Jelly Bean Clock now available for devices running Android 2.2 and up

Do you fancy the new minimalistic look of Android’s Jelly Bean clock app, but are afraid to root and hack your device just to get it? Well, good news for you: a developer in the Play Store has just released Android’s shiny new clock app for all devices running Android 2.2 and up.  It’s called Clock JB+ and costs $0.99 which gets you all the features of Google’s new alarm layout, timer, stopwatch, world clock, plus some new customization options. Jump past the break to see screen shots and a QR code or download link.  Read more

Cablevision customers can now control their TV with new Optimum app (if your device is compatible)

In our smartphone saturated society, more and more companies are releasing apps that allow your smartphone to control their hardware. Today cable television provider Cablevision jumped on the bandwagon and released their new Optimum app which allows subscribers to control their TVs and even stream shows directly to their devices via the app. Besides being able to control your DVR box, schedule recordings, and stream shows, watch on-demand movies, there is also a useful channel guide built in with the ability to search for shows by name or category. You even have the option to rate programs after you’ve watched them. According to the Cablevision’s site, to use the app you’ll need to be connected to your home network through an “Optimum authorized modem”.

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Clock Plus DayDream App Adds Additional Features to Android 4.2, Brings DayDream-like Features to non-4.2 Devices

One of the cool features included in Android 4.2 is the DayDream Clock feature. This feature, if you’re not familiar with it, essentially turns your 4.2 device’s lock-screen into a desk clock screensaver. There are a few canned features that you can add to the screen to go along with the clock such as a Google Currents feed and a photo slideshow. However, Clock Plus DayDream makes it a little more robust by providing more options. These additional options include unread Gmail, texts, and displays missed calls. The good news is that you don’t have to be running Android 4.2 to get the benefits of this app, but you do have to be running 4.0 or above. You can grab the free app from the link below.

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QuickShot HD Camera app helps you capture those easy-to-miss moments

Has it ever happened to you? You know, a sweet or silly moment with your kids…or a cool, rare sports car driving by. You try to get out your phone to capture the moment, but by the time you fish it out of your pocket, unlock it, fumble to find the camera app, wait for it to load, focus and snap, the moment is long gone; forever lost. Isn’t there a better solution to capturing those hard to get shots?

Enter QuickShot HD. This awesome app is a super fast way to quickly capture those fleeting moments. Simply add an icon to your homescreen and the next time you see something you want to photograph, point your phone in that general direction and tap the icon. That’s it. The picture will then be saved to your gallery. You didn’t have to wait for the app to open, focus or even click the shutter button. It’s a one step process that will ensure you capture those easy-to-miss moments. Some of you might be thinking, “Ya right…how am I supposed to take a decent picture without seeing what I’m shooting?” Well, the developer of the app has you covered. There’s a second icon that you can add to your screen that will take multiple, continuous shots until you press the icon again, ensuring that you’ll get at least one good shot out of the few dozen snapped.

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Rhapsody for Android now sports personalized recommendations

Rhapsody, the streaming music app, has released an update to it’s Android app. You’ll now find personalized recommendations on the home screen based on what you’ve listened to in the past. A UI overhaul and performance improvements to offline playback are also included with this latest update. Additionally, you’ll find full screen album art, swipe to skip, shuffle and repeat features, and queue enhancements as part of the update. All of the old features that you’ve gotten used to and like are all still there. I personally don’t use Rhapsody, but do we have any readers that do? What are your thoughts?

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72% percent of Android apps pose a potential security risk, says study

According to a recent study, 72 percent of all Android applications in the Google Play Store request access to at least one extraneous permission that it doesn’t inherently need to function properly. This number may seem alarming, but let’s break down some of the research firm’s so-called “results.”

According to the published findings:

  • 72 percent of all Android apps (more than 290,000) access at least one high-risk permission.
  • 21 percent (more than 86,000) access five or more.
  • 2 percent (more than 8,000) access 10 or more permissions flagged as potentially dangerous. Read more

Bitdefender USSD Wipe Stopper App Promises Security From Factory Reset, Malicious Wipe

While Samsung ensured everyone that the Samsung Galaxy S III can be removed from the vulnerable list of a malicious wipe that could erase all user data and bring devices back to original factory settings, there are still numerous devices that could affect millions of users. Enter the Bitdefender Wipe Stopper. Without the app, the malicious code could be activated by clicking on a link or QR code from a website, and the user’s device would instantly be affected. With the app however, it would require an extra step that presents the user with a “Continue” or “Cancel” prompt when the code runs in the background. While my Galaxy S II is showing “Safe” when running the app (due to running a custom ROM), it’s probably in all Samsung users’ best interest to download the free app and launch it, especially if you’re running a ROM featuring TouchWiz. The app will guide you step by step to properly secure your device. Also, for all rooted users, this is not a bad time to make sure you’ve got a reliable Nandroid backup saved to your SD card.

[Review] iHeartRadio Music Application

Chances are by now, you’ve probably heard of the iHeartRadio music app. From being constantly beaten into your head while listening to our favorite radio station, to the endless promos for the iHeartRadio music festival that just wrapped up in Vegas, you’ve no doubt at least heard the name. In my opinion, this app alone is worth the ‘price of admission’ into the smart phone world.  Read more

Official Dick’s Sporting Goods app hits the Play Store

Dick’s Sporting Goods, the largest sporting goods retailer in the U.S., now has an official app available on the Play Store. Apps from retail stores can sometimes be hit or miss, but Dick’s seems to have their act together here. Personally, Dick’s is one of my favorite retail stores, much less sporting goods stores, and it’s good to finally have an app to go along with their excellent brick and mortar stores.

The app, as one would expect, offers the ability to shop the virtual store by category as well as search for specific products. You can also see user reviews of the products, much like their website. However, one feature that’s a nice addition is the ability to manage your rewards that you rack up using the Dick’s ScoreCard when making purchases. This is actually a helpful feature seeing as I’ve never once received anything in the mail regarding my reward points, totals, or discounts using said points in the three years I’ve owned a ScoreCard. It’s taken a while, but it’s good to finally have an app to go along with this great store. Are you a frequent shopper at Dick’s Sporting Goods? Download the app via the link below and let us know what you think.

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