Nikon Officially Announces the Android-powered Coolpix S800c Camera

We first told you about the rumor of Nikon releasing an Android based camera a couple of weeks ago, and today Nikon made it official. For camera buffs it’s a 16 megapixel point-and-shoot with a 10x optical zoom and NIKKOR lens. Other features include:

  • 25mm to 250mm shooting
  • Vibration reduction (VR)
  • Built-in flash
  • 8 frames per second still shooting
  • 1080p video recording
  • 2GB on-board storage

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Ice Cream Sandwich headed to the LG Optimus LTE, LTE Tag and Vu on June 4th

LG has announced that it will be updating a few of their latest handsets. The Optimus LTE, the Optimus LTE Tag, and the Optimus Vu starting on June 4th will be upgrading to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This upgrade will bring great new featured to the devices mentioned. Giving the user an all new user interface along with more features and enhancements over that of it’s predecessor Gingerbread. LG may not be the first to start upgrading their devices, but at least they have begun the transition. There isn’t yet any info on how the carriers of these handsets will be involved but as the news comes in we will report it.

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Sprint CEO Hesse: iPhone Is More Data Efficient Than Android

The iPhone vs. Android debate is a never-ending debate and can be purely objective. However, Apple may have Sprint to thank  for manipulating prospective customers or those on the fence to use the Apple iPhone on the NOW network as opposed to an Android device. All Things D reports Sprint CEO Dan Hesse argues that “iPhone users are expected to use less 3G than the typical user of a dual-mode 3G, 4G device. Even adjusting for more total new customers being added to the network, we believe they will put less load on our 3G network than they would have if we did not carry the iPhone“. Read more

HTC EVO 3D Security Update Rolling Out

We knew the security fix was coming. While the details are scarce, the new 2.08.651.3 update will include security improvements for the EVO 3D. What the exact security improvements are is anyone’s guess, but it’s nice to see that HTC & Sprint are being proactive with the security of its customers. Hopefully the update will give us piece of mind for our Sense-powered handsets. If you can’t wait, you can get the software update manually now by forcing a software update. The rest of the EVO 3D owners should receive the update OTA within the next few days.

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Garmin Gets Into Fitness Industry With First Fitness App, “Garmin Fit”

Garmin is preparing to enter the fitness arena using its satellite technology coupled with your phone’s GPS. We knew as early as last year that Garmin planned on developing applications for other mobile phones. The company just released their first fitness application for Android and iOS. According to Garmin’s Dan Bartel, Vice President of Worldwide Sales:

“Garmin Fit is the ideal solution for users who are new to the fitness tracking landscape and for those looking to stay totally connected. To be able to utilize Garmin’s powerful fitness accessories with the same device that plays music, makes calls, and uploads workouts automatically to share and analyze, makes Garmin Fit a must have app”.

The ability to utilize Garmin’s powerful fitness accessories and upload workouts automatically to share and analyze? Yes friends, the app will save your precious kilobytes of space on your Android and upload all pertinent data to the cloud using the (gratis) built-in Garmin Connect service. In addition, Garmin Connect promises to allow users to log workouts, track totals, set goals, and share workouts with friends and family. For some of us who love pictures (and most of us do!), there is the added ability to see the information through charts, illustrations, reports, and a variety of maps.

The new Garmin Fit app for Android represents good value at 99¢ for the download. While the Android version lacks the accessories found on the iPhone version, it’s still exciting to see a fresh take on apps and products to enhance our exercise experience without breaking the bank. You can find the QR code for the app below as well as some screen shots and the Presser after the break.   Read more

Samsung Stratosphere Gets Rooted

Verizon’s newest 4G slider has just been rooted. The Samsung Stratosphere slider is quite the phone despite its single-core chip.  As previously mentioned, the phone has decent specs including a 1Ghz processor and Gingerbread 2.3. We know that while the stock phone sounds tempting enough, this phone like all Android phones are practically begging to be tweaked and customized to higher levels.

Our friends at RootzWiki have been at it again, claiming the rooted Stratosphere as its latest conquest. They were kind enough to provide a comprehensive and thorough guide for new Stratosphere owners interested in modifying their device. As always, their guides are thorough and detailed with the rooting process, though there is discretion the process “is not for the faint of heart”. You will use Heimdall 1.3.1 to flash the firmware to your phone using your computer (the creator highlights Heimdall works for Windows/Mac/Linux for those interested),  move the necessary files to your phone, grant the necessary permissions, and you will be the proud owner of a custom rooted phone.

To see the step-by-step instructions and download the necessary files, follow the link below. Enjoy and happy rooting!

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App piracy is taking money away from Android developers (Study)

According to Yankee Group’s 2011 US Consumer Survey, Android app piracy is a major concern among developers. The study suggests that users across both Apple and Android platforms download on average, 40 apps per year but Android developers aren’t getting their fair share of the money. The survey included 75 Android developers and suggests Piracy to be an ongoing problem.

Findings from the survey:

  • Piracy is a problem for Android Among the Android developers surveyed, 27 percent see piracy as a huge problem and another 26 percent see it as somewhat of a problem.
  • Google isn’t helping. Fifty-three percent of developer respondents say Google is too lax in its Android Market policies.
  • Piracy hurts developers’ top and bottom lines. About a third of developers say piracy has cost them in excess of $10,000 in revenue. Additionally, 32 percent say it increases their support costs, while another quarter say they see increased server costs due to heavy loads imposed by pirated copies.

Yankee Group director, Carl Howe, and author of “Android Piracy: How Republished Apps Steal Revenue and Increase Costs”, had this to say about the findings. “Android apps are living in the Wild West without a sheriff. With five other major mobile OSs competing for consumer dollars, Google can’t afford to simply let pirates kill app developers’ businesses. They need to foster some law and order or developers will flee to other platforms and Android will lose customers.”

Let’s show our developers that we’re here to stay. Head to our apps database and spread some cheddar.

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Droid X Soak Test Set to Begin?

It’s no secret the Droid X Gingerbread update is full of bugs (though it did bring better performance and a newer UI). Being a Droid X owner myself, I’ve been counting the days eager to hear a fix is ready to hit.  Anyone else sick of their X turning itself on in the middle of the night?

It seems Droid X owners may see a fix shortly. The Motorola support group has started sending e-mails indicating another soak test may be starting soon. While there isn’t much detail in this e-mail it sounds like the August target date for a fix was accurate. Check out the email after the break.

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Android Takes 20% of Tablet Market from iPad

Apple is still on top, but Android has been catching up quickly. Just last month, Q1 reports showed Android with a 34% market share. The latest report from ABI Research says Android-powered tablets have snagged 20% of the market in the last year. It’s worth noting that at the end of Q3 2010, Android really only had the Galaxy Tab for a mainstream tablet. This was followed by the XOOM which didn’t take off as expected.

Though Android is making its presence known in the tablet world, ABI says no tablet vendors have been able to “mount a significant challenge” against the iPad at this point. Could this be because iPad design is solid and everyone is still playing catch up? I’m sure the fragmentation of Android across its tablets isn’t helping either. Robert’s article here is a great read if your thinking about a tablet or curious where the tablet market may go. Progress is being made and there are more Android tablets to show off their goods later this year. We will see how this continues to shake down.

Hit the break for ABI’s full press release.

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Android Holds 43% of Worldwide Smartphone Share in Q2

Ladies and gentlemen, the figures are in from Gartner and Android is looking good. The numbers list a little over 107 million smartphones sold with Android being at 43.4% of those sales. Take note that these figures are the number of devices actually sold to end users. Reflecting on our very own Andrew Greenfield’s article, I too want to see Apple once again fade away into the sunset. Go ahead and boast about being the worlds largest smartphone manufacture, Apple. Keep it up Google!

Out of this list I’m sad to see Nokia dying off slowly as they were the company to first open my eyes to the smartphone world. I’d love to see them make a comeback with Android loaded phones. I highly doubt that will happen, but one can dream.

Microsoft hits 1.6% with their Windows Phone 7 being on the market less than a year. While this is closely trending what Android had done, it doesn’t paint a clear picture for their future. Motorola’s mobile devices have always disappointed me. I gave them an honest shot with the Motorola Q, but that device was quickly returned. Working daily with Motorola’s MC-70 handheld computer probably helped put that bad taste in my mouth as well which is loaded with the Windows Mobile platform.

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