ASUS is gearing up to launch the ZenWatch 2 in the UK


ASUS took to Twitter earlier today to reveal that the ZenWatch 2, which was announced at Computex back in June, is finally en route to the UK. Unfortunately, the Taiwanese company didn’t provide any information with regards to an official release date, but it has published an information page for potential customers to register and receive additional details as and when they’re announced.

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ASUS and Google launch the Chromebit, bringing the Chrome OS to a monitor or tv for $85


Asus and Google first unveiled the Chromebit, an HDMI dongle with the Chrome OS operating system pre-installed, back in the tail-end of March, and 8 short months later, it’s finally available to order. In the States at least, anyway. While it’s taken a while to come to market, it’s also a little cheaper than originally envisioned, coming in at $85 instead of $99.  Read more

Speaker found in ZenWatch 2, fuels speculations of audio support in new Android Wear update


Recently there was a lot of buzz about the discovery of an uncredited speaker inside the Huawei Watch, fueling speculation that Google may provide a speaker support in the new Android Wear update. Now, even the ASUS ZenWatch 2 has been found to feature an unused speaker, indicating that the speculations may not be far fetched.

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ASUS releases ZenWatch FaceDesigner for their DIY watch face makers


One of the benefits that Android fans enjoy with the operating system is the ability to customize so many parts of what is displayed on their smartphones. Launchers add several customizable options and an untold number of widgets give users the ability to get just the look they want, all without involving programming or graphic design skills. It should be no surprise then that similar capabilities are starting to expand through the Android ecosystem, like the ZenWatch FaceDesigner from ASUS that gives users the ability to design their own watch faces for ZenWatch smartwatches running Android Wear. Read more