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Facebook Messenger update brings texting support to select devices

Today Facebook is introducing texting support for its Messenger application for Android. A thorough redesign has transformed the old, tired inbox into a full-fledged SMS app. As you swipe to the left, a list of available users is given, which will allow you to directly send a message over your carrier’s cellular network. Additionally, you can create groups to message multiple friends at once.

There is a downside however, as Facebook has only made the application compatible with a handful of devices. Currently, the HTC EVO 3D, HTC One X, LG Optimus Black, LG Optimus Hub, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Samsung Galaxy Y are supported. If you’re rocking one of the aforementioned devices, be sure to hit the Play Store download link or scan the QR code below.


Play Store download link

Roku updates Android app, brings new music and photo streaming capabilities

Today Roku is rolling out an update to its popular Android companion app, which brings along several fresh enhancements and features. One of the most notable changes, however, is the new “Play on Roku” feature. With it, you can stream photos and music from your smartphone directly to any Roku player over your home’s Wi-Fi network.

“Photos streamed on TV using Play on Roku can be viewed individually using a swiping gesture on the mobile device, or in automatic slide show mode. When music is streamed using Play on Roku, a screen saver with the song title, artist, album name and cover art will appear on the TV while the song plays. Photo slide shows can also be viewed with music streaming at the same time. Play on Roku is compatible with MP3 and M4A audio files and JPG and PNG image files.”

The app will be available to download in the same countries that Rokus are sold, meaning nearly all users should be able to take advantage of the feature. There’s no word on whether or not the service will be expanded to support videos or third party applications in the future, but in the meantime be sure to check out the official application in the Google Play Store. Catch the full presser after the break.


Play Store Download Link

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Bloomberg Radio+ now available for Android

After a rather long wait, Bloomberg has finally released its Radio+ mobile application to Android users. With it comes 24/7 access to the biggest names in the financial sector, offering live, full-length interviews and expert analysis. In addition to audio, the app will also feature some of the publication’s most popular shows on demand.

Using the app is simple. Live audio streaming is set as the default, while on demand shows can be accessed by hitting the on-screen menu button. Users can also edit the ticker on the bottom to better suit their personal needs. The app is now available for free on the Google Play Store, so be sure to hit the link after the break to try it out for yourself.

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CloudOn Brings Microsoft Office to Android Tablets, Now in 60 Additional Countries

Those of you productive types out there may have heard of the app called CloudOn that brings the Microsoft Office experience directly to your Android tablet. Features like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in combination with Dropbox and Google Drive integration, make this a must have app for folks who need an Office suite on the go. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the app, maybe it’s because it wasn’t available in your country due to it’s once limited availability. Well, that may be a problem of the past as CloudOn has just been launched in these 60 additional countries: Read more

Need to cut through the clutter in the Google Play Store? Give Appreciate Personal App Market a try

With around 500,000 apps available in the Google Play Store, it’s so hard to find the right apps. Who has the time to search and search? Thanks to Appreciate Personal App Market, users are spending less time searching for apps and instead, getting recommendations based on their profile. You receive app recommendations each and every day all based on your tastes. What’s even more impressive is Appreciate creates a page for each app in the Play Store and gives you a relevancy score. This means that you can search for an app and Appreciate will tell you if you should even bother based on your current tastes.

It’s also social. You can connect to Facebook and see what apps your friends recently discovered. If you like an app and think a friend will like it, you can send the app directly to their device to install.

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S Voice APK now fixed for non rooted users plus a slew of other apps pulled from the Galaxy S III available now

As we reported, S Voice was pulled from the Galaxy S III over the weekend, but unfortunately stopped working when Samsung (or Vlingo) blocked any non Galaxy S III phone from the server. Yesterday we told you about a fix for rooted users, but now the APK has been re-built with the proper credentials to trick the server into thinking you have a Galaxy S III. This means its now open to all again.

There’s more good news because more treats were pulled from the Galaxy S III, which include Accuweather, stock analog clock, stock digital clock, wallpapers, the video player, and more. You have to love XDA!!! Hit the break for all the download links.

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Hands on with iOnRoad, Turn your smartphone into a your personal driving assistant

I sat down with the folks at iOnRoad this morning at CTIA. They have a really unique app for your car, and they say it’s your personal driving assistant. When it comes to driving, safety is the most important aspect so why not use your smartphone to help you out? With iOnRoad you will get:

Mount your device and iOnRoad will recognize traffic ahead and warn of potential collisions. iOnRoad warns you of collisions with audio and visual alerts, even when running in the background!

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Hands on with 10n2 Technologies BIZ Protect and One Protect for preventing drivers from using their smartphone [Video]

I spent some time with 10n2 Technologies here at CTIA, and they have a couple of unique apps for smartphone driver safety. Both apps are actually the same. BIZ protect is for the enterprise and is available now while One Connect is for consumers and is coming soon. What they do is prevent texting, emailing, and browsing (or other apps) of smartphones while driving. It uses the GPS to tell if you’re over the 12 mph threshold. If you are, you will be prompted to answer whether you’re a driver or a passenger. Of course, if you’re the driver, you won’t be able to use any of the apps set by the administrator. Now if you’re thinking that you could just reply that you’re the passenger, that won’t work. There’s a special Attention Verification Test (AVT) that you will have to go through to prove you are indeed a passenger. It’s pretty slick. It even gives the admin the option to prevent phone calls while driving unless you’re connected to Bluetooth.

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Manage All Of Your Cloud Storage With SanDisk Memory Zone, Also Makes For A Decent SkyDrive Client (Video)


Now-a-days cloud storage is beginning to become the norm and several of you by now have probably caught on to the fact that you can open several cloud storage accounts to get yourself a decent little chunk of the storage space in the sky.  Well, how do you manage so many accounts at once?  SanDisk wants you to take the guesswork out off wondering how much storage each of your services has left thanks to its application, SanDisk Memory Zone.  While we’ve written about this app in the past before, Memory Zone has been given a few updates and allows you to keep even better tabs on not only how much storage you have left but also serves as a file browser for each of those storage services.  The application assists in helping you control and manage all of your content seamlessly and with very little effort.  Whether you have content on your memory card, your phone’s storage or directly in the cloud, you can easily move files to and from with just the click of a few buttons.

SanDisk Memory Zone offers you more memory management functionality than any other application available for the Android™ phone.

SanDisk Memory Zone puts you in complete control. Manage and backup both your local and cloud memory with one free app. Move files back and forth from your memory card to select cloud services, or from the cloud directly to your phone. Cloud services supported: Box, Dropbox, Google Docs, Picasa, SugarSync, SkyDrive and Facebook.

So, if your device is getting bogged down due to limited storage space, then maybe it’s time to better manage your device. In addition to the integrated functionality you’ll also have the opportunity to secure your content while on the go by applying a password protection feature.  You can also backup/restore all of your files on command.  So, without further ado, what are you waiting for?  Get the application now and start uploading your videos, photos, music, docs and whatever else you want.  In addition, when initially surveying the application, I noticed that it had pretty decent SkyDrive support, something that is lacking a bit on the Android platform.  This application is the closest I’ve seen in  the Google Play Store that will allow you to seamlessly navigate through your SkyDrive files, all for the price of free.

SanDisk Memory Zone not only allows you to transfer and back up your files, it also allows you to secure them through a password protection feature. So you have the peace of mind knowing your videos, photographs, music and other files are not only available, but they’re available only to you.

Get seamless, integrated storage connectivity between your phone, your memory card and your files in the cloud. It’s never been easier to enjoy, manage, share and protect your digital assets.

Unlike utilities with awkward and difficult to navigate folder structures, SanDisk Memory Zone has an intuitive, graphical user interface that lets you get the job done, fast.

Check out the quick video demo below as well as the screen shots of the app in action.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   Read more