Amazon adds ‘hundreds of thousands of songs’ to Prime Music service

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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We have literally no idea how Amazon’s Prime Music is  doing commercially, but it did recently add “hundreds of thousands of songs” and hundreds of playlists to the service.

The expanded availability of music is good for its current users, which can listen through their smartphones, computers, and Amazon’s cloud player.

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Want an updated factory image of Android L Dev Preview? Not gonna happen, a Googler says

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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If you’re one of the many who jumped ship from their stable Android version to try out the Android L Developer Preview, you definitely noticed it’s not exactly the most polished thing in the world (not even close, actually).

No reason to be mad at Google, though — it’s just a developer preview, and we’re lucky to have something before launch.

As most Android enthusiasts tend to do, we looked ahead, and hoped for Google to upload an updated factory image of the L Developers Preview. But according to Googler Rich Hyndman, it ain’t happening.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 getting a Google Play Edition variant

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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GPE Samsung Galaxy S5

The title says it all.

According to @evleaks, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will soon be getting a Google Play Edition model in addition to the regular carrier models.

Of course this means stock Android with the awesome flagship specs of the S5, something many users are drooling over. Not to say that the S5 is the best of the best in specs right now, but it’s close.

Pricing, availability and release date are not yet known.

Source: @evleaks

Google allowing users to make app requests for Chrome OS availability

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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evernote chromebook

At Google I/O last week, Google announced that Chromebooks would soon be able to run Android apps — which ones? Well, according to Google, that’ll be up to you.

While we can’t expect Google and developers to make all of our favorite apps available on both platforms, we can certainly ask.

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HTC “plans” to update its flagship devices (M8 and M7) within 90 days of receiving Android L from Google

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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So now that Android “L” has been officially announced (although we do have some big questions about it, still — including its real name), everyone is of course wondering when it’ll arrive on their devices after its released in the fall.

Well HTC doesn’t want to keep its customers waiting. The company has already updated its official upgrade process page with a note for all HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) owners, seen after the break.

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Chromebooks to include new security unlock features, new Google Now cards, and run Android apps

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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chromebook unlock

Sundar Pichai took the stage again at Google I/O to let us know what Google has up its sleeves for Chromebooks and Chrome OS.

Today, Google has 8 OEMs making 15 different Chromebook devices (with more coming), available in 28 different countries.

Pichai even noted that all 10 of the top 10 rated laptops on Amazon are all Chromebooks. Not too shabby. There’s even been a 6x growth of use of Chromebooks in K-12 schools in the past year.

Google will be adding more to Chromebooks and the Chrome OS in order to make sure these trends continue.

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