Samsung (and Apple) are looking into dual-camera technology


While HTC has been tinkering with dual-camera setups for a while now, with itsĀ One M8 smartphone featuring Ultra-Pixel technology (before abandoning it for the One M9), it hasn’t really caught on. While it was praised for delivering good quality low-light images, HTC‘s take on the dual-camera was lacking when compared to its competitors singular sensors with a higher Mega-Pixel count. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a future for a dual-camera setup though, as there are reports that both Samsung and Apple are looking into the technology for use with future handsets. China’s Huawei is also getting in on dual-camera technology, with its Honor 6 Plus handset making use of the ‘bokeh‘ effect.

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Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ app seeks to peel people away from Android


The battle to switch users from competing platforms will intensity with the arrival of Apple’s Move to iOS app. The app, as the name suggets, will transfer just about everything in some form from an Android device to an iOS device. This includes contacts, messages, photographs and videos, songs, and books. Really, Apple will handle it all for you. Paid apps, however, will have to be purchased once again and Apple will pin them to a user’s iTunes Wish List.

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Spotify’s pricing not sitting still after Apple Music announcement


The biggest announcement to come out of Apple’s WWDC 2015 keynote was the debut of Apple Music, a new music streaming service with various elements that will be available on Android. The pricing, considering what Apple Music offers, is very good. A single person can use Apple Music for $9.99 per month while $14.99 per month supports up to six people. Spotify and some of the other services facing Apple, though, do not even compare when it comes to the family plan price.

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Smartphone sales up 19% in first quarter of 2015 thanks to emerging markets

smartphonesSmartphone sales saw a sizable growth during the first quarter of 2015, which Gartner says is due to an increase of smartphone sales in emerging markets. This makes sense, since smartphone sales have somewhat slowed down in the bigger markets, so many companies are attacking the smaller areas where not everyone has a smartphone already.

Emerging markets saw a roughly 40% increase during Q1, helping smartphones reach sales of 336 million units. Key regions included Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Asian/Pacific market. Read more

Samsung launches Flow, a direct competitor to Apple’s Continuity


Another service from Samsung has launched as a direct competitor to an offering from Apple. Flow, which is a response to Apple’s Continuity, transfers activities between devices in real-time. Users can also use one device with the other. For example, hitting an address link on a tablet will bring the option to view a map on a phone. Information stays on one screen while the other device manages another task. Activities can be transferred or paused immediately with Flow.

The app, which is labeled as a beta, works with the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, and Galaxy Tab S.

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Apple’s billion dollar patent victory over Samsung gets partially overturned

Apple-vs-Samsung-lawsuit1Apple and Samsung’s legal back-and-forth has been going on for years, with the original case resulting in Apple winning over 1 billion dollars in damages. Over multiple appeals and retrials, the settlement has been notched down just over $900, but according to the most recent ruling, it looks like Apple will only end up winning it’s design patent claim, but not the trade dress claim. That ruling should knock the total damages down nearly $400 million for Samsung. Read more