Samsung exec denies Galaxy Nexus might have been designed with Apple patent workarounds

News came out yesterday that Samsung might have designed the Galaxy Nexus in such a way that it would avoid patent infringements against Apple. Samsung Mobile president Shin Jong-kyun said the company “will avoid everything we can” and that they “take patents very seriously,” but there was no guarantee that the Galaxy Nexus wouldn’t be subject to any litigation. He went on to say “We will see if (the new phone) will be 100 percent free.”

Those comments seem to vague to me to take the impression that they definitely worked hard in avoiding patents, and later Samsung’s head of mobile global product strategy, Won-Pyo Hong, denied it. Hong said, “That wasn’t really part of our discussions when designing the device.” He went on to say, “I don’t know where the rumor came from.” He apparently was not aware of the early comments by Shin Jong-kyun.

Whatever Samsung did with the Galaxy Nexus, I highly doubt the bitter war between Samsung and Apple will end now, so expect suits involving the device.

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Meet Iris – “Yeah, that is Siri in reverse.”

Introducing Iris; your new intelligent Android assistant. Talk to Iris about anything and listen to its wisdom.

Android developers sure do know how to mock Apple, as clearly evidenced by this new addition from developer, Dexetra, to the android market. You may be familiar with Dexetra already for their former claim to fame, the “Friday” app. Their latest, Iris, is a direct play on Apple’s Siri. In fact, it’s an acronym for Intelligent Rival Imitation of Siri. Iris talks to you in a conversational manner about whatever topic you desire; Philosophy, Culture, History, Science to general conversation. I’ve tried it myself* and it works pretty decent, and it even has a bit of personality. You may get a few oddball responses but understand the app is still alpha. The real kicker of this story is that, Siri, the main attraction of Apple’s iPhone 4S announcement, was imitated on Android with a mere 8 hours of work, according to the developers. Looks to me like some Siri-ous alternatives are taking shape… Ok, maybe that was lame, but really there are a lot of alternatives to Siri on Android right now. We wrote a comparison of Siri and Android’s built in speech controls earlier in the month while at the same time offering up some examples of alternative apps; apps such as Vlingo, Voice Actions, and Eva. By the way if you are already using Androids built in voice search tool, here’s a quick tip. Long pressing the search key can automatically launch the voice controls. Nifty right?

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What You Should And Shouldn’t Be Excited For With Ice Cream Sandwich

The Android 4.0 presentation probably got the most attention of any Android release presentation so far. Android has grown to be more and more popular over this past year and the Android lovin’ is at an all time. A lot of the time we get so caught up in the newness that we forget what is truly innovative and what should have been here a long time ago. Apple presentations, for example,  are famous for having two sides. There’s always the side that has a religious experience with everything that’s announced, and another that likes to point out that while the newer things are nice, they shouldn’t be considered “new.” After talking with some of my friends about the ICS presentation, I’ve realized that even Android is starting to develop that dual nature. So without further ado, I’ll present the things that you should be genuinely happy that Android now does while also declaring the improvements that it should have done a while ago.  Ain’t nobody done tell me I be too biased. Read more

Samsung Claims Small Victory In The Apple/Samsung Pissing Contest

Samsung won a minor victory yesterday when a California judge threw out some of Apple’s claims against it. Samsung asked U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh to throw out several of Apple’s anti trust complaints to which the Judge Koh was apparently happy to oblige to. However, she has still not come to a ruling about Apple’s request to block Samsung phones in the US. Another important note is that Apple can amend the claims slightly and bring them back to court if they so choose.

Will this ever end?

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Which is more durable?: Samsung Galaxy S II or Apple iPhone 4S

The folks over at SquareTrade did a drop test to see which smartphone is more durable: The Samsung Galaxy S II or the Apple iPhone 4S. They have 3 catagories which include a drop from waist high, shoulder high, and face down. Ironically both phones seemed to perform better from shoulder height as opposed to waist high.

The real story is the face down test as there is a clear hands-down winner. I am not sure if it’s enough information to sway Apple or Android fans on deciding their next purchase, but if you are someone who is more clumsy, you might have to consider it.

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Samsung files for preliminary injunction on the Apple iPhone 4S in Australia and Japan

I don’t think this is a shocker to anyone. After last week’s setback in which Apple was granted an injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung just filed for a preliminary injunction on the Apple iPhone 4S in Australia and Japan. In Japan, they are also asking for an immediate ban on iPad 2 and iPhone 4 sales.

Samsung already filed preliminary injunctions on the iPhone 4S in France and Italy about 2 weeks ago, and they are appealing the decision in Australia.

Samsung says Apple Inc. continues to violate its patent rights and “free ride on our technology.”

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Acer Founder Stan Shih Confident Android Will Overcome Apple

In a recent interview with Taiwan’s Chinese-language United Daily News, Acer Inc. founder Stan Shih states that the Android operating system is destined to overcome Apple’s iOS through its combined efforts of Wintel (Windows+Intel) and Google innovations. Shih goes on to say that the alliance between Intel and Google is a match that proves to be good news for “Android leaguers” as the two companies will innovate and provide better solutions for optimizing Android’s speed and performance. Furthermore, he predicts the Android-powered, Atom processor-built portable communication devices will overtake Apple in PC development.

Regarding the post-PC era, Shih said that we shouldn’t expect a true end to that part of the industry but rather we will see it evolve into more diverse forms such as tablets and smartphones. Manufacturers of display panels and IC chipsets, he says, will be instrumental with their production capabilities and capacity for the global supply chain of PCs, whose production will also evolve to envelop the growing PCD consumer demand.

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Samsung To Dodge European Sales Ban With Device Upgrades

If you’ve been following any of the on-going twenty or more patent lawsuits between Samsung and Apple, you may be well aware of the Dutch ruling back in August that found the Galaxy S, S II and Ace model smartphones to be in breach of an Apple patent relating to a method of scrolling through pictures. Luckily for Samsung, this ruling also exonerated the company of infringement on nine other patents filed as part of the same suit by Apple in an effort to stop the sale of their competitor’s devices across Europe.

Based on those findings, the Dutch court imposed a sales injuction on the incriminated models with a grace period for Samsung to address the lone infringement by this Friday, October 14th. Now, just days before the end of that period, a Samsung spokesman has relayed a message confirming that upgrades have been made that will enable them to avoid the ban of sales in many European countries:

“We’ve fixed the technological problem and upgraded products to address the issue. They will be shortly available for sale,” ~ James Chung (Samsung spokesman)

There’s no word yet on launch dates for the devices, but at least a launch date does exist somewhere on the horizon. This is in direct contrast to their Galaxy Tab 10.1 which presently awaits a similarly contemptuous sales ban request by Apple in Australia, an important ruling that should come down later today.

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Samsung ambushes iPhone 4S launch in Australia just days before Judge makes decision on Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban

Things have really heated up in Australia where recently Apple rejected Samsung’s latest offer to settle the dispute over the Galaxy Tab 10.1. This Thursday, the Australian court will make a ruling which could result in a ban of the tablet.

If that’s not enough, Samsung has set up a temporary store just two doors down from the Sydney Apple store. The iPhone 4S launches this Friday, but Samsung is giving away the Galaxy S II for $2 for the first 10 customers each day through Friday in an effort to cut into Apple’s launch. They are also promoting their new music subscription service called Music Hub.

This war shows no signs of slowing down as Samsung recently filed suit in both France and Italy in an attempt to block the iPhone 4S from launching, but for whatever reason hasn’t filed the same complaint in Australia. I would expect a filing to happen right after this latest judgement comes in.

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Google Speaks to ITC on HTC’s Behalf

It should be considered rather common-sensical that competition in any industry is healthy for innovation and in the end customer’s best interest, but as we’ve seen before, common-sense doesn’t exactly run rampant. Google wants to make their stance clear on this very topic and to do so, they’ve spoken their case to the ITC regarding the HTC vs. Apple lawsuit. “Apple is the largest seller of mobile computing devices in the U.S.,” quoth the big G in their recent filing. “Allowing this supplier to eliminate the competition from a fast-moving maverick competitor (HTC) could drive up prices, diminish service, decrease consumers’ access to the technology and reduce innovation.” Sound familiar? Google went on to say that HTC Android devices (and any non-iOS devices by extension, I’m sure), “are helping prevent Apple’s iOS from becoming the sole viable mobile platform.” Google related the case to the other patent cases that the Apple monolith currently has going against the likes of Samsung and Motorola. We’ll know for sure on December 6th, when the ITC is scheduled to announce its decision, but any trade block raised against HTC by a negative decision would only be able to be removed by the President (which could potentially get someone some Android fan votes, just sayin’).

It’s an interesting decision by Google to make this statement so late in the game, which makes me wonder how strongly Google feels about HTC’s chances in the legal battle. Does Google have a nagging doubt as to the outcome? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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