An ASUS ZenWatch successor is on the way with a battery life of 7 days


The ASUS ZenWatch was one of the most attractive and functional smartwatches to hit the market in 2014, but it had a major flaw — poor battery life. It’s almost impossible to get just two full days of use on a single charge, which makes it a huge pain to use on a daily basis. Do you sacrifice power for functionality and carry a charger with your on your daily commute? Do you choose another brand of smartwatch that you find less inviting? Or do you go with a standard watch and risk not having important notifications displayed on your wrist?

Wait… Don’t answer those questions.

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Nexus Player coming to a store near you on January 25th


The Google hockey puck looks to be sliding into your local brick-and-mortar store soon!

In a recent article by Gigaom, the website discussed various locations where the writing appears to be on the wall that January 25th will be the release date for the Nexus Player. This device, showcased by Google last year in October, will be bringing you Android TV straight to your television screen.
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Jonney Shih unveils ASUS’ newest flagship, the Zenfone 2



For the past month, ASUS has been heavily teasing its newest line of flagship devices, promising their debut at CES 2015. Just a few minutes ago, they did just that, and introduced the world to the ASUS Zenfone 2.

Of all the newest specs this smartphone has to offer, the biggest attention-grabber is that this is the first mobile device to feature 4GB of RAM. That’s right, we’ve finally crossed that threshold and will be putting those 64-bit CPUs to good use. The RAM will be dual-channel, giving the smartphone a 2x increase in performance.
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ASUS ZenFone Zoom debuts, includes 13MP camera with 3x optical zoom


The announcement of the ZenFone 2 was followed by ASUS’ debut of the ZenFone Zoom. As the name suggests, the handset is all about photography. The rear of the handset has a 13MP camera with 3x optical zoom, laser auto focus, and optical image stabilization. These are all cutting edge technologies that have yet to really make it into many mainstream devices (aside from the LG G3). The massive circle surrounding the lens is reminiscent of what Nokia did with its Lumia 1020, another handset that featured a focus on photography.

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ASUS planning to release three more wearables in 2015


It hasn’t been very long since ASUS released the ZenWatch but according to ASUS CEO Jerry Shen, the company is already planning a follow-up smart watch to the ZenWatch. In addition to the ZenWatch 2.0, two other wearables were mentioned by Shen that will focus on health related data, like step counting and blood sugar monitoring.

Shen, when speaking about a possible time frame for the release of the successor device, said that he is shooting for a third-quarter unveiling. The first ASUS ZenWatch was announced back on September 9th at IFA 2014 and hit the shelves in the United States on November 9th, so the Taiwanese company may stick to this release pattern. 
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Teaser video reveals ASUS plans on unveiling a new smartphone with optical zoom at CES


ASUS is notorious for releasing teaser videos before big events, and CES 2015 is no exception. There latest video is titled, “See What Others Can’t See” and has a series of tones which sounds a lot like Morse code.

The code translates into “optical zoom,” which obviously indicates that they plan on showing some sort of a device with that feature. We have yet to see smartphones with optical zoom, so this would be a huge feat. Yes, we have had phones like the Galaxy S 4 Zoom, but to me, that’s a camera with the ability to make and place phone calls. Those types of devices are just too big and bulky to really be classified as a smartphone. ASUS could be planning something similar or they could actually be incorporating optical zoom in something a little more compact, such as a traditional smartphone.

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[DEAL] Grab a new 2nd Gen Asus 16GB Nexus 7 for $135 + free shipping!

groupon nexus 7 deal

Still in need of a good high-powered Android tablet, but have been waiting for the right deal? This might just be it as Groupon is offering Google’s 2nd Gen 16GB Nexus 7 made by Asus for a low price of $135 + free shipping (price shows $149.99 on the Groupon page, but apply the 10% off coupon code to get the price down to the $135 deal). While the tablet is ‘old’ by today’s standards, the 2nd gen Nexus 7 is still very much capable of handling any task you throw at it. With the device recently receiving Google’s latest Android software in Lollipop, you’ll get the latest and greatest at such a low price. If this deal interests you, check out the source link to purchase! For the unaware, here’s a quick rundown of the specs:

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