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Stache yourself, friends, or family with the Official Lorax App

Doctor Seuss’ The Lorax might be one of the hottest films of the year so it’s no surprise that NBC Universal just released the Official Lorax App. It has two features. The first one is demoed in the video below. As you hold your phone over your mouth, a full screen Lorax mouth moves as you talk. The second is that you can add the Lorax mustache to any photos you already have on your device. It lets you rotate and resize the stache according to the size of your photo. The app only lets you add one stache per photo, but if you have multiple people, you can still do it. Just add one stache and then save the photo, re-open it again and add the next stache. I did one up of myself, Joe Sirianni, and Stacy Bruce from an image taken from CES at the Venetian.

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Unofficial Google Music API Almost Ready, Can Google Music App Integration Save It?

 The adoption of Google Music has been dismal. Maybe it’s because we expect Google services to erupt like a volcano and immediately soar into the sky, blanketing the people below in Google awesome ash. Or maybe it’s because iTunes, Pandora and Slacker Radio already have a foothold ’round those parts. Or it could be that Google Music is only currently available in the U.S.

My guess is as good as yours, however there might be some sunshine on the horizon in the form of a developer, Simon Weber. Simon has been working on his unofficial Google Music API for a month, and has pretty much every functionality of the service coded into the API. Only one major implementation is missing at the moment: support for uploading formats other than .mp3. Unfortunately, however, the API is currently coded in Python, restricting it to desktop platforms. It isn’t impossible to port it to a mobile-friendly language though, and thankfully Aaron Gingrich of Android Police has put Simon in contact with CM9 [music player] Apollo developer Andrew Neal.

This could mean we see a port of the API to mobile platforms, pending the result of Neal and Weber’s collaboration. The only problem that will immediately come to mind reading “unofficial”, “Google”, and “API” is action taken by Google to, well, cease and desist. I don’t think that’s likely to happen, as Mr. Weber will be interning at Google this summer — possibly bringing official Google support for the API in the near future. This could be great news for Google Music, as integration into Android applications could surely inject some much needed life into the service’s disappointing adoption stats.

source: android police

Sky Go to land on some Samsung and HTC phones in February

UK Sky TV customers who own select Samsung or HTC phones will be able to get the Sky Go app starting in February. Users will be able to access all five Sky Sports channels, ESPN, Sky News and 11 Sky Movies channels through the Sky Go app.

The initial launch will support the following phones:

  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Desire S
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC Incredible S
  • HTC Sensation
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy S2

These devices were selected based on popularity and sales volumes. They do plan to include more devices in the future.

source: sky
via: androidcentral

Google Shortcuts, A Quick And Easy Way To Access All Of Your Google Services In One Interface

If you’re checking out this site, chances are you have an Android device (or you’re an iPhone fan-boy scoping out the competition).  And if you have an Android enabled device, you most likely utilize quite a number of Google services.  That’s the case in my situation.  I use so many Google products that it only makes sense for me to use an Android device where I can seamlessly sign into my phone and bam, all of my services are accessible from my mobile device while on the go.  On any given day I can be found using services like Google Search, Gmail, Currents, Music, Images, Goggles, Maps, Reader, News and Docs.  Nothing is more convenient that to be able to access these features on a daily basis without being confined to an office or PC.  So, this is why Im taking the time to tout the application Google Shortcuts, by dev Pauland, an application that allows you to access any of the 45 different offerings from Google in one simple, intuitive interface while on the fly.  You can modify the shortcuts as you see fit as well as sort, display and even hide them.

Services supported:

G. Plus, Gmail, Android Market, Android Market Console (for developers), Google Music, Picasa, Maps, Youtube, Earth, Books, Docs, Reader, Translate, Blogger, Analytics, Admob, Contacts, Cloud Print, Checkout / Wallet, Calendar, Adsense, Adwords, AppEngine, Google Apps,, Finance, Orkut, Shopper, Talk, Remote TV, Offers, Catalogs, News, Currents, Goggles, etc …

If you’re a Google freak such as myself, you’ll definitely want to give this app a try.  It could wind up saving you invaluable amounts of time over its day to day use.  If you’re ready for the download you can head on over to our popular apps database where you’ll also find a QR code for convenience or you can simply point to the Android Market for the download as well.  Either way, let us know what you think of it in the comments below.



Bring in the New Year with the Times Square Official Ball app

What’s New Years Eve without Times Square? Even though there will be approximately one million people in Times Square tonight to celebrate the arrival of 2012, we can’t all be there. If there is a must have app for today, it’s the Times Square Official Ball app. It’s available right now in the Android Market for free.


  • Participate in the celebration by submitting your New Year’s photo for friends, family and other revelers to vote on.
  • Their favorites may be selected to be seen on the Toshiba Vision sign atop One Times Square directly beneath the Waterford Crystal New Year’s Eve Ball on December 31st! The selected photos will also be featured on the LIVE Show.
  • Discover everything you need to know about the Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration including the history, news, weather, photos, relevant maps and LIVE Show schedule.
  • Send New Year’s Eve kisses and share photos with friends and family.
  • Watch live streaming of the events in Times Square leading up to New Year’s Eve throughout December as well as the highlight promo and other exclusive video content.
  • Customize your Toshiba Countdown Clock with your personal photo and time zone.
  • Check-in via Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter to find out how far away you are from Times Square.
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Thinking Space Pro Is Now Mindjet Free, And Man Are We Pissed


Are you like me, and spent $5 on Thinking Space Pro (TSP), and now you see in the Android Market that it is no longer going to be supported or developed further because a company named Mindjet has bought out Thinking Space? If you are like me, then I bet you’re just as pissed off as I am about it too. We paid our $5 bucks to have all these features in Thinking Space Pro, only to find out that the company has been bought out, and their once paid app is now offered free under the name Mindjet for Android. If you want to hear the rest of my rant or leave a comment, read on past the break. Read more

Get Ready To Hit The Slopes This Winter With “Ski & Snow Report” For Android

Let the snow come I say!  If you’re of the skiing and snowboarding variety then you’re going to want to download this handy dandy guide before hitting the mountain., in direct competition with EpicMix, brings you this pretty detailed ski report offering cameras, weather and so much more for your trip.  Check out your favorite ski resort while on the go, search seamlessly for a ski area nearby if you’re not familiar with the area, use live ski cams to see real time conditions and check out what other skiers are saying about the place before you tear it up.  Want to give it a shot?  You can snag the download via the Android Market link below or use the QR code if that’s easier.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the app in the comments below.   Hit the break for all of the download links and to check out a few more screen shots of the app in action.   Read more

Senator Al Franken Still Has Concerns over Carrier IQ


Senator Al Franken has received letters from from Carrier IQ as well as; AT&T, Sprint, Samsung, and HTC. All explaining how carrier IQ works and their involvement in it’s use. With all of theses responses it still leaves the Senator with some questions and concerns. As it should you too. Here is a quote from the Senator’s press release;

“I appreciate the responses I received, but I’m still very troubled by what’s going on, people have a fundamental right to control their private information. After reading the companies’ responses, I’m still concerned that this right is not being respected. The average user of any device equipped with Carrier IQ software has no way of knowing that this software is running, what information it is getting, and who it is giving it to-and that’s a problem.  It appears that Carrier IQ has been receiving the contents of a number of text messages-even though they had told the public that they did not.  I’m also bothered by the software’s ability to capture the contents of our online searches-even when users wish to encrypt them.  So there are still many questions to be answered here and things that need to be fixed.” said Sen. Franken.

This is just a little snip-it but, if you want to read all he had to say, as well as what Carrier IQ, AT&T, Sprint, Samsung, and HTC’s use of Carrier IQ and the phones it is installed on. Click on the links below to read their letters to the Senator. Motorola and T-Mobile have until December 20th to respond.

Senator Al Franken’s Press release;

Also responses from;
·         Carrier IQ: letter and attachment.
·         AT&T
·         Sprint
·         Samsung
·         HTC





GTA III Comes to Android For Its 10th Anniverssary


Listen up GTA’ers. GTA III has finally landed on Android. Rockstar Games has released Grand Theft Auto 3 to the market, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the game. This isn’t a remake, it’s the real deal, just optimized for play on touch screen devices. I wasted no time this morning downloading it and giving it a quick one over on my 10.1 Tab. It looks awesome. Not ground-shaking graphics, but cool nonetheless.

Rockstar did a fantastic job of bringing this to Android. Controls are a little weird, but then again I’m used to having a controller in my hands playing this game. Fret not though, Rockstar did think of that while making it and the game does support a USB controller as long as your device does. Hit up the QR code or the Market link for quick access to the game. Let us know in the comments, if you plan on picking it up. Is this your first time playing it or are you just getting it for the nostalgia of having it?


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ASTRO File Manager gets update to 3.1, and Comes With Themes



Astro File Manager is one of the best apps on the market. I use it on both my Evo Shift as well as My Tab 10.1. It is without a doubt one of my most used apps, and now it has Free Astro Backup account. I’m still not sure what it means, my screens freeze after I connect to Facebook or Twitter, I have an email in to the developer, and am just waiting to hear back. Not a big issue for me at the moment, it is still a solid app without question.

As I mentioned in the title, you can also change the theme of the folders with this new update. I prefer mine on Blueberry, but you also get the choices of Classic 2.0 Astro, Green Grass, Ruby Red, Brown Sugar, and Lead. All of them are online and need to be downloaded from in the app before you can use them. It took about 20 seconds, at most, for all 5 to download for me. Read on past the break for some screen shots and the QR code and Market link.

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