[New Android Wear App] Get news delivered to Android Wear with PaperWear


Watch any television show from days gone by and chances are good you will see someone break out a newspaper to get caught up on current events. The advent of online news sources delivered via computers and then mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and e-readers have changed the way “news” is created and how it is delivered. The explosion of interest in smartwatches is leading some to look to these new devices as yet another vector to deliver news as seen with the new PaperWear app released to Google Play.
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Love or Lust, HotelTonight wants to help you score this Valentine’s Day


Travel app and booking service provider HotelTonight has announced they are making some special deals available for Valentine’s Day in partnership with a variety of some of the most exclusive hotels in the nation. A special “Love More” package is being made available for the romantics out there while the “Lust More” package is for those ready to party in some of the swankiest locations available. Even if you are not ready for one of these special packages, HotelTonight is offering 10% off all Valentine’s Day bookings made between February 9th and February 13th.
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Remotr brings PC gaming to your Android device [New App]


A new app in the Google Play Store says it can bring your PC games to your Android mobile device with the same performance and video quality as if you were playing on your PC. The Remotr app runs on your mobile device while users have to install the Remotr streamer on their computer to get everything working. The streamer portion can be downloaded from http://remoterapp.com. Developer RemoteMyApp has included several preset control configurations for titles like Diablo III, League of Legends and TrackMania. Users can also customize their own controls for their games.
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Screen Mode app takes new angle on accessing your smartphone screen


One of the bigger annoyances all smartphone users deal with is getting access to the screen as quickly and easily as possible. Possibly in a perfect world, we might all leave our screens on all the time so a mere glance would reveal all we expect to see. In the real world though, that would lead to some very short periods of time in between battery charging. So, a variety of measures have been enacted to turn our screens off and only show limited notifications in an effort conserve battery life. However, that also means going through the trouble of turning a device back on to use it. The new Screen Mode app from XDA Senior Member Meko07 hopes to address this situation.
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Hyundai set to launch Blue Link app at CES 2015

Blue Link Smartwatch

One of the big technology trends we expect to see at CES 2015 is increased convergence between mobile devices and automobiles. Today Hyundai announced that they will be releasing the next generation of their Blue Link System on 2016 Elantra GT and Veloster models. Along with the announcement about the next generation of the system, Hyundai also announced they will be releasing a new Blue Link smartwatch app to make it even easier for car owners to interact with their vehicles.

The new smartwatch app will give users the ability to access features like door unlocking, remote starting or even access service information via their smartwatch devices. Hyundai’s executive director Barry Ratzlaff says the new features in Blue Link,
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Now Gesture Tweaks app gives users shortcuts to variety of actions


A new app now available in the Google Play Store, Now Gesture Tweaks, gives users the ability to replace the default default “swipe up” gesture that normally launches Google Now on an Android device with a variety of new options and capabilities. The app gives you the following choices when using the free version:

  • launch a customized app picker
  • launch a selected app directly
  • open the notification drawer
  • do nothing

For only 99 cents, users can upgrade to the full version that adds several other features like:
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UK Intelligence Agency Makes Exclusive Android Tablet App, Teaches Cryptography


The British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), a similar intelligence agency to the United States National Security Agency (NSA), has recently released an exclusive Android tablet app geared towards teaching the public some basics in cryptography and a spot of history involving cryptography. The app is mainly geared towards children, but the GCHQ states that it can be fun for people of all ages.
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