Motorola Decides To Remove All Of Its Android Offerings From German Market


And just like that, Motorola devices are no longer listed for sale in Germany. Despite Motorola not being found to infringe on some Microsoft patents, Motorola has all but begun its exodus out of the German markets. As of this time, no Android smartphones or tablets are listed on Motorola’s website. There is the belief that Motorola may have pulled the devices in order to rework the software in order to avoid infringing on any patents, but then again— Motorola has a clearly stated the following:


“As we have previously stated Motorola Mobility is focusing on fewer mobile devices. As a result we have phased out some of our lower tier devices in Europe/Germany.”


A focus on selling fewer mobile devices huh? Considering the Motorola Android devices are wildly popular in Germany, we can only hope that Google Motorola knows what it’s doing.

source: The Guardian UK



Sprint Plans to Launch Its Own Mobile Wallet

To date Sprint has been the only carrier to pre-load Google Wallet on its devices. Now it would appear that Sprint will be offering its own wallet referred to as “Touch”. More importantly, since both wallets need access to the secure element, Sprint will most likely not be able to support both services. Sources have told NFC Times that Sprint is currently busy working with banks and service providers to launch its Touch wallet as an alternative to both the Google Wallet and the upcoming Isis system from AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Sprint’s Touch will allow the carrier to have complete control over partners, security measures, API distribution, and development. Sprint is said to have hired NFC software and systems provider Sequent Software to manage the secure elements.

Google is believed to be working on Google Wallet 2.0 to focus more on cloud-based payments among other things. The recent acquisition of TxVia should give Google the help it needs to push adoption. However, without any carriers onboard it may be a futile effort. Perhaps we will find out more when Google I/O takes place later this month.

source: NFC Times

Sony Brings ICS to the Xperia Mini Pro

We reported back in March of this year about the revised update schedule for Sony Xperia handsets. In some instances there were some serious delays which probably resulted in some unhappy owners out there. Holding true to their schedule of updating the Xperia Mini Pro at the end of May or early June, the ICS update is now officially available for download.

Sony is setting itself apart by keeping their word and rolling out the updates to Xperia handsets globally. No failure to deliver in this instance. There were some concerns that devices such as the Mini Pro would not even be considered to receive the upgrade, but Sony surprised everyone by finally making it available for download. In order to access the update you must have the proprietary PC Companion software installed, but then it’s ICS all the way, and some very happy owners indeed. To grab the update for yourself head to the source link below.

source: Sony
via: Engadget

LG Uses Facebook To Confirm Ice Cream Sandwich For Optimus 2X And Other ‘High-End Smartphones’

Well this is a sudden turn of events. After previously stating that the phone would not be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich, LG has confirmed Android 4.0 will be coming to the Optimus 2x as well as other high-end handsets. Hit the break to see the official statement from LG’s Facebook page.

“LG firmly denies the rumors that claim LG will not be providing the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) OS update for the LG Optimus 2X. These rumors are NOT true. LG is currently in the process of planning the ICS OS update for the LG Optimus 2X as well as other LG high-end smartphones. Detailed information on the ICS OS update schedule for specific models will be announced, once the ICS OS is publicly released by Google. Please stay tuned for more updates from LG.

Thank you very much.”   Read more

LG Optimus 2x/T-Mobile G2X Will not be getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

LG has announced Ice Cream Sandwich will not be going out to the Optimus 2X or T-Mobile’s G2X.  The G2X runs on a Tegra 2 processor and could handle the update, however LG isn’t going to push the update. The LG Optimus 2X was introduced overseas as the first dual-core processor and then made its way to the states as T-Mobile’s G2X. The phones hardware is on par with some of the lower end tablets, so it is confusing as to why LG is unwilling to update it.

LG has been facing scrutiny from current customers about not getting any updates, and this is sure to add to that frustration. LG is a good manufacturer, but their lack of updates can’t be good for their bottom line. It was back in April that T-Mobile announced Gingerbread was in the works, but it took them until July to get it out to the masses.

How LG is staying afloat in the mobile market baffles me. Yeah they make good hardware, but the hardware is only as good as the software running on it.

With the constant fragmentation of the Android OS, this is another great phone meeting its end way too soon.

Are you an LG user? Tells us your frustration in the comments below.

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T-Mobile “Yes, Every Smartphone is On Sale” event set for September 24th

T-Mobile has announced it will hold a one day “Yes, Every Smartphone is On Sale” event this Saturday, September 24th.

In the market for HTC Sensation 4G?  How about a myTouch 4G Slide?  Or a Samsung Exhibit, HTC Wildfire S, LG Optimus T, etc..?  Regardless of personal preference, all of T-Mobile’s Android smartphones will be on sale this Saturday – make sure to mark this on your calendar as this is being billed as a one day event only!

Hit the source link for a complete list of devices, plans, and pricing!

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HTC planning UK press event October 6th, possible Euro Vigor debut

Hot on the heels of this morning’s announcement of the HTC Rhyme, news comes to us that HTC is planning a UK press event in London on October 6th.

Although HTC has not disclosed any specifics on what will be covered, there are a few candidates that would qualify for such an event:

  • HTC Rhyme – We know that the European version will be available next month, but specifics on the release are still unclear.
  • HTC Vigor – The rumored 4.3-inch 720p HD display running at 1280×720 and packing a 1.5GHz dual-core processor would definitely be worthy of its own press release if a European offering is on deck.

While the exact location of the event has not been made public, that type of info usually gets released on the companies HTC UK Facebook page.  We will keep an eye on that page and keep you updated as additional details on the October 6th event come to light.

Update: O2 just announced they will be the only UK network to carry the Rhyme starting October 17th.   I guess that makes the HTC Vigor our #1 contender for the October 6th event!

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Samsung Transfix with QWERTY keyboard for Cricket Wireless


It wasn’t known what the Samsung Transfix was when they filed for a mobile phone trademark, but it appears to be another Android smartphone for the pay-as-you-go carrier.  The model number of this device is SCH-r730.

With the Samsung Vitality having a model number of SCH-r720, the Transfix may be the exact same device except for the addition of the QWERTY keyboard.  The Vitality is a mid-range handset with an 800MHz CPU, 3.5-inch HGVA touchscreen, a 3.2MP camera, and Android 2.3.  There is no word yet if the Transfix will have the same specs.

Keep checking back as we’ll be sure to post updates as we receive them!

Image courtesy of our friends at phandroid.

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Motorola DROID Bionic Eye Live Wallpaper [Download]


The DROID Bionic Eye live wallpaper has been pulled, detoxed, and recompiled to make it work on any device running Android 2.1 or above.  The wallpaper is interactive and has a couple of options that control when the wallpaper animates:

  • When changing home panels
  • Every few minutes
  • Each time the wallpaper is shown
  • Every time the wallpaper is tapped

To Download: DroidBionicEyeLWbyDL.apk | Mirror

To install, download the .apk file to your phone, tap “Install”, then back out to home and set it as your wallpaper.  I downloaded, installed, and set the wallpaper on my DROID X2 and it worked with no problems.

Have Fun!

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Buy a smartphone, mail in your old phone, get a $100 Verizon Wireless gift card [online exclusive]

Verizon Wireless has an offer where you can buy any smartphone and get a $100 gift card with the trade in of your old phone. Specifics of the offer as per Verizon Wireless:

New Customers!

For a limited time, activate a new line of Smartphone service with Verizon Wireless, and receive a Verizon Wireless gift card worth at least $100, when you trade in an old phone.

Already a Verizon Wireless customer?

Need to Upgrade? Upgrade to a Smartphone today and you’ll be eligible to receive a Verizon Wireless gift card worth $100 when you trade in your old Verizon Wireless basic phone.

Ready to Add a Line? Activate a new line of service with a Smartphone today and you’ll be eligible to receive a Verizon Wireless gift card worth at least $100 when you trade in an old phone.

Need to Trade-In Your Phone?

Follow these steps to get your $100 Verizon Wireless Gift Card.

  1. Activate a Smartphone line of service with a new 2 yr contract agreement and data plan.
  2. Within 5 days, you will receive your promotion code via email or text message after you’ve activated your phone.
  3. Then, visit our Trade-In program web site to submit you request along with your promo code.
  4. You will receive a postage paid envelope (within 5 days) and mail in your used basic device. You must return your device within 30 days of trade-in submittal.
  5. Allow up to 3 weeks for us to process your Verizon Wireless Gift Card.
  6. Receive your $100 Verizon Wireless gift card in the mail. Use it to pay your bill or buy accessories with ease from the comfort of your home with
    MY Verizon.

Anyone planning to take advantage of this offer?  Let us know in the comments!

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