T-Mobile launches LG G2X and G-Slate – NVIDIA tegra Zone pre-installed

tmo lg g2x gslate

It’s official folks, the LG G-Slate and the LG G2X are now part of T-Mobile and will both come pre-loaded with the new NVIDIA Tegra Zone app for quick and easy access to awesome games. The LG G2X (Optimus 2X) will also come with stock Android 2.2 Froyo as well as Qik, Need for Speed Shift HD, T-Mobile TV, and DTS Ultra Mobile sound enhancer. This will be the first smartphone to have the NVIDIA Tegra Zone pre-loaded as well.

Now onto the T-Mobile G-Slate…in all 8.9 inches of Android tablet awesomeness. This device shoots 3D video, running Android 3.0 Honeycomb, all while bringing you 1080p video output, and 4G network connectivity. This tablet is priced at $529.99 at T-Mobile after a $100 mail-in rebate. It’s pricey…but spicy!

Tegra Zone Screen Shot

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Android 2.2 leads serving Froyo to 61 percent of active devices

froyo dominate

It may have seemed like some of us would never see this coming by the amount of time many have waited to get Froyo on their devices, both last year and still this year to come.  So, here we are, looking at 61.3% of active Android devices on the market currently running Android 2.2. The downside is you can see that there are still many, many people waiting for an upgrade with 29% still running Eclair. Gingerbread comes in under 1%, which is quite low considering it was released a few months back already.  Let’s hope that it doesn’t talk as long to get Froyo devices onto Gingerbread as it did to get Donut onto Eclair or Froyo.  Carriers…help us out here!

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LG Optimus 2X lands in Europe this month – late but great


It looks like LG is coming in a little later than expected (or stated) when it comes to releasing the LG Optimus 2X in Europe. We heard from LG it was going to be in January, but now we can see it’ll be sometime “this month”. Good things come to those who wait I guess is the most appropriate saying to throw in right about now.

The Optimus 2X will ship with Android 2.2, but will be updated to Gingerbread as soon as they can make it available, which is a promise from LG. The current pricing found in Germany for the LG Optimus Speed is around €500 and should be similarly priced at launch in other European markets.

Full Press Release below.

Rogers and AT&T sending Froyo out to Dell Streak 5 devices OTA


Guess what Dell Streak 5 owners with AT&T or Rogers Canada…you’re the next to get Froyo! Both carriers are sending it out to your devices right now as we read this article, giving the Dell Streak 5 the much needed, looooooong awaited update bringing the Streak back into usefulness.

The update will bring many features to it including Dell’s Stage UI, Flash support and many, many apps from the Market that you only dreamed you could ever use, until now! Check your updates in your ‘Settings’ menu now, you may have a nice surprise waiting!

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NEC MEDIAS N-04C is 7.7mm think – runs Android 2.2

nec medias

They don’t get any thinner than this folks. This new NEC smartphone called the NEC MEDIAS N-04C, the successor to last years N-04B flip phone, is only 7.7mm think! It’ll have Android 2.2 and NFC capabilities as well, making this a fairly full-featured smartphone indeed.

This device looks to be launching this Thursday on Feb 24th with Avalanche of NTT DoCoMo, with which we don’t have pricing at the moment. So if you love tight acid wash jeans, maybe this is the device for you.

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Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captivate gets Froyo source code released.


After finally getting Android 2.2 out to Samsung Captivate customers under Rogers Wireless in Canada, Samsung has decided its time to release the source code so all can see what’s under the hood. Head on over and download it to have a peek, just be sure to search for model number “SGH-i896” under the mobile section.

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Disney to launch Android smartphones in Japan

disney smartphone2

It’s hard not to giggle a little at the caption on the above pic…but Disney is serious. They plan on launching their own branded Android smartphones in the very near future, just in Japan as far as we know. Due to its popularity in Japan, Disney feels this is a smart move, and with Japan’s population having almost 2 activated cell phones per person (estimated activations for population), why not boost the Disney product.

Subscribers will also get an MVNO-exclusive cell phone email address (@disney.ne.jp) and one of the cases pictured below.
disney smartphone3-630x192

There isn’t a lot of specs released so far from Disney, but it’s rumored the phones will be the Sharp Galapagos 003SH re-branded, with Android 2.2, 3.8 inch touchscreen, 1GHz processor, and a 9.6 megapixel CMOS camera. Also, the phone will include various Disney specific apps and wallpapers/themes. Makes Sense.

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XDA Member files class action suit against T-Mobile and Samsung


XDA Member MicBeast has filed a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile and Samsung regarding the lack of update support going out to the Samsung Vibrant, in that they have kept promising updates to Android 2.2, but still have not delivered. Other carriers however have started to deliver Froyo updates to their Vibrant and Fascinate models.

MicBeast is being told by his lawyer(s) that this is a strong case which violates the Deceptive Trade Practices, code of business ethics essentially, in the US. If you are a T-Mobile user and would like to see some action as well, you should head over to this thread and make your opinion known.

I honestly don’t know how far this will go before the “victim” runs out of cash to support this kind of lawsuit. I mean, I’m sure T-Mobile and Samsung have entire floors of lawyers to battle this type of stuff. But, hey, we hear ya it’s not right regardless.

[via XDA-Developers]

Samsung Acclaim now has Froyo Update available


All you folks out there using the Samsung Acclaim, get ready for some Froyo action! Samsung has placed the Android 2.2 update available for download on their support site, and you can get it by clicking here. Once you’re there, click on the “Software” link beside “Manuals”, then under “File” on the left, click the last “EXE” file icon. It’s the 102.28MB sized file dated January 12th 2011, not the 8.08MB. This installer is for connecting your phone to your computer and running the installer using WinXP, Vista, or Windows 7. As always, try to backup any data you’re afraid of losing first, then run the update.

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T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant 4G will get 21Mbps speeds


Get ready for the Samsung Vibrant Plus (4G) at T-Mobile, which will be their first 4G phone to tout 21Mbps network speeds. T-Mobile has a couple of other 4G phones already active on their network with their myTouch4G and T-Mobile G2, but both phones are capped at 14.4 Mbps speeds on their network. The Samsung Vibrant Plus (Galaxy S 4G) will also show off Android 2.2, front-facing camera with Qik video (now Skype), and “highest level of marketing support from T-Mobile, plus additional support from Samsung’s Galaxy S campaign. This includes TV and Cinema advertising among other marketing methods.”

The Samsung Vibrant 4G will also feature 4 inch Super AMOLED display with 480×800 resolution, 5 megapixel camera (no flash), 1GB internal storage, and 1GHz Processor. Price has not been confirmed.

Check out the screenshots below for more insider info.