Apple leads the pack as 2013′s “Most Innovative Company” for 9th consecutive year on BCG’s list

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Apple Android 2

Today we have a list from Boston Consulting Group: “2013′s Most Innovative Companies.”

It isn’t a surprise who’s first. Apple stands tall as it’s their ninth consecutive year at the top of the list, ahead of Samsung (2nd) and Google (3rd).

Samsung has surpassed Google this year, which was ranked 2nd every year since 2006. Samsung’s rise has been meteoric, just like its smartphone sales, as it was ranked 26th on the same list in 2008. Microsoft and IBM were also on the list, which have been top 10 every year since 2005.

The way that the list is compiled is a bit questionable, as is the case whenever you’re creating a list to rank things based on superlatives— “innovative” being the key word here.

A survey of 1,500 international senior executives ranks the companies every year, combined with financial results for the last three years including shareholder returns, revenue growth and margin gains also contribute to the list.

I’m not sure how any of these financial statistics and rankings (from iPhone-wielding executives, most likely) shows “innovation” whatsoever, but it’s really not up to me to decide.

You can interpret it any way you want, but this is just the way that it is.

Source: Korea Times

Tim Cook takes shots at Android fragmentation (again) in magazine interview

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If there’s one thing Apple likes to jab Android for, it’s fragmentation. If you keep up with Android very well, you probably know that while Android does suffer from fragmentation, it’s not nearly as big of an issue as Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook make it out to be. There are devices that get abandoned on older versions of Android before their time, and there are some security issues that pop now and again, but security issues do receive patches outside of the operating system, thanks to some crafty Google Play services updates.

Tim Cook still apparently doesn’t agree, though. In his latest interview in Business Week, he took some time to talk about some of Android’s flaws, again, spending much of the time on fragmentation. He claims that most consumers end up using devices on software “three or four years old” before they upgrade to something newer. Following that logic, that means most consumer devices are running Gingerbread or earlier… which isn’t true. Is there room for improvement on updating Android devices? Absolutely. Is it a flaw in the platform that ruins Android as a whole? Absolutely not.

Even as an Android fan, it’s obvious Apple makes solid devices that consumers want, and it’s impossible to say that either iOS or Android is objectively a better OS or platform. But generally, it’s better for everyone when you make hardware and software to beat your competitors instead of down-talking the guys on the other side of the fence.

source: Business Week

HTC CMO Ben Ho takes a swing at Apple

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HTC_FailingThe bell’s dinging and the last round has begun for HTC. They’re seemingly down for the count, but today they made an effort to come back swinging. Not by releasing some revolutionary product, or by getting all of their disgruntled employees to happily come back to work, or by quelling the rumors of a possible fire-sale of the company— HTC’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Ho, has made an all-out statement against Apple, making use of the tagline “Here’s To Confirmation” in a blog post on the company’s official website yesterday.

Yes, we are all well aware here that Apple is somehow able to “invent” revolutionary new features each year and jam-pack  them into their new iOS devices. This isn’t news to us. But somehow, HTC felt it was right to point this out to the rest of us, and tell us why Apple isn’t doing a good job, and how HTC is.

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No new trial for Samsung in dispute with Apple over “bounce-back” patent

by Jeff Causey on
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Apple vs Samsung

In last year’s epic courtroom clash between Samsung and Apple, one of the patents in dispute was the ’318 patent, commonly referred to as the “bounce-back” patent. Since winning in the initial trial, Apple has suffered several setbacks in their effort to collect over $1 Billion in damages. One might think the USPTO ruling the bounce-back patent as invalid might be one of those setbacks, especially since Apple was awarded damages for 18 Samsung devices that allegedly infringed on the patent. Judge Lucy Koh seems to think otherwise and has issued a ruling denying a Samsung motion for a new trial regarding the bounce-back patent.

The ruling came as part of a whole batch of orders issued by Judge Koh regarding a schedule and rules for an upcoming retrial on the amount of damages to be levied against Samsung. We will have to keep an eye on the proceedings themselves to see whether Samsung is allowed to argue the value of any damages must be zero since the patent was not valid.

Neither Samsung nor Apple have issued comments or a response to this latest ruling.

source: CNET

Apple steals more smartphone customers from Samsung than Samsung does from Apple

by Robert Nazarian on
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The war between Android and Apple or even Samsung and Apple will always be debated in many ways. Sometimes it’s just as simple as market share, but a new statistic came out showing that Apple actually steals three times more smartphone customers from Samsung than Samsung does from Apple.

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, LLC (CIRP), between July 2012 and June 2013, 33% of Apple’s sales came from Samsung customers switching to the iPhone, while only 11% of Samsung sales came from Apple customers switching to Android. On the other hand, Samsung has been able to grab more first-time smartphone buyers than Apple (37% vs 26%). Both companies do pretty well when it comes to their core business, 43% of Samsung customers were upgrading from Android, while 42% of Apple customers were upgrading from an older iPhone.

Is this something that Samsung needs to be concerned about?

source: Fortune
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Samsung anti-Apple ads marked a tipping point for the company

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We all know that Apple isn’t too fond of Samsung, and Samsung doesn’t like Apple either. Apparently, the first Samsung ad that made fun of Apple took the company to a whole new level. Samsung Australia’s chief marketing officer Arno Lenior revealed in an interview with AdNews that the first 2011 Samsung ad that ridiculed Apple fans for unquestionably loving everything about the iPhone actually marked a global tipping point for the brand.

Lenior says that the trouble in that is that Samsung’s success will provoke the same ridiculing ads against themselves, something they’ve already seen from Apple. Still, Lenior says that Samsung still considers themselves underdogs, and enjoys being thought of as a “challenger brand.”

Source: AdNews
via: BGR

New study shows Google Play revenue steadily catching up to iOS App Store

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apple google play store revenue

A new report has some interesting details on the growth of Google’s Play Store compared to Apple’s App Store. The report compares the growth of the two stores in revenue and shows that the Play Store is growing quite a bit faster than the App Store. From February to July of this month, Google’s store saw 67% growth while the App Store only grew about 15%. Now, all things considered, the App Store still brings in more total revenue, but if this trend continues, it won’t take much longer for the Play Store to surpass the App Store in total revenue.

The report also details a few other things about both app stores broken down by several countries, so if you’re interested you can read the full article below.

source: Distimo

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New ComScore numbers for June show Android holding steady, iOS feeding off Blackberry defections

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ComScore released their newest U.S. smartphone market numbers for the quarter ended June 2013 showing Apple continuing to slowly grow their share while Android held firm in the number one position. Google’s Android saw a slight dip earlier this year when U.S. market share fell from 52.3% to only 52.0%, but held firm at that same 52.0% through the second quarter. » Read the rest

ITC Initiates Ban on Older Samsung Devices for Infringing on Apple Patents

by Jack Holt on
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The International Trade Commission ruled in favor of Apple yesterday in regards to Samsung infringing on Apple patents.  With this ruling, a ban on importing some older Samsung devices will go into effect. Of course there is a 60 day time frame where President Obama has the chance to veto such a decision.  Some of the devices in question include:

  • The Galaxy S 4G
  • Galaxy Tab
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Fascinate
  • Captivate

Other devices released in 2010 and 2011 fall into this category as well.  Each device is said to violate scrolling behaviors and another patent involving the headphone jack. While Samsung’s import ban request on Apple was vetoed by the President it’s highly unlikely that he will do the same with this case. The reason for this is that these patents are considering non-essential. Both companies released a response to this decision:

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Samsung just can’t catch a break: Obama administration vetoes U.S. sales ban of older Apple devices

by Robert Nazarian on
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It wasn’t a huge win for Samsung, but at least it was something. Back in June, the U.S. International Trade Commission awarded Samsung a sales ban on AT&T models of the iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3G, and iPad 2 3G. Yes, I know these are older devices, but it was one of the very few wins for Samsung.

Apparently the Obama Administration seems to be fans of the Romper Room style iOS because they just vetoed the ban. Hit the break for the full text.

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