Google IO 2016 Coverage

Google wants to stream the NFL’s London games, Apple does too


The National Football League (NFL) sends teams overseas annually to play games in London as a way to generate international interest in the sport and give false hope to locals that an organization would actually be located outside of the United States. During the current 2015 season, only one of the games was streamed online for everyone in the world to see. Now, after seeing modest results, the league wants to push heavier into streaming those London games. The NFL is shopping around all three games rather than just one, and two of the top interested parties are the tech industry’s fiercest rivals.

Google and Apple are fighting to secure rights to stream three NFL games.

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Apple tries to pack more in sack, asks court for almost $180 million more from Samsung


Like one of the scenes of the Grinch trying to cram every last bit of Christmas from Whoville in his sack, Apple strikes just before the holiday with a request to lighten the bank account of Samsung just a little bit more in their long-running patent battle. In a new court filing this week, Apple is asking the district court for another $180 in damages and interest. Read more

Samsung appeals to Supreme Court regarding Apple design patents


Earlier this month it was revealed Samsung agreed to pay Apple over half a billion dollar settlement from their historic patent battle of a few years ago. Samsung said they reserved the right to claw back some of the payment if a planned appeal to the Supreme Court was successful, indicating the case would continue despite the payment. Today Samsung filed an appeal with the Supreme Court concerning how the court handled design patent violations in the Apple case. Read more

Tim Cook throws more shade at Google because Apple can’t win the classroom


Once he and his company is threatened by an outsider, Apple’s Tim Cook heads straight to the press and drops a quote that gets attention. The latest victim of a frustrated outburst from the Apple CEO is the Chromebook, the family of computers that runs Google’s Chrome OS. This comes as Google expects there to be more Chromebooks distributed in schools than all other devices combined.

While not naming Chromebooks specifically, Cook was clear in targeting them indirectly.

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Results mixed for Android, iOS growth in October report


Kantar Worldpanel released their report on smartphone market share through the end of October 2015 showing the battle between iOS and Android is both stable and in flux at the same time. Android continued to maintain a lead position with Samsung showing signs of a comeback, although Apple showed strong growth in some unexpected areas. Read more

Bumpy ride for Apple at expense of LG, ASUS tweets


Apple usually receives accolades for the design of their devices, from computers to phones to tablets. However, the new Apple Smart Battery Case is raising some eyebrows as it seems to stray from the typical clean lines produced by the company. The accessory also provided LG and ASUS some fodder to take some potshots at Apple in some tweets. Read more