice are approaching the end of their review and, according to The Wall Street Journal, there has been nothing to prevent the deal from closing. The biggest issue that regulators are seeking to identify is whether or not a monopoly would be built with the joining forces.

We could be just weeks away from seeing AT&T have ownership of the nation’s largest satellite TV provider.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

GoPhone rolls out Rollover Data


AT&T’s prepaid phone service, GoPhone, is adding the Rollover Data benefit to all new and existing accounts. Similar to the feature on regular AT&T plans, GoPhone customers on the $60 and $45 per month plans who have unused data at the end of a cycle can use that data in the next cycle, technically 30 days. Customers do have to renew their plan on time to get this benefit.

AT&T says the new benefit will be available starting on May 15th for new customers. For existing customers, the change will take place on their next renewal date after May 15th. When data rolls over, it is the last used, not first used, so it will only help if you splurge on using data while the rollover is available.

source: AT&T

AT&T updates data throttling policy on legacy unlimited plans


Late last year, despite claims that throttling on legacy 4G plans was not automatic, users discovered that AT&T was in fact throttling data speeds whether the network was congested or not. The carrier promised to change the policy sometime during 2015 and it looks like the time may have come based on a change to some information on their web site. Read more