Samsung Pay’s first television ad knocks Apple Pay


Three mobile payments services will be vying for your attention this fall. Google, Apple, and Samsung are all ready store your accounts and cards in phones for easy checkout while shopping just about everywhere with a compatible terminal. Samsung Pay, however, is able to tout itself as the mobile payments service that works in more stores than any other. And tonight during the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Samsung ran the very first stateside television advertisement for Samsung Pay to promote its advantage over Apple Pay.

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Apple’s Move to iOS app yet another example of ‘innovation’


Earlier this week Android fans were treated to Apple’s first app that could be used on Android. The downside was that the app’s purpose is to help users migrate their data from an Android device over to an iPhone, ostensibly to help support consumers ordering a new iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, although it would worker with older models. Predictably, this triggered a bunch of ire on the part of Android fans. The tale gets even better as Apple appears to have lived up to a frequent criticism – that their idea of “innovation” is slapping their name on someone else’s creation – as it has been discovered the Move to iOS app is merely a repackaged app produced by another company. Read more

NVIDIA reminds us that it has the best set-top box


Earlier this week, Apple introduced new Apple TV hardware that includes support for gaming. Other platforms such as Android TV have been offering gaming capabilities well before Apple’s. The SHIELD set-top box, for example, is really the ultimate gaming set-top box. NVIDIA’s Android TV device allows for console-level gaming, 4K streaming, and access to Google Play’s hefty catalog of games, music, movies, and television shows. So NVIDIA decided to point out all of the advantages that its set-top box has over Apple’s.

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Google and Twitter working on ‘Instant Articles’ solution for their platforms


In this fast-paced world, every second seems to count. Google and Twitter have started working together to trim down the seconds that smartphone users may wait for an article on their smartphone to appear from a few seconds to zero seconds. So-called “instant articles” are part of a push by social media and tech giants like Facebook, Apple and Snapchat to make it easier to connect content publishers with readers. The apparent Google and Twitter partnership adds a couple different wrinkles to the concept of instant articles as the companies plan to open source their publishing tools and they do not plan to host the content themselves, relying instead on cached web pages. Read more

Apple’s iPad Pro has an unclear message at a big price


People from around the world shifted their attention to Apple on Wednesday afternoon as the company unveiled its latest round of hardware and software. Products given spotlight at Apple’s event included the Apple Watch, the new iPad Pro, a revamped Apple TV, and the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. The iPad Pro is probably the most unique item shown in San Francisco that day. It has a large 12.9-inch display and is meant to be paired with a stylus and wireless keyboard. The company that typically plays it safe is entering uncharted territory that has already been discovered by others.

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