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Motorola Atrix 4G on AT&T software update testing set to begin

Motorola, via their Motorola Owners’ Forums and Motorola Feedback Network, is in the process of soliciting testers for a software update intended for the Motorola Atrix 4G. There is no indication in the e-mail sent out soliciting candidates as to what is included in the update, though many are hopeful it will be an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Motorola has used these soak tests for a full gamut of updates in the past, from full OS updates to just minor bug fixes.

To participate in the test, you have to own an AT&T Motorola Atrix 4G and be in good standing on the Motorola Onwers’ Forums. No start time is indicated nor does Motorola indicate how long they will accept registrants for the test. If you think you qualify, keep an eye on your e-mail and follow the directions to get signed up. Check out the full e-mail from Motorola after the break. Read more

Motorola to phase out Webtop and laptop docks

Despite having been such a groundbreaking platform, the days of using a laptop dock are coming to an end. In a statement made earlier today, Motorola has announced its plans to kill of its Webtop program and line of laptop docks, first unveiled alongside the Atrix 4G at CES 2011.

“Motorola’s Webtop app helps users extend their smartphone experience to larger screens. While consumers around the world have adopted Webtop and the concept spurred a lot of innovation in the industry, the adoption has not been strong enough to justify continued resources being allocated to developing Webtop on future devices. We have also seen development of the Android operating system focus on the inclusion of more desktoplike features. Beginning with Photon Q and Droid Razr M/Droid Razr HD/Droid Razr Maxx HD, we will no longer be including Webtop on our products moving forward.”

Beginning with the Photon Q, which was released earlier this year, Motorola has chosen not to include its Webtop software on any future devices. This means handsets like the Droid Razr M, Droid Razr HD and Droid Razr Maxx HD will not see the service, leaving users to look elsewhere for their portable computing needs. While we may have seen this decision coming for some time, it’s disappointing to see such an innovative piece of technology fade away. Regardless, this appears to be a step in the right direction for the new Motorola.

Source: CNET

‘Update My Moto!’ campaign started in an effort to obtain Tegra 2 ICS drivers for Atrix 4G and Photon 4G

Just last week Motorola announced that it would not be upgrading its Atrix 4G and Photon 4G handsets to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, despite earlier promises to do so. A new campaign called Update My Moto has been initiated in hopes that Motorola will release a leak of what has already been completed, or at least a supported Tegra 2 kernel for Android 4.0, so that devs can put together feature filled custom ROMs for the disheartened community.

“In 2012 Motorola announced an upgrade to our devices, Atrix and Photon, to Ice Cream Sandwich. Now they have changed their stance, leaving us with an outdated version of Android.

With this campaign, we are asking for a leak of what was been done already or a compatible Tegra 2 kernel for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. With these files, we can develop a working version ourselves.

You can help us to achieve that. Share this campaign in your blog, social network, show it to your friends or file a BBB complaint. Let’s grab Motorola’s attention!”

No, you don’t have to donate any money and you don’t have to picket outside Motorola’s corporate offices (though that would probably garner some attention). All Julian asks is that you share the campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest. And, if you’re as frustrated with this mess as I am, then be sure to hit the source link below.

Source: UpdateMyMoto

Motorola Atrix 4G, Photon 4G and Electrify handsets will not receive Ice Cream Sandwich update

It’s a sad day for early adopters of Motorola’s first dual-core handsets. In a statement made on the company’s support forum, it’s been revealed that the Atrix 4G, Photon 4G and Electrify will not be receiving updates to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and instead will remain on Gingerbread. This comes just days after Motorola revisited its update timeline, in which several devices had been given a new fate. The manufacturer is reiterating its $100 rebate program for owners of Motorola devices that won’t be updated to Jelly Bean. However, the offer is only good for those upgrading to new Motorola handsets, which we’re sure is very unlikely to happen at this point.

This is the worst possible news for owners of these select devices, though it’s not like we didn’t see it coming. Up until today I was the proud owner of an Atrix 4G, though as soon as I heard this unfortunate news I headed to my local AT&T store to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S III. And, while I may not be holding onto it for a long period of time (I’m hoping Google announces its new Nexus smartphone(s) soon), it will suffice as my daily driver in the meantime. I refuse to do business with a company who forgets about its customers.

Also, keep an eye out for some additional posts detailing the process for loading aftermarket Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs onto these devices. After all, we’re here to help.

Source: Motorola

Motorola backtracks on software updates: Atrix 4G and Photon 4G likely to be denied ICS

Software updates are a dreaded nuisance for any smartphone owner. Today, Motorola has solidified our stance on the issue, as it has retracted numerous of its previous upgrade promises. The new timeline pushes the Android 4.0 update for the DROID XYBOARD 8.2, DROID Bionic and Motorola XOOM Family Edition back until next quarter. Additionally, Atrix 4G, Atrix 2 and Photon 4G owners may be out of luck. Whereas the previous timeline showed the devices would be receiving their Ice Cream Sandwich update in Q3, the new list only entails that “further plans [are] coming soon.” What this means exactly is still unclear.

While this wasn’t completely unexpected, it’s a sad day for early adopters. Constantly manufacturers are revealing new groundbreaking hardware with behind-the-curve software. As an Atrix 4G owner, I’m ashamed that such a travesty couldn’t be avoided. The phone may have launched with Android 2.2 Froyo, but underneath lie the internals of the world’s first superphone. I’ll continue to use the handset, but Motorola needs to realize that it’s this type of thing that will prevent me from being a returning customer. For the full run-down, we’ve included the official upgrade timeline below. Read more

Motorola Refreshes Its ICS Update Timeline For Devices, DROID RAZR And RAZR MAXX Are On Deck For Update First

Oh boy— if you’re like me and an owner of a premium Motorola device released in the last 12 – 15 months, then this news is for you. Motorola has updated its ICS update timeline for select devices. Within the next month and some change, MOTO devices will begin receiving Android 4.0 with a (MOTO)BLUR topping, starting with the DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX and the XOOM 3G/4G tablet. Other devices such as the DROID Bionic, DROID 4 and my smartphone– the OG Atrix 4G is set to get some love by Q3. The Photon is the last confirmed MOTO phone to receive the update and it will receive the update by Q4 of this year.

In some disappointing news, MOTO also confirmed the DROID X2 and DROID 3 which will remain on Android 2.3. This means unless you root and flash a custom ICS build on those devices, you won’t be tasting Android 4.0 glory. Such is life I guess.

Ah well, at least the rest of us MOTO owners have something to look forward to.

source: Motorola Support Forums
via: Droid Life

Motorola Announces Ice Cream Sandwich Update to Select Devices

Today, Motorola provided more information on devices that will receive an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Motorola had promised to release an upgrade timeline for ICS last October. The WiFi Xoom tablet was updated in January. Motorola states that the US Family Edition Xoom will be upgraded sometime in the second quarter of 2012, as well as the MOTOROLA RAZR, which is available in Asia, Europe and Canada. In the third quarter, the ATRIX 2, the MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G (AT&T), and the PHOTON 4G will be next in line. Motorola also has slated the DROID BIONICDROID RAZRDROID RAZR MAXXDROID 4 and ELECTRIFY to have further details released. It looks like 2012 will bring ICS to many more devices.

source: Motorola

Motorola Sends Out “Confidential” Email To Atrix 4G Owners, Soak Test On The Way


Well what do we have here? It looks like Motorola has some plans for its Atrix 4G smartphone. Owners of the device who participate in the surveys and soak tests received this email late last night:

“Hi ATRIX 4G user!

You’re receiving this email because you’ve filled out a Motorola Feedback Network survey in the past stating your interest in ATRIX 4G feedback opportunities. As a Motorola Feedback Network member you get advanced notice, like this, of such activities.

We’re getting ready to have a pre-release update on your AT&T ATRIX 4G. Please fill out the following survey( https://________ ) to confirm your interest in this soak opportunity. The first 1,000 applicants will be picked on a first come, first serve basis, provided information is correctly filled out. I know there are some questions that are a repeat, sorry, but there is a reason for that. Please fill it out carefully, honestly and accurately as misinformation can cause this exercise to be unsuccessful. You can edit your survey from the same computer until the survey period closes, though it is advisable to fill it out the first time correctly. Duplicates will be excluded with the newer one used.. Secondly, once the survey period closes we’ll not be able to update your IMEI. Consider carefully before exchanging your device.

This survey period will end at 8pm 01/30/12 Central time or when 1000 valid responses are received. If you don’t intend to actively participate please do not sign up for this opportunity.

Do not forward this communication to other parties(websites, individuals, etc), as you will lose your spot. As part of your original MFN survey you agreed to keep all MFN activities and notifications confidential. If we find that you have breached this agreement we may elect to remove you. You can always encourage users to sign up for the Motorola Feedback Network so they can be considered for feedback opportunities in the future.

If accepted, you will receive additional notifications via this email when the soak test activities will begin. Users not selected will not be notified. Do not email or PM me asking if you are accepted or when it will start as we may elect to remove you from the opportunity.

In the mean time, please log in to the new community. If you haven’t logged in since the move you’ll need to do a password reset in order regain access using the email account “______” as username is only used as a Forums Display Name on the new site. If you have trouble accessing your account you can email us at ____.

Thanks again for your interest.

Mark & Matt
Support Forums Managers
Motorola Feedback Network

Whenever we see these “confidential emails”, it usually indicates two things: a minor update or a major update. Considering the Atrix 4G has the same internals as a certain tablet that was just upgraded to ICS recently, we’re hoping this is the beginning of what will be a major update for the device. We will be sure to keep our eyes and ears opened for any further developments regarding this Atrix 4G story. Stay tuned with Talk Android for further details folks!


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Atrix 4G ROMs Being Ported To The Droid X2

A little over month ago we reported that the Droid X2 was confirmed using the 2nd-init method, the same method that brought CM7 to the Droid X. Unfortunately, there haven’t been many ROMs currently on the X2 to choose from. Things should start to change now as XDA member navenedrob has stated porting Atrix ROMs over to the DX2. The first one up is stock 2.3.4 Gingerbread 4.5.91 Atrix 4G port and updates along with the download link can be found in the source link below. This should be the first of many to help you un-blur your DX2. Let us know how this ROM works out for you.

[via xda]

The UK says the Motorola Atrix 4G is not the most powerful smartphone in the world

Since January Motorola has been telling us that the Atrix 4G  is the world’s most powerful smartphone. The US Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) disagrees. Apparently they received some complaints, and they have come to the conclusion that since the Samsung Galaxy S II has a faster processor, the Motorola claim might be misleading.

Motorola feels that the power of the Atrix is more about its abilities and combined features rather than just the processor. The ASA has not changed their stance and they will only allow the ad to be shown without the phrase.

This doesn’t make sense. There are so many marketing tactics that are misleading. Why is this being targeted all of a sudden? Checkout the ad after the break  and let us know if you agree?

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