Over One Million HTC Flyer Tablets Ordered in Initial Production Run

According to The Taiwan Economic News, the initial production order for the upcoming HTC Flyer Android-based tablet has exceeded one million units since its announcement at the Mobile World Congress last month. The seven-inch tablet has a 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of internal memory and 32GB of flash memory with an on-board SD card. It also features On-Live gaming support as well as HTC’s pre-installed video downloading software, HTC Watch.

The HTC Flyer is set to debut next month for a price of around $600, which is less expensive than Samsung’s popular Galaxy Tab but more expensive than the base model of the Apple iPad 2. This puts the HTC Flyer in a nice mid-range point pricewise, and HTC expects the tablet to be a strong seller at least through August, based on this initial order. This plus two more HTC tablets coming this year means a continuing competitiveness in the tablet market for many months to come.

[via Taiwan Economic News]

Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch ‘inadequate’ – Samsung reconsiders pricing model


The tablet market is becoming a tough one, especially over these last couple of weeks, with the launch of the Motorola Xoom, the new Apple iPad 2, and the soon to launch LG G-Slate and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9. We’re only a couple of months into 2011, and already our heads are spinning as we spew tablet specs out our mouths.

In light of all the kickin hardware that’s been announced, particularly the iPad2, Samsung has decided to reconsider its pricing of the soon to be launched Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch, which was going to be priced more than when the 7inch Tab came out last year. That would be a mistake, if you remember, the 7inch Tab came out at $600 for most markets. OUCH! It’s been bumped down to $299 for most now, thankfully. That said, Samsung seeing what kind of competition is out there now will launch with some decent pricing and end up likely cutting their profit margins a bit, if not totally.

[via Engadget]