Google IO 2016 Coverage

This guy put the Galaxy S7 against the iPhone 6S in a camera shootout


Although the LG G5 debuted on the same day and in the same city as the Galaxy S7, Samsung’s biggest competitor is Apple and its iPhone 6S. The two companies having fighting over dominance in the mobile industry for years, partially because Samsung can keep its devices flashy and then spend big to promote them in front of massive audiences. Apple, on the other hand, has positioned the iPhone as perennial high quality option that “just works.”

Comparing the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S is inevitable. Millions of people will be deciding between the two phones this year, and choosing the wrong one can be a $700 irreversible mistake. The first comparison in the area of cameras is being done by Safwan Ahmedmia, a YouTube creator who calls himself the United Kingdom’s “largest tech reviewer” with over 270,000 subscribers.

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Sundar Pichai sides with Tim Cook’s encryption stance on Twitter

google-sundar-pichai-MWC-2015_MVNOIn case you haven’t seen it yet, Tim Cook publicly released a letter against the FBI’s request for Apple to create software that would allow a backdoor into iPhones for national security reasons. Needless to say, that letter has sparked a ton of conversation around the encryption debate, and it’s bringing some other big names into the mix. Read more

Immersion is back, this time with a lawsuit targeting Apple devices


Immersion, a company that owns several patents related to haptic technology, has filed several actions directed at Apple alleging patent infringement related to Apple’s implementation of 3D Touch and Force Touch technology. The complaints allege violations of Immersion patents in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus and in various versions of the Apple Watch. In particular, Immersion says Apple’s features involving vibration feedback for different touches and the feature that uses light touches to display previews of actions infringe on their intellectual property. Read more