Amazon Appstore holding an Easter egg hunt full of deals and rewards

by Justin Herrick on
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Amazon is getting in on the holiday weekend by holding an Easter egg hunt with the Appstore. Don’t worry, you will not have to search far and wide as it is rather simple to be rewarded. When you hit the source link below, there will be a ton of applications involved in the hunt. While many of them are free, there are some paid apps that will net you some Amazon Coins with a purchase. The $0.99 price returns 50 coins while $4.99 apps reward 250 of them.

Source: Amazon

Pebble Appstore for Android is “coming very soon”

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The Pebble Appstore has launched right on time. But only for iOS as Android users have a little bit of a wait. The company says it is “still fine tuning the Pebble app for Android, so stay tuned — it’s coming very, very soon.” As we noted over the weekend, Pebble will be limiting the amount of installed apps to eight since anything more is considered to cluttered for navigation. So when the Pebble Appstore does land on Android, pick your apps wisely. » Read the rest

Amazon giving away $5 Appstore gift cards for downloading any app, more freebies

by Aditya Thawardas on
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amazon_appstoreAmazon has a few nice holiday presents for their Appstore users. For starters, if you download any app through their store, they will give you a $5 gift card for free, to be used in the Appstore. The promotion runs from today until December 28, and the credit is valid for any apps, games, and in-app purchases in the Amazon Appstore.

In addition to the $5 promotion, Amazon is offering more than just the standard app a day for free. On December 25th, Amazon will be offering a “Free App of the Day Welcome Pack,” which includes things like a note taking app, alarm clock, and more. On the 26th, Amazon will be offering Office Suite Pro 7 for just $.99, down from its regular price of $4.99.

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Amazon Appstore renovated with new-look UI

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Amazon Android

The Amazon Appstore has gained a lot of traction as well as respect in the Android community, but was somewhat slacking in the “looks” department.

In Version 7 of the app store, Amazon continues its dark UI scheme, while it still doesn’t really resemble the normal controls used in other Android applications, but still is very nice looking and built well.

This new Appstore is actually based on the one in Kindle Fire HDX devices and is a pretty smart move by Amazon, as the company works to create a more unified ecosystem on devices.

You can download the Appstore to your device in the source link below.

Source: Amazon 

Amazon Appstore offering deals on popular apps, including OfficeSuite Pro 6

by Jeff Causey on
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It may be late in the day, but there is still time for you take advantage of a special offer that Amazon is running today. Amazon, through their Appstore, is a popular store for users to obtain apps from and is another option in addition to the Google Play Store. Owners of Amazon devices are familiar with the Appstore because it comes loaded on their devices. Owners of other Android devices can use the Appstore as well by installing the Appstore application. Amazon generates some traffic by offering a free app of the day every day. On this day after Christmas, when many new Android users may finally be getting their feet wet with their new smartphone or tablet device, Amazon is offering several popular apps for free.

Probably the best deal of the whole bunch is OfficeSuite Professional 6, normally priced at $14.99. OfficeSuite Pro 6 can be used to access Microsoft Office Suite files, including the ability to not only view, but edit, Word and Excel files. The app can also be used to convert documents to PDF, there is support for animated slideshows, and integration with Google Docs and Microsoft SkyDrive.

Another popular app, even if not expensive at 99 cents normally, is TuneIn Radio Pro. With TuneIn Radio Pro you can listen to many of your favorite radio stations using your Android device. It is very nice when you are out of town and want a little touch of home or “bring home” a new radio station you find while traveling. Remote workers may be interested in the Splashtop Remote Desktop app which normally costs $4.99.

Gamers are not left out with titles like Radiant HD, Missile Defender, and Shopper’s Paradise HD getting the free treatment as well. To check out the deals, head over to or hit the source link below.

source: Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore downloads up 500% from last year

by Jared Peters on
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It’s no surprise to anyone that Amazon’s Kindle Fire has had some pretty good success in the tablet market. To add to that success, Amazon announced Thursday that downloads in their own Appstore have increased by over 500% over the past year alone. That’s a big jump. With the recent release of more tablets in the Kindle Fire family, there’s no doubt that Amazon is trying as hard as they can to get their own unique services and stores in the hands of consumers, and judging by that 500% increase, they’re doing a pretty good job. If Amazon decides to throw a Kindle Fire phone into the mix, I’m sure that number will increase dramatically, too.

Amazon does also attribute some of that growth to their helpful development tools, citing things like A/B testing for helping developers get their applications ported over and set up on the Amazon Appstore. A/B testing is just one of many development features Amazon boasts in their ecosystem, and it’s obvious that it’s having positive effects for them.

source: Amazon

Amazon Appstore for Japan now accepting developer submissions

by Jeff Causey on
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Amazon announced today that they are now accepting submissions from developers who would like to have their apps distributed via a forthcoming Japanese version of the Amazon Appstore. Distribution is expected to commence later this year. The Japanese Appstore will join versions for the U.S., UK, Italy, France, Germany and Spain. Expansion of the Appstore to other countries is part of Amazon’s strategy to “serve consumers and developers globally,” according to Jim Adkins, Vice President of the Amazon Appstore. Amazon’s press release includes testimonials from several developers who are already planning to head to the Japanese market, including TinyCo, Square Enix, Yahoo Japan, ZeptoLab and Halfbrick. Hit the source link for the full press release from Amazon.

source: Amazon

Amazon Appstore Finally Launching in Europe This Summer

by Macky Evangelista on
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Earlier this month we reported that the Amazon Appstore may finally expand itself past American shores. Well we can finally confirm that it will indeed find its way to several European countries this summer. I know it has been frustrating for many European Android users to not be able to use the Amazon Appstore and take advantage for what it has to offer. But with the emergence of the Kindle Fire it would be a huge mistake if Amazon were to not take advantage of expanding it. Amazon is currently eyeing the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain as the first to use their appstore with more “in the near future.” Any of our European readers out there excited for this? Or bothered that it took this long?

Full press release after the break:

» Read the rest

Amazon Appstore App Update Really Fixes Notifications And Raises 3G/4G Size Limit To 50MB

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The latest update to the Amazon Appstore brings it to version 2.3 and raises the 3G/4G maximum app size that can be downloaded from 20MB to 50MB. Anything over 50MB will require a Wi-Fi connection. With apps getting bigger and richer, their sizes are growing, and it’s good to see Amazon upping the limit for non-Wi-Fi downloads.

Another great fix this update delivers is with notifications. Previously, notifications about app updates would still occur even when you disabled notifications all together. That’s a thing of the past once you update to the latest Appstore (thank goodness).

Minor bug fixes and stability enhancements round out this update. Download from the link or QR code below. 


Download From Amazon


The CyanogenMod Team Wants You to Weigh, Do You Want a CM App Store for Rooted Apps?

by Jack Holt on
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I know what you’re thinking. Why the heck do we need yet another app store on our phones, what with Amazon, GetJar, and the Android Market and a slew of other apps that do this same thing. However, I think you’ll want to hear me out on this one because this proposes to be a different kind of app store. Here’s the back story.

Recently Koush, the man behind ClockworkMod Recovery and ROM Manager, came out with a tethering app that bypassed the need for a tethering plan and one that did so without the need for root access. While there are other apps that do the same thing, Koush is known for bringing us very good software. Well it wasn’t long before carriers banned the ability to access this app in the Android Market as they did with other tethering apps. It’s those moves done by carriers that spurred this article to begin with. So here’s the deal. » Read the rest