Crafty Jelly Bean User Creates GUI For Managing Jelly Bean Multi Account Feature


One thing that’s great about operating systems on desktop computers is the fact that they have the ability to hold multiple user accounts. So while Android users have cool items like facial unlock, there’s no ability to hold multiple user accounts on most Android devices. Now there is word of an experimental feature found in Jelly Bean where users too can create multiple profiles on a compatible device. This feature can actually be accessed via the terminal emulator and once a new account is created, it becomes available through the power menu.

While this is great and all, it’s a little tricky for the average joe— so smart folks like Raghav Sood come into play and develop an easier means to toggle and switch between user profiles. The crafty developer created a GUI (graphical user interface) that allows users to manage multiple accounts— all without the need for the terminal window. The cool GUI allows for full functionality as it can do things like do basic operations such as viewing, maintaining and switching between current profiles as well.

As great as this achievement may be, the GUI is still in its early stages, so there may be a bug or two— but hey, a bug or two doesn’t hurt. If you’re feeling a little lucky or ambitious, be sure to hit the source link to check out the complete thread and instructions.

source: XDA Forums

Jelly Bean update rolling out to ASUS Transformer Pad TF300

As of today, Asus and Google’s smash hit tablet the Nexus 7 is no longer the only Android tablet boasting Jelly Bean. News started surfacing this morning that some lucky Transformer Pad TF300 owners have received the prompt to download the OTA update. This is yet another huge feather in the cap for ASUS who has easily positioned itself as the top Android manufacturer when it comes to OS updates. With rumours of a Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S III arriving before the end of the month, here’s hoping it’s a sign of things to come!

If you own a TF300 you might want to go and check for updates, just be sure to check back in and let us know how that Jelly Bean tastes!

Source: ASUS

Grab Jelly Bean for your 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus

When is a Nexus not a Nexus? When you buy it from Verizon, evidently. It’s long been a gripe of Verizon Nexus owners that their pride and joy often receives the latest and greatest Android update months after the GSM variant. The good news is that whilst Verizon might be standing in the way of progress, the developer community has got your back (as ever!).

Shortly after landing on the AOSP servers, Android build JRO03L has been worked into a custom ROM prime for flashing to your Verizon Galaxy Nexus or Google Nexus 7. Early reports suggest that the build is seamless, offering the pure Jelly Bean experience just as Google intended. If  spending an evening rooting and flashing floats your boat, you can click the link below to get going.

Source:  XDA Developers

Holo Launcher HD Brings Jelly Bean-Based Launcher To Ice Cream Sandwich Devices


Mobint (of Holo Launcher fame) has developed the brand-spanking new Holo Launcher HD for Android 4.0+ devices. While the launcher brings a delicious stock feel to your Android device— it also is modeled after the newly released Jelly Bean OS. The launcher is also fully customizable with the ability to do things like add additional homescreens (up to 9), a nifty scrollable dock and for those of you who splurge on Holo Launcher Plus— some cool desktop gestures and even icon packs if that strikes your fancy.

Again, if you’re on an Android 4.0+ device, but hate those pesky Android skins, be sure to give the new launcher a try. You can find the Play Store link and QR code once you hit past the break.

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Motorola Xoom Soak Test Temporarily Delayed

Seems like Motorola jumped the gun a bit with the Xoom Wi-Fi soak test, rumored to be Jelly Bean, that was scheduled for last night. Apparently, it has not yet started to push, and we have no idea why. Sources point to Motorola forum admin Matt saying the following:

No update rolling at this time.

No news on why or when.

My apologies for this — if I knew more I’d tell ya.

I promise to report when I have something to say. In the meantime, I’m going to the movies.  :-)

So there you have it… no Jelly Bean yet for Xoom users. Hopefully this is just a minor delay and it will start pushing later today, and not a big delay due to some newly discovered bug or something. Only time will tell.

Thanks rav820!

ZTE N880E to relaunch with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in China

Today ZTE announced they will re-release the ZTE N880E. This is the first device in China (third in the world) to launch with pure 4.1 Jelly Bean, and just days after Jelly Bean was launched into the wild.

Back in May, the N880E launched with 2.3 Gingerbread and has already sold more then one million units. This could be why ZTE is relaunching, pure popularity…or it could be about marketing, but we can only speculate on the intentions of the relaunch. ZTE has said they have a very solid relationship with Google and will continue to release Jelly Bean devices. Based on their relationship, I’m very curious to see if ZTE got their hands on Google’s new PDK.

The specs of the N880E are not very impressive at all: 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, a 4 inch WVGA display, a 3.2MP camera, 4GB of internal storage, and a 1,650mAh battery. Like I said, nothing special, but I’m sure Chinese natives will be pumped to get their hands on some Jelly Beans goodness.

source: ZTE

Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi Soak Test To Begin Tonight: Jelly Bean Incoming?

We already knew about the upcoming Motorola Xoom soak test and now we have confirmation that it will begin very soon… possibly as soon as tonight. Members of the Motorola Feedback Network are receiving emails that pretty much state that it’s coming any time now. Though the email does not specifically state this is the Jelly Bean update, our sources tell us that it is. Of course, that should not be a surprise to anyone considering the Xoom is pretty much a Nexus device (without the Nexus name) getting updates directly from Google.

Hit the break for the full email.

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Samsung prepping to roll out Android 4.1 to Galaxy S III, possibly other models

Insider reports from Samsung indicate testing and preparations to rollout Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to their Samsung Galaxy S III devices are underway. No date has been established yet, but it is believed late August or early September is the target.

The status of a Jelly Bean update for other devices is less clear. If testing on the Samsung Galaxy S III goes well, that may be good news for development of an update for the Samsung Galaxy S II and possibly the Samsung Galaxy Note. Reports indicate Samsung is considering a strategy of updating high-end devices more than they have in the past. This would be consistent with Samsung’s new CEO’s desire to improve the user experience on their devices.

source: Sam Mobile

SDK for Android 4.1 is now available

Google released the Android 4.1 SDK today and it is now available for download. Included with the SDK are revised versions of SDK Tools (20.1.1) and NDK revision 8b. The new tools will let developers publish code up to API level 16 using Jelly Bean APIs. As usual, the SDK is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.  The SDK and related tools can be installed via an existing installation of the SDK or one can head over to the Android Developers’ web site. Read more

Reports Indicate GSM Nexus S Set To Receive Jelly Bean Update Over The Next Few Days

Google is on a roll by starting the initial process of updating its developer devices to Jelly Bean in the last week. First we saw the first batches of the GSM flavor of the Galaxy Nexus grab its update and then came the beginning of the initial process of the Motorola Xoom WiFi also getting some attention, now it’s another device that looks to be all set for some of that Project Buttery goodness. In seeing the other developer devices get some Jelly Bean love, the GSM Nexus S didn’t want to wait too late to join the party, so it naturally seems that it too will be among the first to get that Android 4.1 goodness, as indicated by a couple of excited wireless carriers. According to Vodafone Australia, the Jelly Bean rollout is set to begin July 19th (July 18th elsewhere in the world), while SFR France claims the same update is due to arrive by July 18th.

While this is sure to generate some excitement, there’s a few things to keep in mind. First, this only applies to the GSM Nexus S— so Sprint’s version of the Nexus S is not in the same category and there is no indication of when it too will get the update. Second, there has been no confirmation of the Android 4.1 update from Google directly, so while it’s exciting to see the update landing on devices as early as today, owners of the GSM version shouldn’t hold their breaths until something actually happens.

source: Vodafone Australia Blog |