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ASUS again teases that ‘Zenvolution’ for Computex 2016


In December 2015, word got out that ASUS began production on its next flagship(s). Jump to last week and we’re hearing about a June release for the ZenFone 3 and its variants. It seems very likely that the phone will be made available next month as the company scheduled a Computex 2016 event for the end of May. So now we’re getting videos teasing the upcoming ‘Zenvolution’ from ASUS.

Hit the break for the videos.

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ASUS to launch the ‘Zenvolution’ at end of month


ASUS has announced a new press event for May 30th in conjunction with the Computex 2016 event in Taiwan. ASUS has setup a countdown page for the event they have dubbed the Zenvolution. ASUS does not drop any hints with their countdown page, although we expect the launch of the Zenfone 3 line of devices to be one of the items covered during the streaming event. Read more

Android Wear gets some hands-free upgrades


The Android developers with Google announced some updates they are getting ready to roll out to devices running the Android Wear platform. The focus of the updates is on improving the hands-free operation of devices like smartwatches to help people for those times when their hands are full. The updates will also bring support for speakers in devices that have them present. Read more