ZTE “Apache” Smartphone Rumored To Be In Development Featuring An 8-Core CPU


As ZTE quietly prepares for smartphone supremacy, it is working on new and cutting-edge devices that makes existing devices look well… outdated. Rumors have surfaced indicating a mysterious device codenamed “Apache” is currently in development and will have a chipset that other manufacturers won’t have (for now)– an 8-core CPU. That’s right folks— not a dual-core chip, not a quad-core chip, but an 8-core (octuple-core?) CPU unit. This chipset will be developed by Mediatek and have a ARM15 MT6599 chip with TSMC’s 28nm technology. The device will come fully loaded too as it will it will have a full 1080p, a 13MP camera and full WCDMA/4G LTE/TD-SCDMA support. This device is expected to be ready for the masses by sometime next year.

This sure sounds like the makings of a mighty attractive device, doesn’t it? We will wait and see if there’s any more information that surfaces about the device, but as of now— it’s looking like it should be the world’s fastest phone if it does hold its form. In the meantime, we’ll naturally hope that ZTE has learned from its competition regarding the whole “world’s fastest smartphone” claim and all.

source: Unwired View

Pantech Apache with Verizon LTE Listed By FCC

The Pantech ADR8995 has surfaced at the FCC with the ID: JYCAPACHE. We can conclude that the LTE band 13 and CDMA listed in their reports will belong to Verizon, which currently uses these band combinations. Wifi certification? Check. Plus, its Bluetooth certification identifies it as an Android device with North American availability. No real certainty of whether or not it will closely follow the release of the Droid Bionic or arrive as a 4G device with Verizon anytime soon, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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