Hands on with the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

Just yesterday we reported on the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses that will try to go toe-to-toe with Google Glass. The smart eye wear runs on Android, and will be released later this year for under $500. The video below is actually more like an interview, and it’s actually quite fascinating. As goofy as the beta versions of the M100’s look, the future of wearable computers is quite compelling. Make sure to stick through to the end of the video to see some really nice looking “smart” sunglasses.

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Google Glass gets some Android-powered competition from Vuzix

It looks like the future is going to consist of wearing lots of funny looking technology on our bodies and everyone is joining the party. Today at CES, Vuzix showed off its own version of smart eye wear which will stand in direct competition to Google Glass. The irony here is that Vuzix is basing their eye wear off of Google’s Android software in order to directly compete with Google. The Vuzix’s M100 will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and house a small display that hovers over one eye. Vuzix is expecting to launch the product for $500 later this year, which is significantly cheaper and sooner than Google’s plans. Inside the M100’s you’ll find a WQVGA color display, an OMAP processor, 4GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, a 1080p camera all running atop Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. For more information, you can hit the source link. To stay up with all our CES 2013 coverage, click here.

Source: Vuzix

CruzerLite teases upcoming Nexus 4 case

If you’re not happy with the protection that the official bumper case provides for your all-glass Nexus 4, you may be excited to hear that popular case maker, CruzerLite, is gearing up to release their very own Nexus 4 case. The company leaked this teaser shot of what we can expect, and as you can see it’s definitely a design geared toward the Nexus crowd, with microchip details engraved on the back. It looks as though the case has cut outs for all the buttons as well, meaning you wont have to press your buttons through the rubber, which is always a burdensome process. Everything is looking good so far! We’ll have to wait for more details from CruzerLite for now, but hopefully they’ll be releasing the case soon. Clumsy people everywhere, rejoice!


Source: Phandroid

“Andru Chill” – Charge your phone via your favorite little robot

Want to get a cool holiday gift for the Android lover in your life? Check out this awesome new edition of the Andru phone charger, shaped like your favorite little robot. The new Andru Chill charger comes in “winter white” just in time for the snowy season. The charger costs $25 and features movable arms, flexible antennae, light-up eyes (blue: charging; green: standby), a soft and smooth white finish, and its own stand and charging cable. If you’re wondering what to stuff some stockings with this year, Andru Chill might fit the bill. Be sure to check out our review of the original Andru charger for a better idea of what you’re getting into before dropping your $25. Hit the source link below if you’re ready to place your order!

Source: Power By Gen – Andru Chill

Samsung Introduces TecTiles NFC Tags

We’ve been hearing for years about NFC being the next big thing in the mobile arena, and Samsung has just doubled-down by introducing TecTiles reusable NFC stickers that, when touched with an NFC enabled phone, can perform nearly any action you can dream up.  Along with the release of the NFC stickers comes an app (also called Samsung Tectile) available free in the Google Play Market.  So is this really going to be a big thing in your mobile life?  Click through to find out…

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USB access comes to your Android smartphone with the Sanwa USB Reader

For those times that you’d like to transfer some files from your smartphone to your thumb drive, but you don’t have your computer handy, you can turn to the Sanwa USB Reader/Dock. This nifty little gizmo is quite handy for those on-the-go quick transfers. Your plug-in options consist of a full-size USB port, SD card slot, micro SD card slot and a micro USB port. Sanwa has conditioned this tool to work with a small portion of phones at this time including the Samsung Galaxy S2, Sony Xperia NX SO-02D, Sony Xperia arco HD IS12S, Toshiba REGZA Phone T-01D, and Sony S-series Tablet. Interested buyers can snatch one up for around $40 USD by clicking the source link below.

source: Sanwa via Everything USB

Add Some Awesome Android Flare with the Andru Charger

So my fiancée thinks I’m obsessed. First it was the android figurine I bought; then the key chain followed; it continued with the mouse pad, and now it finally culminating with the Andru phone charger by Power by Gen I just bought. When I first saw this power charger I knew I had to buy it. I was first miffed by the $25 price tag however now that I’ve bit the bullet and own one of these I am perfectly okay in saying that it’s well worth the price. Seriously.

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New Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse for Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is kickin butt and taking names in pretty much every mobile carrier and electronics store you can find. It should be no surprise to start seeing new devices and accessories hitting the market to accompany the Galaxy Tab as well. The Bluetooth keyboard and Mouse seen in the video below will add functionality for your Galaxy experience.

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When I get my tab, I’ll most likely be getting these as well. Maybe I’ll start posting using the Galaxy tab instead of my laptop.

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Sony Ericsson LiveView Available at Amazon UK


Amazon is showing the Sony Ericsson LiveView for £55.99 ($89.90 USD)! As many had originally thought, the LiveView was a great idea when we all first heard about it, but we were all afraid of the possible price being much higher than what we now know from Amazon.

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