Why Thinking “The Decline Of Android Is Upon Us” Is Silly: Giving The Internet Some Much Needed Logic

by Andrew Greenfield on
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Whoever said that it’s good to be on top clearly has never really been there. Every company, sports team, athlete, or musician knows that the further ahead you get of the competition the more they’ll do anything to bring you down. Such is the case with Android. Only a year ago many people would laugh at the analysts who were so daring to predict Android’s dominance in the smart phone world. While those analysts’ sanity could be called into question, it’s amazing how right they were. Whether you like screaming it from the rooftops or hate anyone that mentions it, one thing is for sure: Android is the dominant player in the smart phone world now. But with all that success comes other companies wanting to tear you down. Even worse, some media outlets are latching on to this new wave proclaiming that Android is in trouble. Whether it be the lawsuits, the surveys, or the products, everyone is so sure that Android’s reign on top will be falling quickly. I’m here to shed some much needed logic throughout the internet.

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Apple Forces Amazon To Stop App Submissions In Germany

by Andrew Greenfield on
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Ever since Amazon launched the Amazon Appstore, Apple has been flinging lawsuits like it’s their job. And while they haven’t swayed the US judge to agree with them (and we don’t think they will), it appears there’s enough pressure in Germany that Amazon has stopped allowing developers to submit applications. While it is not clear when Amazon will allow them to submit apps again, Amazon has gone on the record expressing their distaste for this Apple lawsuit.

We have been forced to impose this restriction due to a legal action filed by Apple in Germany seeking to prevent us from using the term “appstore.” We believe Apple’s claim is without merit and are actively contesting it.

Apple’s new stance of suing everything that competes has officially bore fruit oversea. It will be interesting to see if other countries that Amazon sells in will follow with Germany’s decision or side with Amazon on this one. The good news for Amazon is that the United States version of Apple v Amazon won’t happen for another year or so. If the term “app” isn’t considered generic by then (since it somehow isn’t now) I’ll eat my sock.

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The Reason Apple Is Becoming A Patent Troll: Calling Out Apple “Innovation” For What It Really Is

by Andrew Greenfield on
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The end of what has become a rather odd three part series is upon us. You may recall that I originally went on a very angry rant about Apple suing HTC in an attempt to remove them from the market. After going through it I posted a followup article explaining (a little more calmly) the logic I had used to justify my outburst. Rather annoyingly, I’ve always been one of those people who don’t like oddities. I like knowing why things happen. Something doesn’t smell right with Apple’s new policy of suing every company that starts with a letter; it is very un-Apple of them. So I come here before you to explain why I think Apple is quickly becoming a patent troll rather than the prestigious company that I honestly looked up to a few years ago. » Read the rest

Google Acquires More Than 1,000 Patents From IBM As The Patent Wars Continue

by Andrew Greenfield on
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There seems to be more news in the smartphone industry about patents and lawsuits than there is about phones now a days. Companies are putting up their barricades in an attempt to prevent the patent trolls to come knocking. Despite Google’s public stance against the practice of buying companies to attack others, it appears as if the company has realized that in order to survive in the technology world it will have to spend a lot of money in acquiring patents as well. Hopefully Google stays true to its word and uses the IP as a defense-only device and/or for innovated reason rather than trying to win cheap lawsuits against smaller companies. So what now? Boy, when Google wants to do something it gets it done. » Read the rest

HTC revenues up 104% and promises Apple lawsuit will not have a fundamental impact on the company

by Robert Nazarian on
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HTC said today that the lawsuit against Apple will not have a fundamental impact on the company, and they are preparing an appeal for the recent decision that they infringed two of Apple’s patents.

“Many lawsuits nowadays are results of being successful; it’s part of the business,” said HTC CEO Peter Chou in a telephone conference with investors. “We will not bring the company to a dangerous position.”

The HTC and Apple fight has been ongoing for sometime now and a lot of people are fed up. We had one rant here, and you can also read up about how HTC might be fighting back with the purchase of S3 Graphics. Overall the patents that Apple is suing for seem very broad as we reported last week.

In other news, HTC announced second quarter earnings and things are still going well for the Taiwanese company. Revenues were up 104% year-over-year to NT$12.4 billion ($4.3 billion) and up 19% from the first quarter. They shipped 12.1 million devices during the second quarter which was up 24% year-over-year and 25% from the second quarter. So far, this year they have sold 21.8 million units as opposed to 8.7 million units for the first half of 2010. That is an increase of 250%.

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Samsung comes up short as Apple becomes the Number One smartphone vendor in Q2 2011

by Robert Nazarian on
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On Monday, we reported that Samsung moved ahead of Nokia, and possibly Apple, as the top smartphone vendor through quarter 2, 2011. At that time, Samsung’s final numbers were not in, but Strategy Analytics just released them, and it appears Samsung came up a little short. Samsung was estimated to sell between 18 and 21 million units, but the actual was 19.2 million.

For now, Apple is crowned the champion, but I believe it is short-lived. The Galaxy S II is doing very well, and I expect Samsung to be the number one vendor by the end of year. This won’t be easy based on the fact that the iPhone 5 might launch in late quarter 3. Either way, it is unlikely Nokia will be making a comeback anytime soon.

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Android Officially Claims Top Spot in US Market Share, Nielson Reports

by Ryan Brooks on
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Android devotees, rejoice! As of this last June, everyone’s favorite OS officially claimed the top spot in the US market share, beating out Apple 39% to 28%. RIM is still holding on with an admirable 20%, while Microsoft still trails at 9% (which isn’t too shabby, considering the head-start its competitors have had). This comes as no surprise, considering the plethora of Android devices on the market today, though this author would have guessed that Symbian and WebOS should have been much higher. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Worth noting is that Apple still holds the lead as the most sold single-manufacturer, though this should be expected when iOS users have no other alternative. There is, after all, only one type of iPhone. Times are a’ changin’ though, with Samsung’s Galaxy S II series set to overtake Apple once released in the US. Other manufacturers are catching up as well, with RIM and HTC each sitting at a comfortable 20%.

So long as these numbers remain competitive, smartphone development will continue to flourish. We’ll be there to see it through.

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More evidence that Android tablets will dominate Apple’s iPad

by Robert Nazarian on
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The iPad has enjoyed market share domination since its inception, but it is only a matter of time until Android tablets takeover. The question is when? I have gone on record as saying it will happen by March of 2012, and recent reports (one and two) show that Android already owns at least 30% of the market through the 1st quarter of 2011.

Now Informa Telecoms & Media is predicting that Android will take a little longer by closing the gap in 2015, and eventually taking the lead in 2016. Informa Telecoms & Media is the leading provider of business intelligence and strategic services to the global telecoms and media markets.

They are projecting the market to grow to over 230 million in 2015 with Android selling around 87 million and Apple selling around 90 million.

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The Apple vs Google Legal Battle: Part 2

by Andrew Greenfield on
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Hello again fellow readers. About a week ago I went on a rather long tirade against the Apple lawsuits and how they’re trying to bring American innovation to its knees. I’m not sure why the HTC case seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, but it was. After a couple of days of therapy and anger management I’ve decided to do a slightly calmer version of the rant that was created with the anger of a thousand women scorned.

Don’t worry. I still would like to meet a few patent lawyers in a back alley one day.

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Apple and Nokia could be in Samsung’s rear-view mirror after 2nd Quarter sales

by Robert Nazarian on
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With the launch of last year’s Galaxy S phone, and this year’s Galaxy S II phone, Samsung is quickly moving up to King status in the smartphone world.

It is expected that Samsung sold between 18 million and 21 million smartphones globally during the 2nd Quarter 2011 (April-June). They already beat Nokia which is at 16.7 million, but with Apple at 20.3 million, Samsung needs to come in on the high side of their estimate. Tablet sales are not included.

Even if Samsung doesn’t take out Apple in the 2nd Quarter, they will most likely accomplish it by the 3rd Quarter (July-September). The Galaxy S II is already selling faster than the Galaxy S.

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