Facebook Messenger update lets you send voice messages via app

Facebook Messenger got a nifty little update today. The popular messaging app now includes a “voice record” feature. If you’re feeling too lazy to type out a message, you can simply touch “voice record”, hold down the red record button and speak what you want your friend to know. When you’re done recording your message, just let go of the record button and the app will automatically upload your message and send it across the airwaves to your friend’s phone, where they can give it a listen. For now, voice messaging is limited to one minute, so if you’re gonna talk longer than that, you should probably just make a normal phone call (do people even still make those?). If you want to grab the app, use the QR code or download link below.

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Facebook alternative “Facedroid” gets an update, adds phone-optimized layout

Before Facebook released their native Android app, the official Facebook app was pretty clunky and junky. Several alternative apps tried to fill that void and provide a good Facebook experience built specifically for Android. One of those apps was Facedroid, which had lots of functionality and a pretty solid design. The only problem was that up until now, Facedroid was only optimized for tablets, meaning that those with a smartphone could not even download the app. Well, today things are changing; Facedroid developers have released an update with a new layout optimized for smartphone screens, so now you can get your one handed Facebook action on. The phone layout is currently in beta, so expect a few minor bugs while the developers work to make things more stable. Also of note, is that the app is currently on sale for just $0.99! Use the QR code or download link if you want to try it out.

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SwiftKey “Flow” will be an update to the existing SwiftKey app

There is much excitement about SwiftKey’s new¬†“Flow” keyboard that will be released in the very near future. However, equal to the amount of excitement is the amount of confusion: Is this a separate app? Or an update with an added feature? SwiftKey only added to the confusion when it released a Beta Version of a “SwiftKey Flow” app for beta testers to download. Even in its marketing strategy, SwiftKey seems to be promoting Flow not as a feature, but as a full-fledged application. Well, thankfully for us all, one confused customer used Twitter to ask SwiftKey for some clarification…and here was SwiftKey’s response:

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Dropbox for Android beta updated to v.

Dropbox for Android beta has been updated to v1.0.1.4! If you aren’t familiar with Dropbox, it is an Android application that allows you to sync your files between your computers and your Android device for easy viewing of documents, pictures, videos, and other media while on-the-go.

Improvements noted in this update of Dropbox include:

  • Better error logging
  • If system clock is wrong, lets user know the reason for not being able to log in.
  • Bug and stability fixes. – Edited files were re-uploading every time their directory was browsed. (Though may still show up a single time for each file when first using the app.)

Check out DropBox for Android in TalkAndroid’s ApptlyAndroid database or download it in the Android Market.

Or, scan this QR code:

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