Samsung Infringes Key Portion of Apple Patent

samsung_vs_appleApple and Samsung are still going at it!  On the road to innovation and market domination, Samsung has managed to infringe on a piece of an Apple patent. While they skirted the line on an infringement dealing with auto-detection of microphones or other devices plugged into its handset’s microphone jacks, an International Trade Commission (ITC) judge has found Samsung guilty of crossing that line with one of their other “innovations”.

The decision, issued back on March 26, was released Thursday and revealed that Samsung’s “text-select” feature on its smartphones and tablets is in fact an infringement on a key portion of Apple’s patent. Although the decision is not final, the full commission is expected to make a final decision sometime in August.
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Latest comScore report shows Android market share continues to shrink in the U.S.

comScore_Feb2013_Top_PlatformsAndroid is still the king when it comes to OS market share in the U.S., but all indications show that it has peaked since the last few comScore reports show Apple gaining slightly at the expense of Android. For February 2013, Google’s Android came in at 51.7%, which is down from 53.7% from November 2012. Last month Android came in at 52.3% so you can see they are dropping a little each month. Even so, they are still the dominate OS as Apple came in at 38.9%, up from 35% 3 months ago. The rest of the pack includes the usual suspects, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Symbian.

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German court invalidates Apple’s slide-to-unlock patent in patent suit with Motorola


Patent suits involving Motorola and Apple have been relatively quiet lately, but that doesn’t mean they’ve ceased entirely. The latest comes from a German court that has ruled Apple’s infamous slide-to-unlock patent invalid in their case against Motorola. Apple tried to show 14 different amendments to the patent to keep it valid, but the German court disagreed.

While this is technically a win for Motorola, most Android manufacturers have put workarounds in place to avoid infringing on Apple’s slide-to-unlock patent. Had Apple been able to continue using that patent, it wouldn’t have given them any notable advantage over other manufacturers. Still, we can chalk this one up as a win for common sense and call it a day.

source: FOSS Patents

Latest filing from Samsung on infamous patent suit confirms Apple could get more than the original $1.05 billion award

Apple vs Samsung

I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the huge patent battle between Samsung and Apple that ended with Apple being awarded $1.05 billion in damages. Then, the damages were reduced to about $600 million, and then Apple claimed mistakes were made in calculations, etc… It’s been a long, drawn out process.

Now, the second trial concerning 14 devices that infringed on Apple’s patents will be opened up again for a second verdict. Samsung wants the jury to review whether or not those devices infringed on Apple’s patents in the first place to attempt to reduce the damages, but by doing so, Samsung admitted that Apple could “seek even more damages on these products in the new trial.” So that $600 million could come way down… or it could back up to $1 billion in damages again. Obviously Samsung’s lawyers feel pretty confident they can make a better case this time around.

As a side note, Samsung also said Apple’s claims for reinstating the $85 million Judge Lucy Koh took away were “procedurally improper and substantively incorrect.”  Like with all the other patent trouble, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as anything else comes out of the courtroom between these two.

source: FOSS Patents

Apple Claims Reduction Of Samsung Damages Was An $85 Million Mistake

Apple vs Samsung

Samsung can’t seem to shake Apple off its back and although damages of $599 million were awarded to Apple, the tech giant still isn’t satisfied. In documents filed by Apple, they claim Judge Lucy Koh made an $85 million error in calculating damages. Supposedly, Koh thought the jury had granted $44,792,974 for the Infuse 4G and $40,494,356 for the Galaxy S II on AT&T. However, according to Apple, Samsung’s own statements prove that “disgorgement of profits for design patent infringement”, were permissible.
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Smart connected devices surpassed 1 billion units for 2012 worldwide, smartphones and tablets grew exponentially


These numbers shouldn’t really surprise anyone, but a ton of people bought smart devices in 2012, according to IDC. They bought over 1 billion of those devices, actually. That includes, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The leaders there were (obviously) Samsung and Apple, with Apple accounting for 20.3% and Samsung accounting for 21.2%. Pretty impressive for just two companies.

IDC also expects smartphone and tablet sales to surpass PC sales in 2013, which, considering how fast new phones and tabs seem to sell, isn’t all that surprising. They’re predicting PC sales will actually stall to no growth whatsoever by 2017. Four years is a long time, and things can change, but if the market continues on the trend it’s going now, I think that’s a very realistic result.

What do you guys think? Are you surprised that portable devices are eating into traditional PC market share? Do you think that’ll turn around in a year or two? Let us know in the comments.
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Samsung’s market share lead expected to double says analyst


With some analysts projecting Samsung’s new Galaxy S 4 will push the company back ahead of Apple in the worldwide smartphone market, the impact could be even more far-reaching according to IHS Research. In the broader cell phone market, Samsung is already number 1 in global shipments, leading second place Nokia by 5 percentage points.  IHS Research is projecting Samsung’s lead should expand to 11 percentage points by the end of 2013.

IHS Research did not project actual market share for 2013. However, two factors are expected to increase Samsung’s lead and likely increase their share from the 29% they currently lay claim to. The first, most obvious item will be the Galaxy S 4 which is already generating massive interest. Samsung uses a strategy of making devices ready for “a massive worldwide rollout through almost every operator” to help get their devices into the hand of as many people as possible notes IHS Research analyst Ian Fogg. The second issue will be Nokia’s continued fade and inability to break into the smartphone market. Even if third place Apple were to experience significant growth, they are still far behind at only 10% of the worldwide market.

source: CNET

Apple beats Samsung in smartphone satisfaction according to J.D. Power


Samsung and Apple have been duking it out with smartphone market share and in the courtroom, but what about customer satisfaction? Unfortunately things haven’t gone too well for Samsung as Apple came out on top for the ninth consecutive year. According to J.D. Power, Apple scored 855 and performed well in design and ease of operation. Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t even make second place as that went to Nokia with a score of 795. Samsung was a close third with 793, followed by Motorola and HTC.

What makes a user satisfied with their phone? Consumers rank performance the highest (29%) followed by ease of operation (26%), physical design (24%), and features (21%). It should also be noted that the customers surveyed owned their current phone for less than a year.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Analysts say Samsung Galaxy S 4 to push Samsung back ahead of Apple


As Apple and Samsung continue to bounce the crown for best-selling smartphone between each other, analysts at Nomura say the latest Galaxy device will push Samsung back to the top spot. Nomura was not impressed with the latest device in Samsung’s Galaxy line, the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Nevertheless, the changes that they describe as “evolutionary” as opposed to “revolutionary” should be enough to propel Samsung to the top spot.

During the fourth quarter of 2012 Apple sold around 27.4 million iPhone 5 devices versus 15.4 million Samsung Galaxy S III units to retake the title. Nomura’s analysts think Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note II will combine for sales in the range of 35 to 40 million units per quarter during 2013. The analysts also expect a shift to occur during the upcoming sales quarters as both Apple and Samsung will have to start working on stealing users from each other rather than the smaller players in the smartphone market. Besides ratcheting up the acrimony that already exists between the two companies, this will probably result in more price-based competition. Such a situation will be good news for consumers but it will impact margins for Samsung and Apple and it will make life difficult for other manufacturers trying to capitalize on the market.

source: BGR

Oh what a surprise: Apple’s Phil Shiller thinks Android phones are inferior to the iPhone


So what do you do when your the Apple marketing chief and it’s the eve of the Samsung Galaxy S IV announcement? You do a little trash talking, but in this case Phil Shiller didn’t really go after Samsung, but instead went after Android as a whole. Where do we begin? He started off by saying that products that run the Android software are inferior to Apple’s iPhone. He went down the fragmentation path as he said that a lot of Android users are running old operating systems. In his defense, that is absolutely correct. Only about 15% of Android users are actually running Jelly Bean. In Android’s defense, I will say that most consumers aren’t all that concerned with that.

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