Amazon launches App Store in main Android app

The Amazon logo is seen on a podium duri

Before now, the only way to download apps from the Amazon Appstore was to download the apk for the Appstore online, and then download apps. Last month, however, Amazon launched the functionality to download apps through the official Amazon app. All you have to do is head to “Shop by Department,” and you’ll find a new category called “Apps & Games.”

Source: TeleCrunch

Amazon expands Appstore to 41 new countries and territories around the globe


Amazon has announced that they are expanding their Appstore to reach 41 new international locations, bringing the total number of markets to 236. Amazon has targeted locations in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia with this latest expansion. Some of the new countries include Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and Turkey.

Amazon indicates apps will still be limited by local restrictions, so developers need to be familiar with any localized content guidelines or rules. If developers already have apps available through the Appstore, they will be automatically pushed out to these new countries if 1.the developer originally checked “all countries and regions where Amazon sells apps” when submitting their app and 2.the app complies with local restrictions.

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Federal Trade Commission suing Amazon for wrongfully billing consumers with in-app purchases

The Amazon logo is seen on a podium duri

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is claiming that Amazon wrongfully billed consumers with in-app purchases committed by children. The company was apparently allowing children to make in-app purchases without parental approval. As soon as an in-app purchase request is brought up, there is no way of stopping the user from going through with it. Amazon has had policies to require a password when the amount exceeds $20, but in-app purchases typically total much less (until they build up). While a specific amount is not detailed, the FTC does say the total is in the millions. Last week, Amazon declined a settlement to avoid any future troubles.

Source: FTC

Amazon’s Appstore coming to BlackBerry this fall


BlackBerry has announced that the next update to their operating system, BlackBerry 10.3, slated for release this fall will come with a nice new feature – access to the Amazon Appstore. BlackBerry users currently rely on app developers to make their apps available on BlackBerry World or they obtain apps through unofficial methods. The addition of the Amazon Appstore will give BlackBerry users access to the 240,000 titles available in the Appstore, including some big name apps like Netflix, Pinterest and Groupon.
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Amazon Appstore value rising as many developers see equal revenue with competing platforms


Compared to last year, the Amazon Appstore has seen its selection triple. The company is announcing many milestones to show just how valuable the Appstore has become. The aforementioned growth, which pegs the selection at over 240,000 apps, was done largely due to the 200 countries where the Amazon Appstore is available. The apps can also be downloaded to Android devices and Amazon’s very own Kindle Fire lineup.

Revenue is key for developers and Amazon is proud to say that developing or porting apps for the Appstore is lucrative. In a recent survey of 360 developers, 65% found that their total revenue in the Amazon Appstore was equal with competing platforms. Many of those same developers even saw increased per user revenue with Kindle Fire devices. Clearly the reach of Kindle Fire devices thanks to Amazon’s massive online storefront does not hurt.

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Get $10 in Amazon Coins by grabbing five free Android apps


Amazon has a special promotion going on that gives Android users the ability to earn up to $10 worth of “Amazon Coins,” their Appstore specific currency. Amazon Coins can be used to purchase apps or make in-app purchases, but only if done via the Amazon Appstore on an Android device. Unfortunately, the Amazon Coins cannot be used for something like Kindle titles.

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Amazon Appstore having “May the Fourth Be With You” Sale


Google is having a Star Wars sale, and Amazon has responded with their own. From now until May 10, the Amazon Appstore will be offering deals on all types of Star Wars related content. In addition, Star Wars oriented Free App of the Day will be featured on Sunday, May the 4th.

The current deals going on include Star Wars Pinball 3 free with 50% off in-app purchases, 50% off in-app purchases for Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, and Angry Birds Star Wars Premium HD (Kindle Tablet Edition) at $0.99.

Source: Amazon

Amazon Appstore holding an Easter egg hunt full of deals and rewards


Amazon is getting in on the holiday weekend by holding an Easter egg hunt with the Appstore. Don’t worry, you will not have to search far and wide as it is rather simple to be rewarded. When you hit the source link below, there will be a ton of applications involved in the hunt. While many of them are free, there are some paid apps that will net you some Amazon Coins with a purchase. The $0.99 price returns 50 coins while $4.99 apps reward 250 of them.

Source: Amazon

Pebble Appstore for Android is “coming very soon”


The Pebble Appstore has launched right on time. But only for iOS as Android users have a little bit of a wait. The company says it is “still fine tuning the Pebble app for Android, so stay tuned — it’s coming very, very soon.” As we noted over the weekend, Pebble will be limiting the amount of installed apps to eight since anything more is considered to cluttered for navigation. So when the Pebble Appstore does land on Android, pick your apps wisely.
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