ASUS’ Jerry Shen confirms Snapdragon 615 in future ZenFone devices


Jerry Shen, CEO of ASUS, sat down for an interview with YugaTech and announced a plan for his company’s devices moving forward. The naming of them will follow the strategy of many, including Apple and Samsung, by using numbers. Also, new ZenFone devices will be released about every six months. The more important news from the interview is the decision to use more Qualcomm processors due to their ongoing partnership. Shen says that we should expect ZenFone devices to feature the Snapdragon 615 in the future.

Hit the break for the video of the interview.

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Don’t expect to see the ASUS ZenWatch 2 before 2016

asus-zenwatch-official_01ASUS is preparing their highly anticipated ZenWatch 2 for release sometime “soon,” but “soon” to ASUS doesn’t mean by the end of 2015. According to CEO Jerry Shen, the watch won’t be ready for debut until 2016 at the earliest. No word on what part of 2016 he’s expecting, but I would imagine we should see it within the first few months of the year, with that being over 3/4 of a year away. Read more

The new Asus VivoWatch offers fitness tracking and 10 days of battery life

vivowatch 1Asus has unveiled their newest VivoWatch (that’s actually not part of the Zen family of devices) that’s focused on fitness tracking. The watch is water and dust resistant, offers a heart rate monitor and several other health services, and features a stainless steel frame. Asus is also making a pretty bold claim with this watch, saying it will last 10 days on a single charge. Read more

ASUS Chromebit lets you convert any HDMI compatible monitor into a Chrome OS running desktop


ASUS and Google have just unveiled the Chromebit which is essentially an HDMI dongle that looks like the Chromecast, but has a lot more functionality under the hood. Plugging this device into an HDMI capable monitor will let you experience Chrome OS just like on a Chromebook. Google also announced four new Chromebooks earlier today, including the ASUS Chromebook Flip. Read more

The third-gen ZenFone 3 to feature a fingerprint recognition sensor


Despite the fact that the ZenFone 2 was unveiled in early January, many are turning their attention to the ZenFone 3. Even Asus is getting antsy about the next-gen ZenFone. According to CEO Jerry Shen, Asus will release the ZenFone 3 complete with a fingerprint recognition sensor. However, from now until the point that the ZenFone 3 is released may be a long time to wait. But it’s possible we may not have to wait that long at all.

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ASUS is preparing an ultra-affordable Chromebook with a Rockchip processor

asus chromebookChromebooks are already incredibly affordable, but ASUS looks like they’re preparing to undercut the competition even further with a cheaper model. The ASUS C201 is listed in an education ordering brochure and mentions specs like a Rockchip processor and an 11.6″ inch screen with 4 GB of RAM, and the catalog mentions that it’s the “cheapest Chromebook ever.” Read more