Apple fans can’t differentiate the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5


On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel put the new iPhone SE in the hands of people on the streets of Los Angeles. The problem? Kimmel doesn’t actually have the iPhone SE nor does anyone know they’re not holding Apple’s newest phone. In fact, the people shown in the Jimmy Kimmel Live segment are holding an iPhone 5 in their left and right hands. But it sure is fun to watch people think they have an unreleased device in their hands before the rest of the world when it’s something from a few years ago.

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Apple’s iPhone SE chips away at one of Android’s biggest advantages

iPhone SE colors

Just in case you’ve been hanging out under a rock all, Apple announced a couple of new devices this and some fancy new watchbands. You’ll very likely hear lots about those devices and accessories over the next few weeks and months, and I’m sure Apple has a set of commercials ready to go on all of your favorite networks, so we won’t recap the event for you. But we will talk about Apple’s new, small iPhone SE and how dangerous it can be to Android OEMs. Read more

Samsung is attempting to reduce damages over Apple lawsuit in Supreme Court review

Apple vs SamsungThe Samsung and Apple lawsuit will probably end sometime around when the Galaxy S14 comes out, but that’s just the way some of these legal battles go. The latest move comes from Samsung trying to mitigate some of the damages owed to Apple by way of a Supreme Court appeal, which pretty much means the company has given up trying to dispute the patents themselves and is now in damage control mode. Read more

Apple’s iPhone SE could face competition from a Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini


On Friday, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge went on sale worldwide. The phones were already selling like hotcakes even before the official release date, and now millions of additional people are going to be buying this week and beyond. Fueling the large number of sales so early is the lack of competition at the moment. There’s no other new phone on the market with distribution equaling the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. The LG G5 won’t be ready until next month and the HTC 10 hasn’t even been announced yet. Samsung is offering what is perhaps the best option in most regions around the world.

Apple, however, could be the one company to slow down Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge sales. But Samsung seems ready. Both companies are working on smaller variants of their flagships to serve consumers wanting a smaller phone.

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Chromecast taking over fast-growing media streaming market


A new report from Strategy Analytics shows Google’s Chromecast device is quickly taking over the fast-growing market for digital media streamers. The new study shows the market segment for streaming media boxes and dongles grew by a whopping 32% during 2015. Leading the way was the Google Chromecast that now controls 35% market share. Read more

Apple Music review


Apple Music is truly Apple’s first foray in bringing one of its applications to Android. The company has brought a few other applications to Google’s mobile operating system, but they’re hardly worth noting. When it comes down to it, Apple Music is the first app Apple has brought to Android, and with it, they’re challenging the likes of Spotify, Google Play Music, and many others. Apple Music is generally accepted on its own home turf, but does it have what it takes to compete against its music streaming competitors over on Android?

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge put to the drop test against iPhone 6S Plus


New flagship phones means it is time for a new batch of drop test videos to start hitting YouTube. The latest is a video posted yesterday that adds a little bit of a spin to the normal drop test video by comparing the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge against the Apple iPhone 6S Plus, meaning double the cringe-worthy drops. You may also notice a trend in the videos being generated as folks get their hands on Samsung’s latest devices as they do comparisons against Samsung’s biggest rival in the smartphone market, Apple. This drop test video follows another one we saw recently that pits the devices in a camera shootout. Read more