Dead Zebra debuts Skeledroid and Hoops Fanatic figurines


Late Friday, Dead Zebra began to announce the figurines that would compose Android Mini Collectible Series 05. New figurines have been unveiled since then. Skeledroid, which is seen above, was introduced yesterday. Scott Tolleson crafted this figurine with a hand-painted custom design. The Skeledroid figurine looks like a beautiful piece of work.

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Chrome figurine unveiled by Dead Zebra


Another day, another Android figurine unveiled by Dead Zebra. And this member of the Android Mini Collectible Series 05 was designed by Google itself. The fourth series featured gold and chrome green figurines and here we have a true chrome variant. Apparently, there was a substantial demand for a true chrome. The Chrome figurine is shiny and reflective all around.

Here is a recap of the previous Android Mini Collectibles Series 05 figurines:

Hit the break to see another picture of the Chrome figurine.

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Dead Zebra debuts Ice In My Belly Android figurine


Last week, Dead Zebra began to debut new figurines for Android Mini Collectible Series 05. The first two figurines unveiled were the Sk8 Cop and Panda. Then, on Friday, the Hello World figurine said hello to the world. Now, Dead Zebra has exposed the Ice In My Belly figurine. Artist Lunabee, who is based in the United Kingdom, designed the figurine that has a dark heart powering the dragon’s frosty breath.

Hit the break for a view of the front and back.

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Dead Zebra Series 5 Android mini collectibles coming soon, say hello to Panda and Sk8 Cop


Dead Zebra will be releasing the fifth installment the Android mini collectible designer series very soon. Designers include regulars, Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, Scott Tolleson and Kong Andri, and a few new ones, Devilrobots, Reactor-88, Jon Paul Kaiser and Lunabee.

Today they have unveiled two figurines from the set: Panda (pictured above) and Sk8 Cop (pictured below). Panda is designed by Google and Sk8 Cop was designed by Gary Ham. Sk8 is extra special since it includes a mini Android skateboard and stickers to slap on the board, himself, or his friends.

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Dead Zebra introduces two more Series 4 Android figurines, Core Dump and Gold


Dead Zebra’s Series 4 Android figurines are looking pretty good. They already announced the first eight, and we have two more for you. First up is Core Dump (above), which is a Golden Delicious apple that’s half eaten. It will come in the 1/16 size. Next up is Gold (below), which comes in at 2/16 and is chrome with a gold finish. Stunning indeed.

As a reminder, the Series 4 set goes on sale this Black Friday, November 29 at 11:am EST time with a restock at 11:00pm.

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Special Edition, Frankie Frost, Dyzplastic Collectible Available December 6

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard of the Dyzplastic Android collectibles. If not, go ahead and get caught up on these awesome little figures. After all, you do need to let folks know what you want for Christmas, right? The folks at Dyzplatic have a nice little habit of releasing special edition figures that go along with the seasons, and it looks like this Christmas is no different. Thursday December 6th, their latest addition, Frankie Frost, will go on sale through Dyzplastic’s website at 11AM (EST) and again that evening at 11PM (EST) for $10. This is something Android related that even your significant other may approve of on the shelf.


source:  Dyzplastic

More previews for Dyzplastic’s Series 3 Android figurines

Still can’t get enough of Dyzplastic’s Series 3 Android figurines? No need to worry as there’s even more for you to preview. These 1/16 aspect ratio figurines never gets old, and with Dyzplastic’s countless amount of designs, you’ll always have a plethora to choose from or collect.

These next two is a cool looking Android warrior dressed up in chain mail, and a green Android Owl. These figurines will be available soon in shops so get them while they’re hot!

Check out the source link for more information.

source: Dyzplastic

Dead Zebra to Have Year of the Dragon Special Edition Android Figurines Available Tomorrow In Celebration of Chinese New Year

Dead Zebra is known for putting out awesome Android figurines and are doing so again. This time they are commemorating the Chinese New Year by releasing three Android toys in celebration of the Year of the Dragon. While aimed at Asian markets Dead Zebra will be bringing a few sets over here to the U.S. as well.

The sale will go in two batches and the first one will go on sale 11am eastern time. The second will be available at 11pm Eastern. I would jump on these because they will move quick and you can get a set of three for only $29. Sales are limited to one per household so make sure you’re at your computer at 11am eastern to snag these puppies. Hit the break to check out images of the three figurines. 
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