Black Friday and Cyber Monday Android app and game sales roundup


If you have been wanting to buy a particular app, but waiting for the price to drop, this might be the best weekend of the entire year. Many apps are on sale from today through Cyber Monday. You might even find some apps you weren’t aware of. Here’s a number of the more notable apps that are on sale, most of them at least 50% off, but there are tons more. You can always search “Black Friday Sale” or “Cyber Monday Sale” in the Google Play Store to find even more apps. Hit the break for our roundup.

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Roundup of Google Play app and game deals for the Holidays

It’s that time of year where many developers put their apps on sale to celebrate the Holidays. We have put together a comprehensive list here to make things easier for you. There are a lot of apps already, and we will try and update as more get added. Some of these sales will last for a few days and some will run through the New Year. If you see anything we are missing please add it to the comments. Hit the break for the full list and links….

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The Amazon App Store needs to stop taking advantage of developers and offer more exclusivity or it will continue to be a failure

Before I begin let me first say I am am big fan of Amazon in general. I shop at the site regularly, and I have an Amazon Chase Visa card which earns rewards towards future Amazon purchases. With that being said, the Amazon app store is complete failure in my opinion, but they have succeeded in two things: ticking off developers and giving away apps for free.

I recently wrote about developer Shifty Jelly who recently agreed to offer Pocket Casts as the Amazon free app of the day without the normal (20% of list price) compensation. I answered the question on why Amazon started doing this, and it was because their free app of the day is not generating any other sales. They are sick of paying out thousands of dollars for people to just randomly download a free app with the majority of them uninstalling it later. This is no different then if Walmart offered a free product each day, and millions of people stopped in to their local store to only pick up the free product and nothing else. Walmart would still have to pay the manufacturer of the product they purchased, and if consumers did not purchase anything else in the store, it would get old pretty fast. That is what has happened to Amazon. The free app is a fantastic promotion, but nothing more. In Walmart’s case, if they did offer something free each day, I have a feeling people would actually buy other products, so the question is why aren’t people shopping at Amazon for apps?

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