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Android Rant – Android OS vs Windows Phone 7 Customizing Screens

wp7 vs android

Let me state my point on this article right out of the gate, and give the marketing team over at Microsoft (or whoever they hired) props for the Windows Phone 7 “Really?” ads. Pure genius. I’ll save the theme of those commercials for another rant, because what you see in those ads really is what the mobile market has made of us humans…bumbling idiots with no ability to respect or properly communicate with each other. Like I said, genius!

The emotion of this article is to highlight the marketing message that those same commercials are attempting to fool you with. That somehow, the main screen on a Windows Phone 7 device will magically save you time, thus keeping you up to date with your mobile life, allowing you more valuable time with things that ‘should’ matter, and thus… not ruin your relationships with family or friends.

I ask…how?

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