ASUS Releases Third MWC Teaser Video

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Just as they did yesterday, ASUS released another teaser video in preparation for their announcements during next weeks Mobile World Congress. Yesterday’s video seemed to hold more of an obvious clue when you compare it to today’s video. If I had to guess, I would say this video has to do with color options? Maybe a tablet with changeable red white and blue back plates ? I dunno, that’s all I got. What are your thoughts? Either way we will know all there is to know next week. Stay tuned…

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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update is now live for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

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It was promised yesterday and today they delivered!! The Android 4.0 update for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is now live. If it hasn’t automatically pushed to your tab, just head over to Settings/About Tablet/System Updates and you should be able to pull it. This will bring you to 4.0.3  and the build number to IML74L.US.epad-9.2.11-20120221.


ASUS 7-inch Eee Pad MeMO 171 to Hit Asian Markets on March 5th

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I’m not sure if you remember the cool 7-inch ASUS tablet we got to check out at this years CES, the MeMO 171. This little device stuck out in my mind after leaving the show for one reason, it’s ability to use a the bundled Bluetooth MeMIC to make and receive phone calls through the tablet. Yes the 7-inch tablet actually doubles as a phone, and no ASUS doesn’t expect you to hold it up to your face. The included handheld accessory may have limited functions but when used just for phone calls while the tablet is in your bag, I think this one of the coolest tablet accessories I have seen yet. Some other features found in the MeMO 171 are:

  • 7-inch Super IPS display
  • 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm 8260 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB built-in storage, microSD slot
  • 5MP rear camera
  • 1.2MP front-facing camera
  • microUSB and microHDMI ports
  • Android 3.2 (will be upgraded to 4.0)
  • Integrated stylus
  • MeMIC Bluetooth headset for calls

We originally were skeptical on whether or not this device would actually hit the market, but according to ASUS’ web page it’s a done deal. The MeMo 171 is slated for a March 5th release in Asian markets but no word on when and if it will see a European or U.S. launch. Hit up the source link below for further details.

source: ASUS
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Ice Cream Sandwich update for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is now live in Taiwan, The U.K. is on deck for tomorrow

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Well you have to hand it to ASUS. They were able to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Transformer Prime in early January, and now owners of the Original Eee Pad Transformer in Taiwan are starting to receive the update as well. ASUS had this to say on their global Facebook page:

Many of our Eee Pad Transformer TF101 users have waited patiently for the promised Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update and we are delighted to announce that the first wave of FOTA updates for TF101 firmware v. started today in Taiwan. The update will FOTA in other regions soon after.

Although we will announce several new innovations at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, we take great pride in delivering on-going enhancements and support for products that are well into their life cycle.

ASUS originally promised a February / March time frame so things look to be on track as U.K. owners will see the update tomorrow. Moments ago, the U.K. Facebook page had this to say:

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Asus offers sneak peak of Padfone

by Chris Stewart on
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With only one week to go until the 2012 Mobile World Congress kicks off, the rumours and speculation are hitting fever pitch. Android tablet trailblazers, Asus has decided to add to the frenzy today by giving the world a look at it’s forthcoming Padfone.

“Divided we stand, together we rock” is the catchy tagline chosen to emphasize the three piece combo of phone, tablet and docking station. The latest teaser shows that the Padfone has gone through a complete redesign when compared to the original leaks late last year. The original concept of a phone that docks into the back of a tablet remains however the new info suggests that Asus will also be offering a keyboard dock as per it’s hugely successful Transformer series.

The Padfone is a 4.3″ Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone that docks into, and powers, a 10.1″ tablet. The tablet is set to be compatible with the TF201 keyboard dock from the Transformer Prime. The full technical specifications aren’t known at this point however I suspect we won’t have to wait long to find out.

The timing of the announcement is certainly opportune with the web awash with rumours that Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is set be an all encompassing, dual-boot Operating System. Perhaps the innovative Padfone trio is exactly the kind of hardware Google has in mind whilst working on Android’s next big release.

Asus tells us that “1 + 1 + 1 = Endless Possibilities” and with their stellar track record in Android tablets, we’re certainly looking forward to seeing the combo in action.

Check out the teaser video below and be sure to keep tuned in to TalkAndroid for news from MWC 2012 as it breaks.



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ASUS Transformer Prime Review

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There’s no question that ASUS has become one of the most popular brands for Android tablets in just a short amount of time. The original Transformer had top-notch specs at an affordable price which resulted in short supplies right out of the gate. Fast forward about 6 months, and the follow up, the Transformer Prime launched with the best specs of any tablet in the world. With its Tegra 3 quad-core processor and sleek metallic styling, its no wonder it’s the most demanded Android tablet other than the inexpensive Amazon Kindle Fire.

Just like the OG transformer, you would be hard pressed to find a Transformer Prime in stock anywhere (at retail price), even if you were ready to drop at least five bills. This thing is sweet. Albeit it had a rough start given all the software glitches the early adopters had to deal with, now that it has seen a few updates (including ICS), I can totally understand why this is the tablet to beat. At first, when I was waiting for my Transformer Prime to arrive from backorder, I would sit back and read all the forums that were discussing the Prime. There were so many people who just couldn’t deal with the software problems it was having, threw in the towel, and got a refund before it was too late. So many people were complaining, ASUS even went as far as extending the return period so that they could drum up an update in hopes of changing peoples mind. A few updates came and went but it wasn’t until one of the most recent updates hit that the device started to truly shine.

What makes the Transformer Prime so special you ask? I am not saying the device is without faults by any means, but it is most definitely the best Android tablet to date. Let’s break it down, showing the good and the bad. And if you haven’t seen it already, you can check out our initial hands on as well. » Read the rest

ASUS Officially Releases Transformer Prime Bootloader Unlock Tool

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Finally! ASUS has officially released the Transformer Prime bootloader unlock tool that they have been talking about for what seems an eternity. Just as they promised, ASUS has delivered the tool in the month of February so now the development side of things is about to get exciting. Before today, the Transformer Prime was blocked from doing any major tinkering, like flashing custom ROMs, kernels and those oh so fun MODs. Once a major deterrent to many perspective buyers, the availability of an unlock tool will now give users the option of customization, probably my most favorite thing about Android.

Available now, the bootloader unlock tool doesn’t come without warning. ASUS makes it clearly known that if you decide to unlock your TP’s bootloader, you will knowingly forfeit your manufacturers warranty and all future OTA updates. Although ASUS claims this method is irreversible, I give it a couple weeks before the development community figures out a way to re-lock the device.

If you’re ready to get your home-brew on, head over to the source link you see below for the full run-down and harrowing warning from ASUS. As always, Talk Android takes no responsibility for what you do to your own device so don’t blame us if something goes awry. That being said, who’s ready for some flashin’ action!? I know I am!

source: ASUS
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Update Rolling Out for ASUS Transformer Prime

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Yet another update is out for owners of the ASUS Transformer Prime in the United States. The Transformer Prime just had a substantial update last week that addressed rebooting, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues. The current update, version, seems much less hefty, as it primarily extends battery life. The tablet seems to be switching into a lower power state when idling, which translates to more time between charges for you. Asus confirmed the update was regarding battery life in a tweet.

The update is OTA, but if you haven’t received a notification, try checking Settings -> About Tablet -> System Firmware Update to get it manually. Let us know in the comments if you have experienced better battery life, or if you’ve noticed any other changes.

source: Twitter

NenaMark2 Test Results for the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T Surfaces

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While we were at this years CES we had the pleasure of checking out ASUS’ upcoming tablets, the 7-inch MeMO 370T and the updated HD Transformer Prime 700 series. At that time, little did we know they had another tablet hidden away somewhere that was just dying to get out. It was only a couple weeks ago that Mr. blurry cam got to see the other new ASUS tablet and luckily he shared his image for all to enjoy. At that time we had no idea what kind of specs the thing had, all we knew is that it was being referred to as the ASUS TF300T, and was red in color. » Read the rest

Asus Eee Pad Transformer ICS Update Slips

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Asus posted on their Facebook page that the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Eee Pad Transformer (TF101) could slip into March. The update, originally announced on Twitter by Asus in October of last year, was first expected in January, then slipped to mid-February. This latest slip has generated a few angry responses ranging from “Just prepare for another announcement in March,” to, “I call this lying to your customers!”

No reason has been given for the delay. Asus could have avoided the pitchforks and torches if they had not set people’s expectations by announcing tentative dates in the first place. Luckily, this delay is not all that long.

Transformer owners, how do you feel about this?

source: facebook