Dead Zebra unveils the Lucky Cat series Android mini collectibles


Dead Zebra just unveiled a new set of Android mini collectibles to burn yet another hole in your wallet. This time it’s the Lucky Cat Series by artist Shane Jessup. They might be adorable, but they will also “welcome wealth, prosperity, and protection into your home or business.” If that’s not enough, each mini figurine will feature an accessory and a swinging arm. There are a total of twelve mini figurines in the collection and they should become available later this month via the Dead Zebra website and retailers. Hit the break to see the entire collection.

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Special Edition, Frankie Frost, Dyzplastic Collectible Available December 6

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard of the Dyzplastic Android collectibles. If not, go ahead and get caught up on these awesome little figures. After all, you do need to let folks know what you want for Christmas, right? The folks at Dyzplatic have a nice little habit of releasing special edition figures that go along with the seasons, and it looks like this Christmas is no different. Thursday December 6th, their latest addition, Frankie Frost, will go on sale through Dyzplastic’s website at 11AM (EST) and again that evening at 11PM (EST) for $10. This is something Android related that even your significant other may approve of on the shelf.


source:  Dyzplastic

Dyzplastic Android Mini Collectibles Series 03 To Arrive By End of Q3, Includes More Flexible Arms

Dyzplastic‘s Android Collectibles are very popular amongst us Android geeks, and the Series 03 collection we got a peek at last month has been delayed. Originally, the series was supposed to be available by the end of Q2 this year, around June, but it’s now been pushed out to the end of Q3.

But these are plastic dolls? Why the delay? Well, apparently these dolls are going through a small operation to get ball-jointed arms installed. This means a greater range of motion for the arms, including being able to move them forward, backward, in-and-out as well as up-and-down. Now your Android can actually wave properly rather than raising his arm straight up.

The ball joint won’t be used on all Android collectibles. Andrew Bell tells us on the Dyzplastics blog that they’ll “be using ball joints for Artists Series as well as selectively on special editions in the future where appropriate.”

Pictures after the break.

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Don’t forget to order your Dyzplastic Halloween-themed Android collectibles!

Don’t forget to order your cute little “Power Vampire” Android collectible this Halloween! These limited edition figurines will go on sale on on Halloween day, October 31st, at 2pm EST / 11am PST. Each figurine is $10 and there is a limit 2 per household. Be sure to get your orders in ASAP on Halloween Day, as these figurines are expected to go fast!

While we wait for these awesome little Andy’s to be released, enjoy a few Android-inspired Halloween graphics courtesy of dyzplastic.

Use the wallpaper maker if you’d like this background on your Android device.

Hit the break for the rest of the images!

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