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Microsoft will acquire Acompli next Monday, December 6

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Microsoft has just issued a statement on its official website confirming that it will, in fact, be acquiring third-party email client, Acompli, next Monday, December 6. Unfortunately, the company did not reveal how much money is being exchanged during the acquisition, but according to Re/code’s reliable sources, the price was “north of $200 million.”

Hit the break to read the full press release.

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Radiohead team releases PolyFauna app for Android and iOS


In collaboration with design studio Universal Everything, Radiohead has released its own smartphone and tablet application, named PolyFauna, for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The application uses imagery and sounds from the song “Bloom”, based on the band’s ‘The King of Limbs‘ session.

The application’s despcription reads :

PolyFauna is an experimental collaboration between us (Radiohead) & Universal Everything, born out of The King of Limbs sessions and using the imagery and the sounds from the song Bloom. Read more

New Google patent application could produce better photos using weather info


A new Google patent application demonstrates a method for connecting weather information with a device’s camera application. Besides the camera app and a connected weather app, the method makes use of GPS coordinates. Grabbing location data using the GPS of a device, coordinates are transmitted to a server to retrieve local weather information. When the weather data is returned to the device, ambient light info is fed into the camera to adjust the settings to optimize the picture. Some of the settings that may be adjusted include white balance, hue, saturation, sharpness, or contrast.

It is not clear how this may be better than the sensors already present in a camera, though many photographers find those to be inadequate and resort to manual settings or process their photos through software to make corrections. We also don’t know whether this concept will ever find its way into an actual product. If it does, Android users may enjoy an edge in the photography department compared to other platforms.

source: USPTO
via: Engadget

Yahoo mail for Android gets an overhaul

Well, that didn’t take long. Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, formerly an executive with Google, took to the blogs yesterday to announce that they’ve completely revamped Yahoo! Mail after only five months at the helm of Yahoo!. In the blog, she mentions, they “told us loud and clear”  that customers wanted “fewer distractions when it comes to email.” Well, ask and you shall receive. The updated version is  faster, cleaner, and more consistent across all devices. Along with the mail application running more efficiently, you can specifically expect the following:

  •  Rebranding: The application can now be found as ‘Y! Mail’ on your device.
  •  Better battery performance
  •  Increased stability
  •  More secure with SSL turned on by default
  •  More reliable push notifications
  •  NewUI

What are your thoughts? Do you currently use Yahoo! Mail and look forward to the revamped performance and looks? Let us know.


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AnTuTu Benchmark 3 now available on Play Store

It’s like Christmas morning a little early for fans of benchmarks. AnTuTu Benchmark 3 is now available on the Play Store. As we all know, smartphones have come a long way in the last 18 months. When single core phones were pretty much the norm 18 months ago, quad-core beasts now roam the wild. It’s only fitting that the benchmarks keep up.

I think we can all agree that four cores are better than one, but that only tells part of the story. Today’s phones have seen significant upgrades in graphics chips, and the latest AnTuTu benchmark app will give you those results while still comparing with other devices. The memory test has also gone through some changes to better test data flow. Additionally, better and more thorough tests of the 2D and 3D graphic capabilities are found in this latest version. When all of these updated tests come together, it’ll give you better test results that are more catered towards the latest devices. You can grab the app from the link below.

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Nexus 4 stock alert app now available on the Play Store

Still fuming over that Nexus 4 launch debacle? Well, what’s done is done, however this little gem may be of some assistance. While it remains to be seen if it actually works since no new stock has come available; it’s sure worth a try if you’ve got about 38 extra MB of data to spare each week. The app claims to regularly check the Google Play Store link for any changes and alert you if it becomes available, much like a Chrome extension only in app form.

I’ve been running the app for about 4 days now and there’s constantly an icon sitting in the notification bar, and it should turn into a yellowish star if the stock status changes along with an audible alert. It appears that it checks the site every 30 minutes based on the time stamp in the app itself. It also remains to be see which version it’s checking on, if not both of them. Chances are we’ll be made aware ahead of time the next time the Nexus 4 will be available, but it’s worth a try going forward and you really never know what will or will not be announced ahead of time.  It sure would’ve been nice to get that notification at 11:40 am for those of waiting to log in at Noon on November 13th.

Warning:  As mentioned above: This app will use up about 38MB of data each week, or 150MB per month. Proceed with caution regarding data overages.

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