How to get SwiftKey-like personalization on your stock Android keyboard


What makes SwiftKey one of the best keyboards is the personalization features such as learning your writing style and history from reading other apps on your phone such as GMail, SMS, etc. If for whatever reason, you want to use another keyboard such as the stock Android keyboard, you can still enjoy SwiftKey-like  personalizations. The first thing you need to do is grab User Dictionary Plus from the Play Store. It will read many apps on your device to learn more about your typing habits and add words to your Android user dictionary. So far it will read Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp (paid version), Gmail, SMS, and a backup text file. Google Plus is coming soon. You can even backup your new dictionary to a text file to transfer to another device. Head on past the break for instructions.

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Swype update brings split keyboard and dictionary syncing functionality

Swype has issued an update to its beta keyboard software which adds several new features and enhancements over the previous version. Users can now sync their personal dictionaries across multiple different devices, eliminating the need to re-teach abbreviations or names to each device. In an attempt to cash in on social features, Swype is introducing “hotwords”, a new addition which adds globally trending words to your dictionary.

Also new, is a smaller, more convenient split keyboard for tablet users. Customization serves as a main focus in the newest version of the keyboard too, with the company now allowing users to choose between ten unique keyboard themes. Add this to the plethora of backend overhauls and enhanced support for Japanese and Chinese users, and the new iteration is definitely the one of the best option on the market. Now, if only it we’re actually available on the Play Store.

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Neiru Keyboard by Miselu Is Powered By Android, Ready To Help You With That Next Phat Beat

With the latest technology in both hardware and software, it seems like anyone today can be a superstar in the music industry.  With phat beats and sounds being produced on tablets and smartphones, the digital music production era is well under way.  Silicon Valley start up, Miselu, is looking to up the game a bit with their new all-in-one web enabled Android-powered keyboard.  The device is dubbed “Neiru” and comes with a 25-key, multitouch display that shows off various applications that aspiring musicians can use to gain access to an array of useful apps.  Developer Retronyms will be offering a cool collection of music learning and centric apps that will allow you to produce your own fine quality tunes.

And since the device is built with Android, Retronyms is banking on a number of developers and users to concoct their own custom applications for the device too.  In addition to having Android on-board running the device, Miselu will use Yamaha’s Audio Engine series NSX-1 sound chip which supposedly renders sounds as good as the instruments they’re attempting to replicate.  The device will also house ports for two MIDI’s, an RCA in/out, two USB ports, an HDMI out and an SD card slot.  There’s no word yet on pricing and availability but we’re working on it for you, so stay tuned. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.  In the meantime, check out the promotional video below along with a quick gallery of renderings of the cool keyboard.   Read more

Swiftkey’s Open Beta Program Ends Jan 18th

TouchType ltd, the geniuses behind the incredible word prediction technology keyboard, Swiftkey, has announced that they will be ending their open beta VIP program on January 18th.  Swiftkey is a unique keyboard replacement app that learns and remembers entered text so it can offer them as predicted suggestions later on.  The app is distinct in that it adapts to your particular typing style.  So, if you’re the kind of person who loves to test cool apps out for free, provide a little feedback, and send some recommendations in, then you’d better hurry up and jump on board before the window closes.  Hit the jump to learn more about Swiftkey and to find out how to sign up for the beta program.  Don’t forget to also check out the video Read more

SwiftKey update brings HD skin, more languages and longer free trial

SwiftKey, the popular keyboard replacement for Android, has been given an update to include a new HD skin for phones with large displays. I just updated my version, and I have to say, it looks and feels even better than before.

The update also adds support for five additional languages: Brazilian Portuguse, Czech, Danish, Norwegian and Polish. Continue reading after the break for the full presser, and hit up our download link below if you want to nab the free trial (which is now good for 31 days), or if you’re ready to take the plunge, you can grab the full version for $3.99.

Download: SwiftKey Free Trial

Download SwiftKey ($3.99)

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SwiftKey announces 500,000 downloads, special Black Friday offer

The popular keyboard replacement Swiftkey has hit 500,000 downloads, and to celebrate they are lowering the price to $1.99. We apologize for being a little late in getting this one out, and to inform you that as of writing this you only have just a few hours left until midnight (Nov. 26) to take advantage of the sale.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our app database or search Swiftkey in the Android Market to grab it for this low price before it’s too late!

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Last call to purchase SwiftKey for $0.99, will become $3.99 starting tomorrow

If you’ve been wanting to take advantage of SwiftKey’s $0.99 price, but are a procrastinator at heart, know that today is your last chance before SwiftKey becomes $3.99.  The popular keyboard replacement was the number 1 paid app in the Android Market for seven straight days after its initial release, and was downloaded over 250,000 times during the public beta.

SwiftKey tries to predict what the user is going to say next, based on pre-defined sentence structures, as well as by learning the way each user talks. This makes for a very quick typing process, and is a blast to use once you get the hang of it.

SwiftKey’s core features include:
  • Predictions in US/UK English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish
  • Unique next-word prediction engine based on word context
  • Rapid and comprehensive learning of individual writing style
  • Up to 50% greater text entry efficiency than other market solutions
  • A third of next words predicted without any character input
  • Relevant, personalized predictions
  • Ability to predict in two languages simultaneously
  • Advanced error correction designed for small mobile keyboards
  • Inline spelling and grammar correction
  • Automatic accent insertion (for non-English character entry)
  • Voice dictation support for English, Spanish, French, German and Italian
  • Multi-touch support

If you would like to learn a bit more about the features of SwiftKey, checkout our review here.

Rate and Download: SwiftKey ($0.99 through 9/30, $3.99 beginning 10/1) or SwiftKey Trial (free for 2 weeks)