Android snags 81% of the market in 2014 with over 1 billion units shipped

android-vs-iphoneWith 2014 in the books, we’re finally getting the numbers to see how each manufacturer and OS did over the past year. The good news for Google and Apple (and bad news for the likes of Microsoft and BlackBerry) Android and iOS accounted for a whopping 96.3% of all smartphones shipped. That leaves a very small 3.7% for Windows Phone and everything else that’s competing for scraps.

When you break the numbers down between Android and iOS, though, Android came out a clear victor in the market share battle. Android devices accounted for 81.5% of all phones shipped, finally breaking the 1 billion mark for smartphones. Compared to those 1 billion Android smartphones, Apple shipped 192 million phones for 14.8% of the market. 
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All Canadian carriers now rolling out Lollipop update for HTC One (M7)


HTC Canada shared today that they have released the update to Android Lollipop for the HTC One (M7). The update is heading out to all Canadian carriers. If you are in Canada and have the HTC One (M7), you should see a notification letting you know the update is available. If you want to manually check for the update, you can go to Settings -> About device -> Software update -> Update on your smartphone.

source: MobileSyrup

Here’s when your Android smartphone will receive the Lollipop update


If you’re wondering when your HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG or Huawei smartphone is set to receive the long-awaited Android 5.0 Lollipop update, then wonder no more. Here at Talk Android, we have compiled a list extracted from a variety of sources, predominantly leaks, to provide you with an estimated timeframe of when your beloved handset should start receiving the upgrade.

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Google publishes new Dunk-A-Thon ad


To promote the launch of a new NBA themed update for its Androidify app, Google has today published a brand new ad over on its Android YouTube channel entitled “Dunk-A-Thon”. In the video, various Droid’s jump around wearing the latest basketball tops whilst taking shots at the hoop. One Droid even uses a cannon to make the drop.

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Android tablets just got a little more useful with Microsoft Office, Dropbox integration


When it comes to productivity, users are always looking for ways to cut out unnecessary steps in their workflows. On mobile devices, one way developers address this need is to integrate apps with each other so the end user is not forced to jump around between different apps. An example of this is the integration between Microsoft Office apps and Dropbox which was rolled out to some mobile devices last fall. A piece that was missing, integration on the Android tablet versions of these apps, has been eliminated with an update that was announced today.
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Google releases ‘Best Friends Furever’ video to promote Android’s togetherness


“Be together. Not the same.” That is the tagline Google has been running since the launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop. It embodies everything that the operating system is about while speaking on a bigger level. Devices (and people) do not have to be identical in order to work together. Everything and everyone has something unique to offer. The latest way Google is promoting the togetherness of Android is with animals. A new 60-second video was published and circulates through various scenes of different animals bonding: a cat and dog opening a door together, a bear and a tiger snuggling together, an elephant and a sheep digging together. Do you get it? Animals are working together with ease, something that humans have not yet mastered.

Hit the break to watch the video along with brief clips.

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Dead Zebra showcases some new Android goodies


Today, Dead Zebra added yet another figure to its rapidly-growing line-up in the Android Mini Collectible Series 05. The latest cookie-munching model, Cookie Master, was introduced earlier this morning and will be available for purchase later this month.

In the meantime, as from tomorrow, you will be able to pick up not only a BigBot green Android head and a blue/black Hangout scarf, but also the To-Fu mother and son combination from the Devilrobots team in the Dead Zebra shop.

Hit the break for the full gallery.

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Android shipments reached 1 billion for 2014


Global research and analysis firm, Strategy Analytics, just posted a press release detailing the abundance of Android-powered smartphones that were shipped in 2014. According to the firm, just over 1 billion smartphones running Google’s operating system were shipped.

The exact figure was roughly 1.043 billion, a definite increase to 2013′s 780 million. In comparison, Apple only shipped 193 million smartphones. Trailing a distant third, Microsoft shipped 39 million units.

Strategy Analytics claims this brings the global market share of Android devices to 81%.

To read the full press release from Strategy Analytics, click the “Read more” link below.
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