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Sprint to cut costs by $1 billion with new towers, severing ties with Verizon, AT&T


As part of a network overhaul dubbed “Next Generation Network” by Sprint insiders, the company hopes to also overhaul its business in an effort to end six years of financial losses. Reports from sources familiar with the effort indicate Sprint hopes to save $1 billion per year through a combination of moves directly tied to the performance of the network. These moves include the relocation of radio antennas to new towers and cutting ties to the AT&T and Verizon “backhaul.” Read more

AT&T offers unlimited data plan for customers who bundle with DIRECTV or AT&T U-Verse


When AT&T acquired DIRECTV last year, we knew it would only be a matter of time before they started offering bundles in a move to entice subscribers to both sides of their business. As 2016 gets underway, AT&T has announced a new offer of unlimited data for consumers who are willing to subscribe to both tv and wireless service. The new Unlimited Plan will start at $100 per month for one line and can expand to four lines for only $180 per month plus the cost of a DIRECTV or U-Verse subscription. Read more

BlackBerry CEO confirms Priv for Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint


BlackBerry’s Priv was launched as a device resurrect the brand and make it mainstream once again. The issue is that the Priv can only be bought from a limited number of places, which is actually a massive issue in the United States. Two months after BlackBerry started selling the Priv, AT&T is still the sole carrier in the United States offering the handset. It actually turns out, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise, that AT&T had an exclusive deal with BlackBerry to be the exclusive U.S. seller of the Priv for sixty days. BlackBerry was also required to not comment on carrier availability. Now, with the deal expiring, BlackBerry is ready to send its flagship to Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

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Carrier IQ resurrected in deal with AT&T


Back in 2011, when the smartphone market was still relatively young, Carrier IQ earned a degree of infamy by being one of the first companies discovered to be collecting detailed user data and information surreptitiously on mobile devices. Since then, Carrier IQ has managed to stay out of the limelight until now when it was announced that AT&T has acquired rights to Carrier IQ’s software and to some staff that is coming on board at AT&T. At the same time, the Carrier IQ web site has gone dark and it is unclear what the status of the company is. Read more

AT&T’s VoLTE network reaches more customers than any other carrier


The year is coming to an end and that means companies are recapping 2015 to prove their growth and successes. Today, AT&T revealed that its VoLTE network — the one that allows you to make calls over an LTE connection — is accessible to nearly 300 million people in the United States.

Although large, that number comes down to an estimation of 27 million when counting just AT&T customers. So AT&T is declaring that its VoLTE network is an option to more customers than any other carrier in the United States.

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Samsung Gear S2 with NumberSync now available from AT&T


Users interested in a smartwatch that can handle phone calls and texts all on its own now have the option of buying the Samsung Gear S2 through AT&T. To help make things easier for consumers, AT&T developed their own NumberSync platform for smartwatches and other devices so that calls or texts to a user’s number on their smartphone will also get delivered to other devices, like the Gear S2, meaning users do not need a separate number for their additional devices. Read more

[Deal] AT&T goes BOGO-ish with Samsung Galaxy S6


If you are looking for a pair of smartphones as gifts this holiday season, AT&T is offering up the Samsung Galaxy S6 in a kind of buy one get one free deal. Since the deal only works by signing up for the AT&T Next program, you end up having to setup service and make payments on both phones. However, as long as you comply with the program’s requirements, AT&T will start granting credits that effectively make the second smartphone free. Read more