Galaxy Gifts for the Samsung Galaxy S6 includes Fleksy, Evernote and Life360 and 19 others


It’s been a couple of days since the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets were officially announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and we are still finding out new things about them. What we have today is confirmation of the 22 premium apps and services that Samsung will give Galaxy S6 owners via its Galaxy Gifts program.

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AVG report details the apps hogging resources on your mobile devices


AVG Technologies, the online security company probably best known for their suite of anti-virus solutions, has been spending some time analyzing mobile apps by pulling anonymous data from user’s smartphones that have the AVG Android app installed. Using the data, AVG looks at the installed apps on a quarterly basis to determine which ones are consuming battery life, data transmissions, and storage. If you are wondering why your smartphone’s battery is draining so quickly or why it is using so much data or you seem to be running out of space, the AVG report may help you pinpoint the most resource-hungry apps you are using. Read more

Sony SmartEyeglass closer to market after FCC visit, release of some official apps


Although Google is currently in a major state of flux with their Google Glass platform as the company looks to retool their efforts, others are working on getting their version of a face-worn device ready for consumers. One of those companies is Sony which showed off a couple models of their Sony SmartEyeglass product at CES 2015. Following that reveal, one of the models has now passed through the FCC and Sony has released a couple social media apps meant for the device. Read more

Top 5 password manager apps for Android [February 2015]


Most users have multiple email accounts spread across various places (work, home etc). And it’s obvious that these accounts won’t have the same passwords, which makes it almost impossible to remember them all (assuming they’re not simple). This is where password managers chime in, helping users keep records of all their passwords in one location. Read more

Here’s the only flashlight app you will ever need


There are a zillion flashlight apps in Google Play, but I stumbled upon a really good one thanks to Ron Richards introducing it in the App Arena on TWIT TV’s All About Android show. It’s called Power Button Flashlight / Torch, and you’re probably already wondering what makes this better than any other flashlight app? A light is a light right? This one is all about how simple it is to turn on.

Turning on your flashlight is always a chore. You have to find the app, which is usually in the app drawer, and then you have to turn it on. Google has improved things by adding a built-in flashlight in Lollipop, while other manufacturers have offered the same. Still, you have to turn on your device, swipe down the notification panel, and press the flashlight icon. There has to be an even easier way right?

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