Major Pushbullet update brings better interface and organization tools

pushbullet_app_iconPushbullet is one of those few must-have apps for your smartphone. It offers a ton of (free!) functionality that’s especially useful if you use multiple devices. Today, the app has received a pretty major update that has redone the interface and added some new tips and tricks to Pushbullet’s toolbox.

The biggest, most noticeable change in the app is its redesigned interface and better organization. Messages are split into three different categories, including things you’ve received from friends, from yourself, and from sources you follow. This helps cut down on how cluttered things could seem, especially if you regularly get tons of information. Now messages you get from friends won’t appear with things you push yourself, which should take some stress out of finding that particular article from three hours ago you were looking for. Read more

Foursquare brings Mayorships back via Swarm platform


Back when Foursquare split up their service to create a “new” Foursquare app and a new Swarm app, one of the features that was lost was the fun of claiming a mayorship. Mayorships were the way that Foursquare gamified their system to encourage check-ins at various locations. Although the app location has shifted, the idea of mayorships as originally implemented is back. Read more

Google (finally) adds Chromecast support to Google Slides


Google Slides is the company’s answer to PowerPoint, the ubiquitous presentation tool of the business world. Just like other solutions, one of the limitations of Google Slides is getting a presentation from the computer to a large screen for the audience. Until now, this frequently required the use of a projector and an assortment of cables to connect all the hardware pieces. In a move that has been long sought by users of Google Slides, Google has finally enabled Chromecast support, as well as AirPlay support for Apple users, meaning presentations can be done wirelessly a lot easier than it has in the past. Read more

Star Wars: Uprising game coming to Android devices soon

Star Wars: Uprising Poster

Kabam RPG Studio has teamed up with Lucas Films and the Walt Disney Company to create “Star Wars: Uprising,” an upcoming game on mobile devices.

The game will “introduce a new chapter of the Star Wars™ universe that will illuminate dramatic events in the Anoat Sector, inclusive of Hoth and Cloud City, following the Battle of Endor and the death of the Emperor,” according to a release.

The RPG will immerse players in the Star Wars universe during a unique time following the fall of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.

Although there is no set date for the app’s official release, users can pre-register to receive a beta rollout in the coming weeks.

Hit the break for the full presser and the app’s promotional video.

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New look at Google Photos starts to reveal direction for the app


As Google edges closer to separating their Photos app from the Google+ platform, an early version of the new app has surfaced for sources to take a look at the direction being taken by Google. Many core features appear to carryover from the way they operate in Google+, but other features are being added along with some new adjustments for users to polish up their photos. Read more