Google IO 2016 Coverage

New app to help people learn the English language


Although English is only spoken as a native language by a little more than 5% of the world’s population, it seems like it is increasingly becoming the universal language for communicating across borders and cultures. That means there is a big demand for tools to help people learn to use English and all of its peculiarities. A new app called English on the Go is now available in the Google Play Store to help with this challenge. Read more

BuzzFeed News now available for Android devices


They may take a lot of flak from standup comics and late show hosts, but BuzzFeed has no doubt developed a popular news service, especially with the 18-34 year old crowd that is their core audience. Earlier this year they released a dedicated app for the iOS platform so their audience no longer had to use their mobile web browser. Now BuzzFeed has released the Android version of their app and you can grab it in the Google Play Store. Read more

The BBC is working on a child-friendly version of its iPlayer service


The BBC has announced that it’s working on a dedicated, child-friendly version of its tremendously popular iPlayer app for both Android and iOS. The service will house a collection of CBBC and CBeebies shows, which will be instantly accessible via an extremely simple tabbed user interface, thereby giving children the ability to find and watch their favorite programmes effortlessly.

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eBay 4.0 launches on mobile devices


eBay has officially launched their next major update, version 4.0, for their mobile apps. eBay describes the update as providing a “more browsable design” to help customers wade through the more than 800 million listings available on their service. The new eBay 4.0 platform adds new tools to make it easier for sellers to use the mobile app and is supposed to be more customizable, personalized, and simplified for all users. Read more

mypa looks to supercharge your contacts when they call your smartphone


mypa is a new app available for Android devices that presents users with an “intelligent calling screen” that hopes to make the incoming call and contacts screens on your smartphone useful. mypa says the most important question that may spring to mind when you have an incoming call is “what unfinished business” do you have with the caller? Their app hopes to help you answer that question. Read more

LastPass introduces new pricing model that offers free option on smartphones


Password management app LastPass is receiving an update to their subscription model which could result in users being able to use the service for free if they are willing to limit themselves to one type of device. If they decide they want to expand to include other devices, an upgrade option to premium is then available. LastPass says the move was prompted by a desire to make LastPass “accessible for all users, including mobile-only users who need help managing their passwords and apps.” Read more

DIRECTV app gets UI refresh, ESPN streaming, other features in latest update


Fresh off their acquisition by AT&T, the DIRECTV app for Android has received an update that brings some handy new features along with a slightly refreshed user interface. DIRECTV has made some changes that make it easier to use all of your devices – smartphones and tablets – along with the DIRECTV receivers to start, stop and resume programs on different devices. Read more

Looking for something new to spice up your home screen? Check out Zoopreme Widgets by Erik Blue


Spicing up your homescreen to your liking has always been one of Androids selling points. The sky, along with your imagination, is always the limit when it comes to decorating your Android device. Thankfully, we have plenty of talented and artistic developers out there that create beautiful widgets and skins for our devices. A new Zooper Widget theme that I recently stumbled upon certainly has that creative style that I think you all can appreciate. The app is called Zoopreme and is available on the Google Play Store for $1. If you’re already familiar with Zooper Widget Pro, then this will be very easy to apply.

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