Opera Browser Beta update brings 64-bit support, Chromium 42 codebase and other improvements

Opera Browser Beta

When it comes to Android, you have a ton of options to choose from when deciding which browser to use on your smartphone or tablet. Opera is a name that been around for quite a while, and it has pushed an update for its Opera Browser Beta app with some must-have features that will help it keep pace with the competition.

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Google Docs for Android update hides the editing icons to allow full page review

Google Docs

If you’ve ever used the Google Docs app, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of seeing the editing tools getting in the way of viewing a document whilst scrolling through, making it difficult to view everything you need to without those pesky icons obscuring information. Luckily, the Google Docs app is receiving an update that will solve this irksome problem. More info and the Apk download link after the break.
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NBC brings Live Streaming and Improved Search to it’s Android App

NBC Live Streaming App (modified)

NBC’s Android App has just received a noteworthy update, bringing live streaming functionality as well as other improvements such as the ability to watch full episodes of classic shows. Naturally, as with many live streaming apps, there are a few requirements with the big one being that access to the NBC app is region specific, limited to the United States and its territories.

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Instagram 6.0 update brings new editing tools


Whenever an update hits a new whole number, there are bound to be meaningful changes. Today, Instagram has been updated to version 6.0 and it brings new editing tools. Now users of Instagram can edit photographs by adjusting their brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and other facets. A new wrench icon will appear while selecting a filter and this leads to the new editing tools.

Hit the break for screenshots and download links. The update is available today in the Play Store.
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Post acquisition by Apple, Beats Music adjusts pricing, trial period


Beats Music continues its quest to become a big time player in the streaming music market and now tries to do so with the backing of Apple after being bought for $3 billion. It is still unclear exactly how Apple sees Beats Music in relation to the rest of their ecosystem, especially in light of iTunes, but Tim Cook says it will eventually be integrated with iTunes Radio. All indications are that they plan to continue to offer Beats Music on both the Android and Windows platforms. To help entice the curious, some tweaks have been made to pricing for the service and the trial period.

With the financial backing of Apple, an annual subscription to Beats Music will now run $99.99, down from the previous $119.88 price point. Apple has also doubled the trial period from seven days up to fourteen days.

Are you interested in checking out Beats Music in light of these adjustments and Apple’s involvement?

source: phoneArena

Google Search update brings new commands and Olympics cards to Google Now


A few days after the update went live, we are finally starting to see some more additions to the Google Search app. While Google Now currently alerts users when a set event is approaching, it will now notify when the best time to leave to arrive on time. So Google Now will make sure you make it to a doctor’s appointment, dinner reservation, or airport in a timely fashion. Also added to Google Now is the voice command to call or text contacts. Say “Call Justin” and the device will do so. If you have contacts with overlapping names, it will ask you to clarify.

With the Olympics taking over the world for the next few weeks, Google has added cards pertaining to the games. French, German, Japanese, and Korean languages are all supported. So if you are away from a TV or computer, cue Google Now and check out what’s going on in Sochi easily.

Hangouts receives update that fixes SMS and MMS bugs

The latest entrant into Google’s Wednesday wave of app updates is Hangouts. The messaging app has been updated to fix issues when sending and receiving MMS messages. SMS messages, on the other hand, have been fixed as well to prevent issues with messages that exceed 160 characters. Earlier, Google Search and Google Drive were updated.

Hit the break for download links; however, remember that Google employs slow, drawn-out updates for its apps.
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Google Drive update brings along a tiny widget for document scanning, animated GIF support

Google Drive is receiving an update today that brings small, useful additions alongside some bug fixes. First up is a new 1×1 widget that links directly to the document scanning feature within Google Drive. Also added in the update is the support for animated GIFs. And, as most updates do, unidentified bug fixes are included.

Hit the break for download links and let us know if the update has been pushed to your device.
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