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Amazon’s offering $220 worth of Android apps for free up until December 26

The Amazon logo is seen on a podium duri

Amazon has just kicked off its Christmas Appstore promotion, which enables you to grab a possible $220 worth of applications for free. Many of this year’s must-have paid apps and games are included in the giveaway, such as Angry Birds Space, Colin McRae Rally, Djay 2, Fleksy Keyboard, Plex and many more.

Hit the break below to see a full list of content that’s available for free up until Friday, December 26.

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Angry Birds Space update hijacks NASA Curiosity Rover

NASA and Rovio have enjoyed a nice working relationship on the Angry Birds Space version of the blockbuster hit game. With the popularity of the Mars Curiosity Rover, Rovio stepped things up and incorporated Curiosity into the game in a big way. Curiousity has a major role in the teaser video Rovio released for this latest update. It is also incorporated into the storyline which has the Piggies hijacking Curiosity to go in search of eggs. The changelog for the update released today indicates 20 new levels on the Red Planet are now available, new challenges like volcanoes and fiery asteroids have been added, and a new astronaut pig may be found. In a nod to NASA, information about real NASA missions can be accessed if you succeed in accessing some hidden levels.

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Angry Birds Space claims the title of fastest growing mobile game

We all can hum the theme music by memory. We all have recently rediscovered our ancient, dormant skill of the slingshot and now have cravings for green ham and bacon. No, I’m not talking about Dr. Suess, but about one of the most recognized mobile games all over the world. Angry Birds by Rovio has captured the hearts of casual and hardcore gamers everywhere with their physics-based gameplay and over 300 levels of puzzle solving fun.

Rovio’s latest installment to the AB series, Angry Birds Space, was received with such excitement that the game is now being recognized as the fastest growing mobile game yet, scoring 50 million downloads within just 35 days. This is a huge deal for the developing team and will no doubt use this momentum to continue delivering quality updates and additional levels. My only question is when are they going to add multiplayer versus mode with online chat? That would be so cool!

source: rovio

BlueStacks App Player For Windows PCs Now In Beta Form

It’s no secret that our use of apps on mobile devices have taken off to unprecedented heights. As you might expect, some individuals have pondered the idea of running actual apps on our desktops as opposed to our phones and tablets. That’s why the gang at BlueStacks created their App Player which allows you to run your Android apps on a Windows-based desktop. We previously highlighted BlueStacks was looking for beta testers, but the development team has followed-up and ressurected the program in its beta form and will be looking for individuals to give the program a shot and see how it works out for them.

BlueStacks features some solid technology in order to power the various Android apps. The App Player will feature BlueStack’s patent pending LayerCake technology to make applications run buttery smooth as if on ARM devices. In addition, the development team has enabled hardware acceleration— ensuring your apps will run at an optimal level when the option is enabled.

The App Player is available for anyone interested with a Windows-based PC. You’ll need to visit their homepage and sign-up as a beta tester in order to get the file needed to run on your computer. As an added bonus— BlueStacks is including a couple of sweet apps pre-installed including Fruit Ninja, Evernote and of course Angry Birds Space. If you have a Windows PC, make sure you all sign up— but first hit the break to find the presser and the signup links.

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Check Out the Official Angry Birds Space Trailer

Back in mid-February we brought to you a news article involving the Teaser Trailer for the newest Angry Birds game by Rovio, Angry Birds Space. As if that wasn’t enough we brought to you another article announcing that Galaxy S owners would see levels exclusive to them followed be yet another article that gave us some hands on time with our favorite birds. They even made an official announcement from space. Well the folks at Rovio have decided to release the official trailer gearing us up for the game releasing in two days time. Hit the break below to check it out and let us know what your excitement level is in the comments section below. Enjoy! Read more

Hands-On Time And New Trailer Videos With New Angry Birds Space Game

If you’re lucky enough to own one of those sexy Samsung Galaxy Note phablets, you’re about to experience yet more exclusives that the rest of us normal folk won’t. Of course you all remember how Sammy announced a special collaboration with Rovio— aka the makers of Angry Birds— to bring a special edition of the upcoming Angry Birds Space game to the Galaxy Note. If you recall, the special edition of the game was to bring an exclusive level designed specifically for the Galaxy Note and its awesome stylus pen. We’d heard about the special level, but were longing to see how the new level was designed and more importantly— how it played. Hit past the break to see some hands-on time with not only the actual gameplay on the Galaxy Note, but also a brand new cutesy, yet awesome character called Lazer Bird. Read more

Angry Birds Space to bring Galaxy Note level and thirty levels of “Danger Zone” for free to all Samsung Galaxy users

As we mentioned yesterday, Samsung will be showcasing the upcoming Angry Birds Space game on the Galaxy Note starting today at SXSW. We also had an idea that it’s going to be integrated with the Galaxy Note in some way, and now we can tell you what the story is.

Angry Birds Space will launch on March 22, and there will be a level exclusive to the Galaxy Note and a special package called, “Danger Zone,” will include 30 levels and will be free to all Samsung Galaxy users for a period of 3 months. If you don’t own a Galaxy device, it will be an in app purchase. Galaxy users will be able to to access the “Danger Zone” through Samsung Apps and the Google Play Store (level pack compatible above Android 2.1) for three months starting on the March 22 release date.

Samsung is also introducing a new character called Lazer Bird, and it reflects the personality of the Galaxy Note. “The bird’s lazer vision resembles the best viewing experience on the crisp and expansive screen and its lazer strike super power the high performance.”

So who’s excited for a little bird-launching in space?

Full press release after the break:

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Angry Birds Seasons: Cherry Blossom Festival! Update Hits Google Play

Ahh, is it that time of season already?  Rovio is keeping it going strong with their latest iteration to the Angry Birds franchise.  The company has updated their Spring version of the game, Cherry Blossom Festival in preparation for the upcoming season.  So, while we’re all still waiting for Angry Birds Space to hit the ground running on a device that is not the Galaxy Note, here’s a little something to take the edge off.  The Spring time app will offer the Cherry Blossom and Japanese themed game with fifteen standard levels and two bonus levels that are hidden.  And there doesn’t appear to be an intro to any new birds that we can see in case you were wondering.  They’re saving those for Angry Birds Space which we could see on or around March 22nd.  Fingers are crossed.  Feel free to leave a comment or two below and don’t forget to take some pigs and kick some names for us.   Read more