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SkEye, the perfect companion app for any stargazer


Without a doubt, one of the most wonderful pieces of equipment a person can own is a telescope. For centuries, these optical devices have been used to bring objects afar close to both the eye and the soul. And, now that most of the gift-giving this holiday season has passed, you, like a few people I know, may have received one of these instruments.

I could spend pages talking about Newtonian reflectors or laser collimators, but this being Talk Android, I’d like to give you my review of an app I have used for a few years that has made stargazing incredibly fun and easy. The app is called SkEye and it brings a planetarium straight to your smartphone or tablet. Read more

Verizon rates apps for “overall experience” on user devices


Verizon is hoping to add some value for its customers by helping them rate the value of the apps they run on their smartphones. Rather than rating apps based on things like graphics or usability for a certain task, Verizon is looking at qualities that may affect the overall ownership experience. Major areas that are assessed include battery drain and data usage along with some other factors. Verizon makes a couple lists available, one that assesses top Google Play apps and another that highlights apps they find especially worrisome. Read more

App reviews on the Play Store will soon require your Google+ login

As some of you may have noticed, the Play Store received an update over the weekend. While there may not be many changes on the surface, this usually means that they’re getting ready to roll out a new service embedded within the store itself. Sure enough, the folks over at Android Police have uncovered an interesting change. Although not effective immediately, the Store will soon require you to log into your Google+ account before submitting an app review. This will then of course be published for the world to see with your Google+ name and picture. What happens if you don’t have an account? You will either have to choose not to submit a review or you can create an account at that time.

Another interesting tidbit that was uncovered is the ability for pre-orders. While it’s a little perplexing why you need pre-orders regarding digital content, this feature will presumably be used in their ‘Devices’ section. We all know they could sure use this new feature to at least get an idea of consumer interest in products. I’m personally not a huge fan of having to log into any external account to proceed with what I was doing in the first place. Nor am I a fan of pre-ordering. But given the debacle that was the Nexus 4 launch, it may be necessary going forward. However, we may need to pre-order the pre-order itself if last Tuesday was any indication of things to come.

source:  Android Police 

Developers are complaining that app ratings are missing from the Android Market

If you recently posted a rating in the Android Market, it may not be counted. Developers are complaining that a decent amount of ratings are disappearing from their app listings. The first complaint came from a developer who lost half of the ratings. Another developer chimed in that they had 1220, but it dropped to 540. This can obviously effect the overall rating as one developer said the rating for their free app went up, but the paid version went down as they lost many 5 star ratings.

The most recent reply by Google states the following:

I wanted to update everyone to let them know we’ve identified the cause of this issue and are working to resolve it. In addition, I’ve added this issue to our Known Issues page.

I’ll update this thread again when I have any further updates.

Thank you for all your earnest feedback and also for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

Lets hope Google can resolve this quickly as it is effecting a lot of developers.

[via google support]