Rovio flings the Angry Birds Stella Pop! bubble shooter on to the Play Store


The Angry Birds franchise is one that just runs and runs, with no end in sight to the amount of punishment dished out to the dastardly piggies by the fearsome birds. This time, Rovio is dipping into the bubble shooter genre, with the return of Stella and her friends in Angry Birds Stella Pop! We have more details, a gallery, press release, video and download link after the break.

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Rovio celebrates the Year of the Goat with specials throughout game portfolio


Rovio is once again celebrating the Chinese New Year with a variety of new additions to several of their game titles.┬áJust in China, Angry Birds has seen close to a half billion downloads, so it should be no surprise that Rovio wants to join in celebrating the Year of the Goat. According to Rovio’s SVP and COO of Games, David Byrne,

Rovio has been a great fan of Chinese New Year since 2012 when we developed a Year of the Dragon update for Angry Birds Seasons. We enjoy seeing fans around the world partake of a unique celebration that has its origins in China.”

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Rovio’s Angry Birds Transformers is in the Play Store


The Angry Birds franchise will never fade away. Why? Because just when there seem to be no ideas left, Rovio shows that there is more. The latest game is done with the Transformers franchise. Angry Birds Transformers unleashes Autobirds onto your device to protect Piggy Island from the EggBots. Fortunately, the Deceptihogs join forces with players to fight the EggBots. The game is full of animated chaos. And for the first time ever, the arms and legs are featured because it is necessary when transforming.

So Angry Birds meets Transformers. Are you excited? It is certainly an entertaining combination.

Hit the break for the video, gallery, and download links.

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Angry Birds Stella available for download starting today


Today, the Angry Birds franchise takes a step into a new direction. In the Play Store and Amazon Appstore, Rovio’s new Angry Birds Stella is ready to be downloaded. Stella and her friends Dahlia, Poppy, Willow and Luca all set out to protect Golden Island as Bad Princess Gale and her pigs attempt to take control. Each of these characters have their own unique abilities to take advantage of across more than 120 levels.

Later this year, a plethora of Angry Birds Stella content will arrive. ToonsTV will carry a television series with thirteen episodes. This series will directly relate to this game. Books and other products from Hasbro will take things even further to merge digital and physical experiences.

Angry Birds Stella is completely free to play and enjoy, but there are in-app purchases to enhance the experience.

Hit the break for the gameplay trailer, gallery, and download links.

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Rovio releases teaser trailer for Angry Birds Stella, will be released September 4


Rovio’s next installment of the Angry Birds craze, Angry Birds Stella, has been announced for a September 4 launch on all major mobile platforms.

The company has released a new trailer to create some buzz before the game is released. Check it out after the break. Rovio is also rumored to be working on Angry Birds Transformers, which will come out some point later this year or possibly next year.
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Angry Birds Epic now available in the Play Store, Rovio’s first RPG


To keep you busy until Angry Birds Stella arrives in the fall, Rovio has released a new Angry Birds role-playing game. The game is Angry Birds Epic and it takes players through a journey on Piggy Island. The battles with the pigs are turn-based and staying true to the RPG genre, players can upgrade their weapons, armors, and abilities. There is even some customization when it comes to weapons as players can craft something to their desire.

Hit the break for the gallery, gameplay trailer, and download links.
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Angry Birds Stella spin-off coming this fall, Rovio shares gameplay screenshot


Rovio knows that we all just cannot get enough Angry Birds in our lives. So the developer has announced the spin-off Angry Birds Stella will arrive in September. The image above was shared and shows the titular character beside her friends and foes.

Shortly after the game is available this fall, Rovio has a short television series ready to be released. It will tie-in with the game and be comprised of thirteen episodes that are six minutes each. That segment of Angry Birds Stella should be ready in November along with plenty of other Angry Birds Stella franchise-related items.

Hit the break to see a gameplay screenshot from Angry Birds Stella.
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Angry Birds Epic will be turn-based RPG style


The first teaser for the upcoming Angry Birds game was released by Rovio a few days ago with a heavy emphasis on the word “epic”. Well new details about the game show that it will actually be called “Angry Birds Epic”, and that it will actually be a turn-based RPG style game.

Not only will the new game be RPG style, but it will also feature a rather extensive crafting system. Unfortunately, that’s really all the details we know about it. Angry Birds Epic is still mostly under wraps, but it will be released by Rovio on iOS in Canada, Australia and New Zealand later this week.

Source: DroidGamers